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Possway T3 Review – Fast, Comfy and Affordable

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Possway T3 Review

The farther the sport goes, the more improvements get underway on the equipment used to serve new and upgraded skill sets. Hence, it’s no longer a brainer that top skateboard brands emerge one after another.

A classic example of this is Possway. Everyone goes to the brand for excellent skateboard under $500. Is Possway any good? How unique is this brand’s skateboards compared to others? And how well can it deliver in performance?

Let’s have this Possway T3 review to give us an idea.

Notable Features of Possway T3

Many skaters will describe a Possway T3 as an e-skateboard that is fast, comfortable, and economically friendly. Let’s get into detail below.

Maximum Speed 32 mph
Maximum Range 20 miles
Deck Material 8-ply Maple wood, 1-ply Bamboo
Wheel Hardness 78a
Wheel Size 105 mm
Motor Type Hub Motor
Motor Wattage 2 x 500W
Battery 10S3P 280.8Wh 7.8Ah
Hill climb 30%

1. Performance and Design

Not all electric skateboards have the same speed and power. Here’s Possway T3’s take on performance.



T3 imposes an exceptional top speed of 32 mph. Although having a hub motor doesn’t guarantee faster performance, this Possway model proves hub-type e-skateboards can reach higher speeds than average e-skateboards.

But of course, how fast this e-skateboard travel isn’t only dependent on its motors. The board’s maximum speed may differ for heavy riders or lighter skaters.



The Possway T3 e-skateboard is more likely a must-have when skating long distances. Why? This skateboard can travel a maximum range of 20 miles on a single charge.

However, like the speed, other factors may also influence these figures. Such include the trail’s steepness or smoothness and the skater’s weight.



Speaking of steepness, how inclined of a trail can the Possway T3 take?

The numbers remain an argument for some experts, but this skateboard has a marketed hill-climb ability of 30%. In actual situations, a few skaters have experienced lower percentages, 13% or 8%. But again, this aspect may still depend on the skater’s weight.



The Possway T3’s braking is a testament that it’s a perfect electric skateboard for kids and intermediate-level skaters. And we all owe this to Possway’s Electronic Speed Controller.

This aspect keeps braking motions smooth. What’s better is though stopping feels gradual, it stays firm once the skateboard reaches its full stop. Hence, skaters won’t have to feel anxious about getting thrown off the skateboard when pulling over.



Design-wise, the Possway T3 performs best on paved surfaces, complementing its suited users in beginner to intermediate skaters. Although it may work on other skating spots, a few aspects, like grip, need compromise.

Nevertheless, Possway T3 works for many users, skating locations, and skating preferences.

2. Components and Specifications

So, here’s what makes a Possway T3 electric skateboard.



A lot will expect T3 to have a maple body. And it does, with eight layers of it. But what amazes more skaters is the brand’s addition of a bamboo layer. This material combination gives the skateboard deck reasonable sturdiness with a hint of flexibility.

Another area to adore about this model’s deck is its shape. Possway has given this deck a perfect concave and drop to keep the skater’s feet firm, especially when turning.



T3’s wheels are significantly immense compared to that of regular skateboards. These rollers span a diameter of 105mm with an urban terrain profile.

Though they are large wheels, T3’s rollers are soft at only 78a in hardness. Such is another catalyst for the board’s noted riding smoothness, grip, and overall comfort.



Perhaps T3’s trucks provide more comprehensive performance benefits. The first is on these wheel holders’ 45° angle, which improves the rider’s balance on the board. Another is on their bushings that make carving and turning smoother.



We have mentioned that the Possway T3 uses dual 500W hub motors. Indeed, it has proven it can go faster despite the argument about such motor type.

But what else can we expect from a hub motor e-skate? Electric boards with hub motors are silent operators. They require lesser maintenance than belt-driven boards, and models like T3 are amenable to a Kick-Push start mode.

Note that the Possway T3 also bears an IP65 waterproof rating. That means this board can handle puddles or light rain. Just remember not to have it drowned in the water.

Remote Control


Possway might have a humble remark on its remote controllers. But these devices have anything a skater would ask for from an e-skate remote.

Some of the significant features of this remote control are its 4-speed adjustment, cruise control, and LED display. The latter characteristic provides skaters convenient access to their live speed, battery, direction, and more.

3. Price


So, is a Possway T3 expensive? This skateboard goes around average with a $499.00 tag. Based on today’s price range, these skateboards aren’t the cheapest, but they are neither the most expensive.

4. Pros and Cons 

Here’s our Possway electric skateboard review on T3’s pros and cons.

  • Exceptional speed and range
  • Comfortable and stable rides courtesy of the deck, trucks, and wheels
  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate skaters
  • Works well for commuting
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • Smooth ESC controls
  • A few skaters still look for more power from the motors.

Is Possway T3 a Good Brand?

Most skaters shift to or try e-skateboards because of added speed and reduced manual work. Is picking a Possway T3 a money-worthy choice in this case? Yes!

This T3 electric skateboard gives one of the best speeds in the e-skating market. The brand has exerted enough work on the components’ quality and the skateboard’s performance. And while more brands can edge in an aspect or two, the Possway T3 remains a budget-friendly choice.


Deciding on the best electric skateboard can be a matter of preference, as skaters have different skill levels and priorities. Hence, what’s fast or powerful may not always be what a beginner skater will choose.

With this Possway T3 review, choosing e-skateboards will finally be more precise and convincing. We now know what to check and consider before we dish out some amount to spend.

Again, while T3 is a fast and quality electric skateboard for beginners and intermediate skaters, assessing how well we need it will give us the best value for our money.

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