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The Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard wheels for rough roads

Whether you’re into vert, street, park, or rough road riding, choosing the right set of skateboard wheels is a critical aspect of your setup. Skateboard wheels come in various sizes, durometers, and colors to meet your riding style and needs. There are no other parts in your skateboard that impact the way you roll and turn more than your wheels do.

Traversing rugged streets and terrain poses greater risks and challenges to most riders, so finding the best skateboard wheels for rough roads is crucial. If you’re looking into energizing your ride without compromising your safety and stability, you’re in luck! Dig into these ten high-performing skateboard wheels that are worth the hype and investment.

Top 1

Shark Wheel Skateboard Wheels

– Thin contact patch 

– Wave pattern design

– Reduces shock and impact

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Top 2

Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels

– Available in 78a and 92a

– Low-key style

– Remarkably fast and slick

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Top 3

MBS All-Terrain Wheels

– Unique tread pattern

– Made of super-high-rebound urethane

– Measures 100 mm and ranks 78a

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Best Skateboard Wheel for Rough Roads Reviews

1. Shark Wheel 78a Skateboard Wheels

If you want more traction over rough terrain without compromising speed, these 78a skateboard wheels from Shark Wheel may be right up your alley.

These wheels are scientifically proven to perform at their peak in rough terrain while maintaining grip and slide control as you cruise, carve or bomb your way downhill. What’s more, its wave pattern design is engineered to reduce friction, resulting in exhilarating speeds!

I can attest that these skateboard wheels shred right through rocks, grip through tight turns, and are a breeze to slide. True to their claim, these wheels are reinvented to give you better maneuverability over rough terrain and other conditions that easily deteriorate conventional wheels’ performance.

If this isn’t enough, its approach angle allows you to reduce shock and impact as you go over speed bumps.

This set of wheels was featured on Discovery Channel’s Future Tech segment, and I’m overly impressed at how the thin contact patch from the three strips on these wheels makes them go faster with less resistance to rolling as they cut through dirt and even sand!

As a result, hydroplaning is dramatically reduced as opposed to conventional wheels that simply “steamroll” over obstacles. No wonder these wheels ride so much smoother, glide faster, and last far longer!

Some users were disappointed to find out that the bearings advertised together with these wheels are not included. Otherwise, with thousands of five-star reviews online and seven international competition wins, getting the ABEC-9 high-performance bearings they recommend using together with these wheels will be well worth the investment.


  • Gives more traction over rough terrain without compromising speed
  • Scientifically proven to perform in rough terrain
  • Wave pattern design for reducing friction for faster speeds
  • Approach Angle reduces shock and impact as you go over speed bumps
  • Thin contact patch make these wheels go faster while resisting rolls
  • 7 international competition wins and thousands of 5-star reviews


  • ABEC-9 high-performance bearings advertised with the product sold separately

Revolutionize and reinvent how you cruise and freeride with this awesome set of tires. Get that fast, great grip you’ve been wanting while sporting this unique and edgy design!

2. Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels

If you’re looking for a set of wheels that are strong enough to endure rough asphalt and cracks, you’ve met your match! Having dominated the skate scene in the last 12 years, you get nothing less than top-notch quality and endurance from Ricta.

These skateboard wheels are crafted with high-quality urethane of the best caliber. Rough pavements don’t stand a chance against these products’ agility. Yet, they are still small enough for you to perform tricks.

I love how these Ricta clouds 78a and 92a hardness wheels make getting over cracks and rough roads such a delight! They slide and revert like hard wheels but cruise fairly well over rocks and rugged concrete. I’m not surprised how these wheels easily outperformed the others I tried of this size range.

They’re remarkably fast, slick, and when paired with high-performance bearings, seemingly unstoppable! What’s more, its low-key style goes well with any set-up. I gave these babies quite a beating over ditches and cracks, and they did not disappoint.

If you prefer small wheels, downsizing is a good idea since these skateboard wheels for rough asphalt are bigger than average. Hence, they may not be compatible with standard trucks. Otherwise, they do pack a punch and absorb impact incredibly well. Take these out for a spin to feel the difference!


