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Are Original Skateboards Good? – Tested & Reviewed

Fact checked by Michael Derosier


Perhaps it’s a rare sight to have a skateboard brand that begins focusing on the trucks rather than decks or the boards entirely. Although it sparks some confusion, it’s good that buyers have more credible options for specific skateboard parts.

One of these brands is Original, a brand that’s now famous for its trucks and longboards. But are Original skateboards good? In a nutshell, these boards are buttery smooth and fast. And what else can be better about this brand? Let’s find out.

Notable Features of Original Skateboards

Original’s unique emphasis on trucks sets it apart. Let’s get into the details of what makes these skateboards special.

1. Performance and Design

As mentioned, Original skateboards and longboards work smoothly. Here’s a closer look of this brand’s performance through the following Original skateboards reviews.



Yes, longboards are amenable to tricks, and Original prepared a flagship model for that. This brand has produced longboards with a deep drop slide pocket and concave that keep the feet locked, safe, and comfortable on the deck when performing tricks, especially for beginners.



Besides being fast and smooth, Original longboards have optimum responsiveness courtesy of their trucks. With these wheel holders, skaters achieve the soft, sharp turns they want from a longboard, no matter their skating style.

Flexible setup

We have another area to love about Original skateboards in their mounting provisions. These design features allow skaters to switch between freeride and freestyle board setups.

2. Components and specifications

Here’s what makes an Original longboard.



The deck designs vary among Original longboard and cruiser models, but most use maple wood as the primary material. Certain models like Apex 37 incorporating Quad Axial fiberglass and carbon fitted outside their maple component for added strength.

Nevertheless, whether it’s plain maple or mixed with other components, Original boards exhibit a robust build strong enough to handle various longboarding styles.



Original Skateboard is a rightful brand to boast about its trucks. Why? Looking at one of its models in Apex 40 Diamond, these wheel holders feature a unique cambered coil system.

Its function? It makes the buttery smooth turns we mentioned. Other Original trucks are also a must-see because of their versatility. These spring-system-invested components cater to various skating styles: downhill, carving, cruising, and longboard.



One of Original’s most prominent wheels is the Blood Orange Morgan Pro. These wheels have the perfect hardness and grip to handle longboard skating styles.

Besides their firm hold on the ground, these skate rollers minimize vibrations. Hence, riders can glide, skate downhill, and perform freestyle more comfortably.



Most Original longboards use Bones, a known brand of quality skateboard bearings. The Bones bearings vary in style and build. So, it’s up to the skater to choose the most suitable set.

Alternatively, Original may also come with stock bearings rated ABEC 3.

3. Price

Here’s how much Original skateboards cost.


  1. Arbiter KT Longboard – $229.00
  2. Drop Freeride – $229.00
  3. Derringer Surfskate – $289.00
  4. Apex Diamond Longboard – $319.00
  5. Apex Throwback Surfskate – $339.00

4. Pros and Cons

Here are the things you may and may not love about Original skateboards.

  • Flexible for various skating or longboarding setups
  • Responsive and suitable for tricks
  • Robust decks construction
  • Smooth-turning and versatile trucks
  • Grippy wheels that stabilize rides and minimize vibration
  • No significant issues reported with Original Skateboards

Are Original Skateboards Worth It?

Original longboard and skateboard prices fall within a reasonable range. The durability of its integral parts, the board’s responsiveness, and the general versatility of Original’s designs make it a compelling choice。

Expect innovation and uniqueness when opting for Original boards.


Often, people set their focus on the decks when browsing for skateboards. Although it isn’t a lopsided strategy, we should not forget other parts, as these are as integral as the rest. This way, we realize good longboard brands like Original could have the best trucks.

So, are Original skateboards good? Given the brand’s specialty, these boards yield smooth turns and offer flexible setups and riding styles. Indeed, they’re good enough for skaters looking to cruise, skate freestyle, and ride hills.


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