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Are Blind Skateboards Good? Find Out Now!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Are Blind Skateboards Good

Since the sport’s conception, the official rise of skateboard brands took place. Such has made the sport more competitive and allowed creators and aspirants to show their work through skateboards.

One of these creators who made a name for themselves was Mark Gonzales with his Blind skateboards. Are Blind skateboards good? Historically, this brand has produced some of the best concave levels and steep kicks paired with robust construction.

Notable Features of Blind Skateboard


Blind, now operating under Dwindle Distribution, has shown several commendable aspects. This Blind skateboards review will go into more detail regarding what makes these products worthwhile.

Considerations Rating
Deck Strength 9.8
Deck Material 9.5
Pop 9
Deck Concavity 9.7
Overall Quality 9.5

1. Performance Review

Blind skateboard graphics are inherently simple yet appealing. Here’s what we can expect from a Blind skateboard’s performance.

Grippy and maneuverable


Blind skateboards could be everyone’s partner when maneuvering around tight corners. How? It banks on its wheels. These rollers have sufficient rebound and good traction.

Besides that, this skateboard brand manufactures trucks that improve the board’s control.



Not only are Blind complete skateboards amenable for skating around tight spaces but for tricks as well. This brand offers heavy-duty boards single-pressed with epoxy resin glue.

Such a construction process makes these already high quality decks more consistent and tolerant of heavy usage and agile skating.



Another praiseworthy feature of Blind skateboards is their grip tape. This brand takes pride in its gritty sheets that secure the skaters’ feet, especially when performing tricks.

2. Components and Specifications

Let’s see what makes Blind a top brand in the early years of the sport.



As mentioned, Blind capitalizes on its construction method using a single-press method with epoxy resin when stacking its Canadian maple veneers.

But what’s unique about this skateboard brand is it comes with 8-ply maple decks, unlike the usual five or seven layers of other brands. Although it’s only a layer different, such makes the skateboard significantly more durable and shock-absorbent.

Some might argue this skateboard build is a bit dense for young skaters, but Blind also has 7-layer decks, like the Blind R7 deck, for this skating group.

In addition, the medium concave design of these decks allows for skating long distances.



Like Blind skateboard decks, Blind’s trucks are also durable, although some would argue that these are less high-end than other brands and don’t break into slides well.

As such, we’d say that these trucks are best for beginner to intermediate skill sets, whereas more hard-hitting tricks will find them somewhat lackluster.



Blind’s wheels aren’t the best component of the brand. But how they enable sharp turns, especially in tight spaces, balances out these negatives.

On top of their exceptional rebound and grip, these larger-than-average wheels are reasonably durable. Hence, skaters can still expect quality rides on this wheelset. These rollers are also quiet-working, yielding a better skating experience.



Blind shows more variety in its wheel cores as some models use Bones Reds or carbon steel speed bearings.

  • Bones Reds is one of the sought-after bearings across various brands because of its perfect mix of durability and performance capped by affordable prices.
  • On the other hand, carbon steel bearings, typically compared to stainless, are more durable, except for when skating under wet conditions.

3. Pros and Cons

Here’s a wrap-up of the aspects we may and may not like about Blind skateboards.

  • Unique single-press construction method and added veneer for more durability
  • Improved maneuverability courtesy of the wheels and trucks
  • Grippy wheels able to move around tight spaces
  • Gritty grip tapes for improved safety
  • Not the best option for advanced skaters

Are Blind Skateboards Ideal for Beginners?

Essentially, Blind created its skateboards with beginners and intermediate skaters in mind. It’s most evident in the brand’s deck versatility between 7 and 8-ply decks and quality grip tapes.

But can Blind work for advanced skaters? Still a yes! However, this skater group might need to adjust or replace some parts, such as the trucks, to make the beginner-friendly skateboard more fit to their skating styles.


So, are Blind skateboards good? Indeed! This skateboard brand has shown why it was one of the top names before other advanced brands took over. There’s no question that these boards are still in circulation because of their performance, durability, and overall quality.

Of course, drawbacks could be playing around. But Blind’s dedication and years of work prevail over them.

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