  • Strong enough to endure rough asphalt and cracks
  • Crafted with high-quality urethane of the best caliber
  • Agile yet small enough to perform tricks on
  • Available in 78a and 92a durometer ratings
  • Remarkably fast and slick
  • Low-key style goes well with any set-up


  • Bigger than average, and may not be compatible with standard trucks

My future set-ups deserve nothing less than these awesome wheels, given their unmistakable quality and performance. If you’re looking to upgrade your current set or replace the ones you’ve blown out, I highly recommend snapping these up!

3. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

On a hunt for longboard wheels for rough roads? Look no further than these MBS All-Terrain Wheels.

These are just what you need for unparalleled off-road action. They are made of super-high-rebound urethane to satisfy your need for speed. And they rank 78a on the durometer scale. Thus, hard packed dirt and the roughest terrain don’t stand a chance against these heavy-duty wheels.

Dirt, grass, and gravel stop smaller wheels in their tracks, so these 100mm wheels are phenomenal for adding off-road capabilities to your longboard. Furthermore, bombing through less than ideal road conditions is a breeze because of their unique tread pattern for added traction and grip. These wheels lent a rad finish to my setup!

Standard flat wheels provide minimal resistance to impact, so I’m glad these wheels give the right amount of bounce without compromising edge-to-edge response and speed.

With over-the-top stability and endurance rolled into one, these wheels are among the best all terrain skateboard wheels available out there. These handled the rough trail I skated on like a boss!

Some users had bouts with wheel bites since they are huge at 100mm, giving you less clearance. Still, adding a riser and tightening your kingpin nut should solve the issue in a jiffy. Other than that, these wheels never fail to give me an action-packed ride!


  • All-terrain and unparalleled off-road action wheels
  • Made of super-high-rebound urethane for speed
  • Measures 100 mm and ranks 78a on the durometer scale
  • Unique tread pattern for added traction and grip
  • Gives bounce without compromising responsiveness and speed
  • Offers over-the-top stability and endurance


  • Recommended to be used with risers to prevent wheel bite

If you want a solid off-road experience, but your wheels continue to fail you, this one will suffice. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or for wheels that will roll over practically any surface, you’ll enjoy cruising in these!

4. FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels

Finding the right set of bearings compatible with your new set of wheels can be a pain, so I’m glad to have stumbled upon this set that includes these plus more.

These 83a polyurethane wheels come equipped with bearings and 3 LED lights that activate as you go for a rad-looking ride! They’re perfect for street skating and ride exceptionally well over skate park terrain, smooth concrete, or asphalt.

I love how these wheels improved my overall riding experience without the need for additional bearings or truck spacers. The high-rebound polyurethane wheels are constructed with also made sidewalk riding a breeze. I can’t stop raving about how my skateboard cruises faster and glides so much smoother now!

These skateboard wheels for street perform equally well on rough terrain as they go over cracks, rocks, and dips without a hitch.

Whether you ride a standard-sized board or a longboard, these replacement tires make a fantastic upgrade while giving you a bang for your buck! Furthermore, you can buy this set with confidence as every purchase is backed up by a 6-month warranty.

While this complete set does give great value for your money, some users are not that impressed with the bearings pre-installed in these wheels since they are not fast enough for their liking.

Thus, to maximize the benefits of these wheels, pairing them with your preferred set of bearings is encouraged. Overall, these wheels are an excellent upgrade from incompressible ones that come with ready-made skateboards.


  • Complete set of (4) 83a Polyurethane Wheels and steel bearings plus spacers
  • Equipped with (3) LED lights that activate as you move
  • Perfect for street skating and rides well over skate concrete, terrain, or asphalt
  • Made of high-rebound polyurethane
  • Performs equally well on rough terrain
  • Gives great value for money and comes with a 6-month warranty


  • The bearings that are pre-installed in these wheels are not fast enough

If you’re on a tight budget but in desperate need of an upgrade, these wheels won’t disappoint. Their durometer rating and high-rebound construction simply hit the sweet spot for me.

