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How to Loosen Longboard Trucks? 6 Quick & Easy Steps

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

How to Loosen Longboard Trucks

Do you want to have a great turn and smooth carve? Why not loosen your longboard trucks. Also, loose trucks will make your ride comfortable, resulting in a cool and safe ride.

If you do not know how to loosen trucks, we have kept you posted. Simply, hold on and read the following ways on how to loosen longboard trucks. Let’s begin with some information about longboarding and why you have to loosen longboard trucks.


What Is Longboarding?

Longboarding is rolling or riding using a longboard, which is quite longer than a skateboard. Its deck is about 36 to 60 inches in length and 9 to 10 inches in width. It also has trucks, wheels, and grip tape. Its wheels are much bigger than the wheels of skateboards.

Longboards have various shapes and designs. They are often used in transportation, freeriding, cruising downhill, racing, and even traveling. They can travel at a greater speed of around 60 mph or 97 km per hour.

Longboards are ideal for cruising because of their wide turning radius and their capability to travel long distances. To manage the turns of longboarding, you have to loosen or tighten your trucks.

The trucks of longboards are responsible for the edge turns and must be loosened. Tight trucks may not be possible on sharp or tight turns.

Why Do You Need to Loosen Your Longboard Trucks?


With longboarding, you will achieve smooth rolling and cruising. This is because of its trucks that can make smooth and wider turns.

Also, in case of an emergency, you can make a quick turn if you have loosened trucks. Besides, you can have great carving and an amazing ride downhill when you have loosened board trucks.

When you have tighter trucks, you might not achieve smooth turns. Also, you will be unable to carve. This will affect your ride and cruising. Therefore, it is significant that you loosen your trucks properly.

6 Steps on Loosening Longboard Trucks

Here are the six easy steps on how to loosen your longboard trucks.

1. Get a wrench

The wrench will do the loosening of your trucks. You may use an adjustable wrench or a socket wrench. You should use the 14mm wrench, which is appropriate for the trucks of a longboard. You may also use big pliers just fitted for the nut and bushings.

2. Prepare your longboard

Get your longboard and overturn it on a table, positioning the trucks on top. Be sure that you have a stable surface and tables are not moving.

3. Begin loosening the first truck

Put the 14mm wrench on the axle nut and loosen the truck by turning the wrench counterclockwise. Keep on turning the wrench until you think you have reached the looseness you want to achieve. Also, do not squeeze the bushings much when you are adjusting the longboard trucks.

4. Test the looseness of the truck

Tap the trucks and wheels and see if you have that looseness that you want. Be sure that it is not too loose because you might sway or shake when rolling on the road. Simply, have that appropriate looseness that you need.

5. Loosen the second truck

You may loosen the second truck now. Simply, repeat the steps above on how to loosen the truck. Also, achieve the same looseness you have on the first truck so there is balance. You need to weigh and test the trucks’ looseness.

6. Try your longboard

You stand on your longboard and see if you have achieved the looseness that you like. If it is not that loose, then just repeat the process till you get the suitable looseness. Meanwhile, if it is too loose you may tighten the axle nut by turning it in a clockwise direction.

The Bottom Line

Loosening or tightening longboard trucks will surely affect your ride. If you have tighter trucks, you will not slide easily. This may also pose danger on the roads. It is better that you loosen the trucks of your longboard. In this manner, you will have smooth riding and great turns. Also, you will slide on the road easily.

To help you loosen your trucks, just simply follow the steps above on how to loosen longboard trucks. It is better that you know this to always have a good longboarding experience. Also, you will have a safe ride while rolling on the roads or downhill.

Feel free to share your opinions or suggestions about this topic. You may write them in the comment box. Our readers will be glad to read your opinions. Also, if you have any queries, we are pleased to answer your questions. Simply, just keep them posted below.

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