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Are Altered Electric Skateboards Good? – An Honest Review

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Are Altered Electric Skateboards Good

Like regular skateboards, e-skates also evolve. And this phenomenon is what makes the sport more thrilling and competitive. Hence, if there were classic manual boards in the 90s, there were also electric skateboards around the same time.

And one of the brands making them is Altered. So, are Altered electric skateboards good enough to remain relevant these days? These boards were once dominating the market. But since 2015, it began to slow down in designing products and marketing itself, leaving the limelight to other competing brands.

Notable Features of Altered Electric Skateboards

Altered is one of the earliest skateboard brands to turn electric. Here’s our Altered electric skateboard review, which discusses how good its boards are and why it was once mainstream in the skating market.

1. Performance and design

Let’s check what Altered e-skateboards could do in the earlier years.

  • Multiple speed levels


Altered boards don’t just come with a wireless remote and skateboard charger. It has one of the most essential safety features, the variation of speed levels. So, whether it’s for college students, pros, or beginners, they can enjoy riding between slow, medium, and fast modes. All of these are accessible through the skateboard’s remote control.

  • Limited range


Although this aspect doesn’t push the brand to the more advantageous end, we should recognize that Altered doesn’t yield the farthest ranges. Its boards only run for about half an hour. So, that should only be good for a short commute.

  • Heat-dissipating electric skateboard


Altered skateboards have a belt drive motor. This skateboard design puts the mini engines on the skateboard’s trucks . Hence, unlike hub motors, these skateboards have better air circulation and are, more likely, cooler.

2. Components and specifications

So, what makes an Altered e-skateboard? Here’s a list of its essential parts.

  • Deck


Altered decks come in various wood classifications. Its Fantom 1.0 model uses seven plies of maple wood, while most premium variants have African Sapele wood.

As we know, maple has the best properties to combat heavy skating usage while keeping its pop. Meanwhile, African Sapele is also a durable wood with sufficient decay and insect resistance.

  • Trucks


One of Altered’s most prized models, Fantom 1.0, uses Exkate T2 Torsion trucks. These wheel holders improve the skater’s steering of the board and its overall stability. Plus, they reduce the force the rider needs to exert.

  • Wheels


Like regular skateboards, Altered e-skates also use polyurethane for their wheels. But of course, the relevant figures, such as the size and hardness levels, will change based on the skateboard’s type and appropriate skating style.

  • Motors


Between hub and belt types, Altered uses the latter.

Although there are a lot of arguments as to which is better, both types have advantages and downsides. Besides being heat-dissipating by nature, Altered’s belt drive motors exhibit efficient power use. Hence, skaters can enjoy a smooth run every time.

Motor wattages vary between models. Fantom 1.0 has 100W; Anthem has 600W; Dream 250 has 250W, and M4-800 uses 800W.

  • Speed and Range

The speed and range increase the competition among e-skateboard brands. So, where is Altered in the rankings?

Speed-wise, the Anthem 600, Big Dream 600, and M4-800 yield the fastest speeds at 20mph. The same models also have the farthest ranges with 12 miles.

Here’s a more detailed  view of Altered electric skateboard features.

  Fantom 1.0 M4800 All Terrain Big Dream 600 Premium Anthem 600 Dream 250
Maximum speed 10 mph 20 mph 20 mph 20 mph 12 mph
Maximum range Unspecified 12 miles 12 miles 12 miles 7-10 miles
Belt drive motor wattage 100W 800W 600W 600W 250W
Gradual braking No info 0-12 miles in 4 seconds 0-20 miles in 4 seconds 0-20 miles in 4 seconds 0-12 miles in 3 seconds

3. Price


A lot of Altered models might no longer be in circulation. Nevertheless, it has produced some of the cheapest e-skates in history. If we check one of its prominent models, Fantom 1.0, it’s a significantly affordable product, as this e-skateboard only costs $196.30.

4. Pros and Cons

Here’s what skaters and professionals like and do not like about Altered e-skateboards.

  • Smooth running performance
  • Multiple speed levels
  • Innate safety features in the grip tape and braking system
  • Belt drive motor that’s heat-dissipating
  • No reverse control on the remote app

Is the Altered Electric Skateboard Worth It?

Altered was once a sought-after good skateboard brand because of its electronic fusion. And for an affordable price, we are firm that these boards are worth it.

Though Altered skateboards may not be as fast or powerful as other brands today, they were once the quickest and longest-running. Additionally, their overall build is as reliable as most e-skates today.


Altered is one of the brands that took the risk to incorporate electronics into skateboarding. Indeed, it has made a mark in history, challenging other brands and companies to create better and more competitive products.

So, are Altered electric skateboards good? Yes! Though we should accept these aren’t the best today, these were once the best. These e-skateboards are reasonably fast, powerful, and smooth-running.

More advanced e-skate brands have risen, but Altered has made a long-lasting legacy.

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