5. Orangatang 85mm Longboard Wheels

Every speed enthusiast is bound to love these 85 mm longboard wheels for rough roads. Expect to plow over the roughest terrain with incredible speed while staying comfortably stable. The 56mm contact patch layered on each wheel provides great grip, as the beveled edges allow you to move seamlessly across cracks.

On top of these game-changing benefits, I particularly like how each wheel is equipped with an exposed 46mm core that absorbs my weight as it allows me to accelerate faster with increased momentum.

If this isn’t enough to impress you, each set also includes Jehu V2 bearings complete with integrated speed-rings plus spacers. Poured in their signature Happy Thane formula, get ready for a plush yet grippy ride! They’re great for carving, long-distance rides, and commuting, proof that these Caguamas excel everywhere you take them!

Furthermore, to meet your personal riding preference, these wheels are available in Blue, 77a, Orange,80a, and Purple, 83a. It’s not hard to make them work to your advantage!

Given that these wheels are monstrous and incompatible with standard set-ups, investing in a boosted board with risers is an absolute must.

Overall, the added expense is well worth it since every other wheel I snagged fell short of my expectations. These wheels made a stark difference in the way my board performs!


  • Plows over rough terrain with incredible speed and stability
  • Contact patch provides great grip; beveled edges for ease rolling over cracks
  • Core absorbs weight allowing you to accelerate faster
  • Jehu V2 bearings complete with integrated speed rings plus spacers
  • Poured in Happy Thane Formula for a plush yet grippy ride
  • Available in Blue, 77a, Orange,80a, and Purple, 83a


  • Incompatible with standard setups, requires boosted boards with risers

These wheels are trendy for a good reason – they’re simply built to outperform. Having been tested extensively by pros and beginners alike, you won’t regret investing in these!

6. CCS Cruiser 78a Skateboard Wheels

Need a set of do-it-all-wheels? These CCS cruisers in 78a are just what you need to cover the basics.

At 57mm, these skateboard wheels are versatile enough for cruising and seamlessly rolling over debris and cracks. Its high-quality urethane construction gives you the ability to ride over the roughest surfaces, all while providing a stable and comfortable glide.

As these wheels rank 78a on the scale, this makes them the perfect “tweener” durometer. This means they have the pliability of medium wheels but are also durable enough to promote stability as hard wheels do. I’m glad to have found a great middle-ground with these tires!

CCS has been delivering skateboard wheels of the highest quality since 1985. So, make no mistake about it! They are good enough for maintaining speed while traversing rough surfaces without stifling your ride and throwing you off. Its minimalist design also works great for any setup.

A rider noted that these are not as soft as they claim them to be, but this can be ruled out by checking your weight and riding preference.

Overall, I give these wheels a big thumbs up for performing exceptionally well. If you’re looking for a set of wheels that won’t weigh you down while offering safety and stability, I’d recommend snagging these.


  • Do-it-all, 57mm, 78a skateboard wheels
  • Versatile for cruising and rolling over debris and cracks
  • High-quality urethane construction for stable and comfortable glides
  • Producer of high-quality skateboard wheels since 1985
  • Perfect “tweener” durometer
  • Maintains speeds on rough surfaces without stifling the ride


  • Not as soft as advertised

I’m so happy to have found a versatile product like these skateboard wheels for asphalt. Break them in and adjust them as you please to get the feel and ride you’ve always wanted.

7. Spitfire Formula Four Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire is another undeniably iconic brand in the skate scene that’s best known for producing 100% urethane wheels.

Its full conical shape guarantees unparalleled speed and resistance from flat spots. The 52mm sizing also allows faster acceleration, while the 99a durometer rating results in a wide-ranging product that meets all riding preferences.

These do-it-all wheels are grippy, fast, and shred through rough asphalt effortlessly. After subjecting these wheels to hours of skating on rugged terrain, they held up well, resisted abrasions, and most importantly, did not flat spot! With maximum shock absorption in tow, expect nothing less than a smooth and comfy ride.

Whether you’re a beginner trying your hand at skating the first time or a pro wanting to reinforce your setup, these are awesome for skaters of all skill levels. The wide surface of these wheels makes them less intimidating to roll with, thus giving you full control while running over uneven surfaces. But don’t get me wrong, they can be aggressive when you need them to be!

A user reported having experienced wobbling as the molding was a bit off, so remember to check your wheels for manufacturing defects. Otherwise, these wheels are overwhelmingly good and priced affordably too. Don’t waste another minute and give them a go!


  • Full conical shape guarantees faster speeds and resistance from flat spots
  • 52mm sizing allows faster acceleration,
  • 99a durometer rating for all riding styles
  • Grippy, fast, and shreds through rough asphalt effortlessly
  • Extremely durable urethane wheels
  • Provides maximum shock absorption


  • Wobbling experienced due to defective molding

Where else can you find a brand that doesn’t compromise any specific quality at the expense of another? This set of wheels is highly commendable! I look forward to completing more setups with these installed.

8. FREEDARE 54mm Skateboard Wheels

If you’re on the lookout for a good set of wheels that won’t break the bank, consider cashing in on this set of 54mm wheels! These rank 90A on the durometer scale and are crafted with durable polyurethane. Each set comes complete with four wheels, eight pre-installed bearings, and four spacers, giving you great value for your money.

I love how these wheels strike a perfect balance between traction and softness, making them suitable for beginners and seasoned skaters alike. What’s more, these do-it-all wheels are great for freestyling, rolling across rough terrain, and even pulling off tricks!

Each piece’s design comes with a grippy edge that makes them ideal for growing downhill safely. Besides gliding well, these pieces are surprisingly lightweight.

I’d say these are a steal for the price given their performance; these made riding over rough roads way more comfortable. With enhanced traction and grip, being jolted off my board is one less thing I have to worry about.

My cruiser board looks decked out with a classic look in a bright red, and rides and feels like new!

Some users encountered issues with the bearings popping out and breaking. I highly suggest breaking them first and getting high-performance bearings of your choice if the ones included don’t work out for you.

All in all, these unexpectedly outperformed my old branded wheels by a mile!


  • Complete set of (4) wheels, (8) pre-installed bearings, and (4) spacers
  • Strikes a perfect balance between traction and softness
  • Do-it-all wheels for freestyling, rough terrain riding, and tricks
  • Glides well with grippy edges
  • Extremely lightweight and budget-friendly


  • The bearings included tend to pop out and break

With all these remarkable qualities, don’t wait another minute to experience the surprising difference these wheels can make in the way your ride performs!

9. JOSOPA 52mm Skateboard Wheels

With a diameter of 52mm and hardness set at 100A, these skateboard wheels are ready to take on the demands of rough roads.

Made of highly-resilient polyurethane, these are built to last. These wheels are also primarily designed for use on a wide variety of rugged surfaces and even half-pipes. As a result, they’re compact, sleek, and finely crafted to complement your set up.

I love how these wheels absorb impact and shock efficiently while keeping me safe and stable. They’re less bouncy and grippy compared to softer wheels but much faster nevertheless!

Best of all, with a weight of only 7.44 ounces each, these wheels are ultra-lightweight, making it a breeze to perform tricks.

In terms of durability, these wheels have the potential to take a beating and withstand it very well. They’re extremely tough yet have a rebound rate of 75% for faster transitions and added responsiveness. Prepare to feel the immediate difference!

If you ride a standard-sized skateboard, these wheels may be too small for your set up. I think installing these wheels on a cruiser or penny board is the way to go.

All in all, this is a superb starter wheel skate that beginners and skilled riders alike will benefit from.


  • Highly-resilient polyurethane for long-term durability
  • Compact, sleek, and finely crafted to complement your set up
  • Absorbs impact and shock efficiently for safe and stable rides
  • Less bouncy and grippy, yet faster than softer wheels
  • Ultra-lightweight and a breeze to perform tricks with
  • Rebound rate of 75% for faster transitions and added responsiveness


  • Incompatible with standard-sized skateboards

With your speed, comfort, and momentum in check, you won’t regret getting these awesome skateboard wheels. This is one of the best impulse buys I’ve made in a while!

10. Bones Wheels Rough Riders 80a

Bones is undoubtedly one of the best and most prominent brands in the skateboard scene, and it’s not hard to see why.

Poured in their unique soft urethane, all-terrain formula, these bones wheels rough riders 80a skateboard wheels are excellent for plowing through uneven terrain without a hitch. You can trust this revolutionary formula to give your more traction and stability even at high speeds.

I’ve personally tried hill-bombing, cruising, and curb-slapping with these wheels, and they roll smoothly without slipping out of line. These tires are supportive regardless of road quality without flat spotting. I can’t help but vouch for the endurance and multi-tasking benefits of these wheels.

These wheels are the perfect combo of hard enough to do tricks and soft enough to be extremely quiet and smooth riding. These wheels are fast, reliable and their durability is off the hook. I’ve been slamming them hard against the concrete for a week straight, and they’re still perfect!

Due to their relatively small size, investing in a good set of riser pads or sanding them down for clearance is recommended. Otherwise, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other set that grips and performs better.

With great rebound and maximum stability, these wheels offer better value for your money in the long run, so maybe not give it another thought!


  • Poured in a special soft urethane formula
  • Produced by Bones, one of the best brands
  • Excellent for plowing through rough terrain
  • Revolutionary formula lends more traction and stability even at high speeds
  • Rolls smoothly without slipping out of line
  • All-terrain formula with great rebound


  • Needs to be reinforced with riser pads or sanded down for clearance

If your current setup continues to fail you, these wheels will spring you back to action in no time. Trust me when I say you’ll feel the immediate difference with one of the best skateboard wheels for rough streets!

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads


Skating through gravel, sand, gritty asphalt, dirt, and other rough surfaces require a reliable set of wheels. Skateboard wheels are typically made of Polyurethane but come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and durability levels, so choosing what works for traversing rough terrain can be tricky.

Picking out a set of wheels with the right characteristics will do a better job of shredding through rough roads than the wheels you usually use at the ramp or skatepark.

When buying skateboard wheels for rough roads, it’s essential to look for relatively softer or within the 78a-88a durometer range as they are known to be better at resisting impact. Softer wheels also provide you better grip and can dramatically reduce vibration from the board. They’re extra bouncy for a more energized ride too!

Another vital aspect to look at is the size; a wheel between 54mm and 60mm diameter generally gives you better off-road capabilities. Bigger wheels provide ease while rolling over rocks, cracks, and other crevices that smaller wheels can’t handle. Installing higher trucks or risers is highly recommended, though, as bigger wheels are prone to catching wheel bite.

What Wheels Are Good for Rough Roads

Bombing through rough roads will require a set of wheels that are built to outlast and outperform. A quick way to determine if a wheel is suitable for rough-riding is by looking at its diameter and durometer rating. Wheels with a bigger diameter, specifically within 54mm and 60mm, and rank softer, 78a-88a, on the durometer scale are highly recommended for skating through irregular terrain.

Wheels from Ricta, MBS, Orangatang, Spitfire, and Bones are just some of the most trusted and highly-rated brands widely sought-after for their astounding quality and performance. These wheels are specifically built to withstand the roughest of terrains while providing stability and comfort to enhance your overall riding experience.

Make sure to consider your weight, skating style, and the type of board you ride before locking-in your choice.

Are Harder Wheels Better for Street

If street skating and performing grinds or ramp maneuvers best describe your riding routine, you most likely have hard wheels installed.

Harder wheels are best for street skating because they’re slicker, roll at faster speeds, and generally last longer. Wheels that rank hard on the durometer scale are also known to perform better on other venues such as skateparks and bowls.

While hard wheels provide less grip and traction, they accelerate faster, making them far more responsive.


You should opt for high-quality, polyurethane wheels that offer resilience and your safety. Diligently looking through reviews online, joining forums on reddit, and scrutinizing information provided by brands is always a good place to start.

Rough terrain can break down substandard wheels, so although it seems practical to go for inexpensive options, they often cost more in the long run as they tend to deteriorate quickly. Wheels poured in quality urethane formulas absorb impact effortlessly, resulting in more energized, plushier, and faster rides!

If you’re ready for your first off-road challenge, I hope these reviews of the best skateboard wheels for rough roads help you decide!

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