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5 Hardest Skateboard Tricks for Advanced Skaters

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

hardest skateboard tricks

If skaters are classified into beginners, intermediate, and professionals, skate tricks also have progression levels. There are skills suited for newbies, and there are also stunts only pros can do.

So, if you’ve mastered starter and intermediate skills, you might as well try the hardest skateboard tricks and see where you are in your skateboarding adventure.

In this article, I will introduce you to some advanced skateboard tricks you might have never thought existed. May we all feel motivated rather than discouraged to advance in the sport.

What Are the Hardest Skate Tricks?

Deciding what’s the hardest trick in skateboarding is more subjective than factual. Here is my take on hard skateboard tricks, ranked by difficulty.

1. Laser Flip Skateboard


This very hard trick combines the front shuv pop and flip, with the skateboard making a 360° turn in the air. It requires enough force from the back heel to pop the board and your legs to jump high.

If you’re hearing about this skill for the first time, you might not understand how the skateboard flips and rotates mid-air. Here’s how it happens.

Step 1: Ride the skateboard forward with both your feet on the board.

Step 2: As soon as the board gets enough momentum, perform a 360° shuvit.

Step 3: Do a varial heelflip simultaneously to rotate the board with your heel. Then, the skateboard will complete the 360° rotation with a flip.

Step 4: Land with both feet on the board.

Perhaps, the Laser Flip is the most difficult skateboard trick anyone can do. So, try to be patient and perform this skill part by part.

2. Backside Tailslide

We will be playing with rails and ledges for this trick.

So, find a flat bar, a rail, or a concrete ledge in the park. For better illustration, let’s have your right foot as the front. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Approach the ledge or rail with your skateboard in a slightly parallel position to the obstacle. Unlike a frontside, we will attack the ledge with your back facing against it.

Step 2: As soon as the board nears the rail, pop the skateboard and turn your body 90°. Guide the deck’s tail onto the rail’s platform.

Step 3: You will tail slide on the ledge without looking at it. So, try to stay balanced during and after sliding on the rail.

3. Impossible Skateboard Trick


No, this skill is not literally how it sounds. Compared to a 360° shuvit, the skateboard will make vertical rotations as opposed to the horizontal trajectory of a 360. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Ride your skateboard forward with your feet in an ollie position. That means your back foot rests on the tail and your front foot behind the front truck bolts.

Step 2: Push the skateboard’s tail down with your back foot to make it turn 360°. Lift your front foot up so the deck can rotate.

Step 4: Find the stepping surface of your skateboard with your feet as soon as the rotation completes.

4. The 900

The 900 skate trick is what transformed Tony Hawk into who he is in the world. This skill consists of a big halfpipe ramp ridden by skaters who make 2.5 rotations in the air. To do this trick:

Step 1: Place one end of the skateboard against the steel coping. Lean on the skateboard forward and ride down the halfpipe.

Step 2: As soon as your skateboard reaches the other coping, make a turn back to the other side of the halfpipe.

Step 3: Repeat the steps above as many times as you want until you gain enough speed and momentum for a 900.

Step 4: The 900 requires two and a half rotations on air. So, try to complete these motions and land back down to the pipe while on your skateboard.

5. Tre Flip


If a 360° front shuvit lets you scoop the board forward, the Tre Flip requires you to do the opposite. This trick combines a 360 back shuvit and a kickflip. Here’s how to check off this medium hard trick on the list.

Step 1: Place your front foot slightly angled in the middle of the deck.

Step 2: Ride the skateboard like you’re about to do a Laser Flip.

Step 3: As soon as the skateboard gets enough momentum, flick the tail backwards.

Step 4: Keep your feet up high until the skateboard completes its turn in the air.

Step 5: Land on the stepping surface with both of your feet.

Pros and Cons of Skateboarding Tricks


Not that skateboarding tricks aren’t for you, but there might be some considerations we need to keep in mind before getting into them.

  • Improve body and mind coordination
  • Increase the skater’s confidence
  • Help keep skaters fit
  • An avenue to destress
  • Take time to learn and master
  • Make you prone to injuries
  • Challenging to find spots to practice

What Are Other Skateboard Tricks?

I made the above list of skateboard tricks while taking into account each skill’s uniqueness and technical requirements to perfect. But here are other skate tricks names you may want to check out.

Tricks list easiest to hardest

  1. Ollie
  2. Nose Ollie
  3. Pop Shove-it
  4. Kickflip
  5. Gazelle Flip
  6. Hardflip

Best trick skaters

Looking at the names and pictures of these people, you might already recognize their marks on the sport. Let’s get to know some of their signature moves.

  1. Chris Cole – 360 Flip
  2. Danny Way – Helicopter Drop-In
  3. Don “Nuge” Nguyen – Steepest Hill Bomb
  4. Jeremy Wray – Water Tower Ollie
  5. Dane Burman – 50/50 The Municipal Death Rail

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the 900 the hardest skateboard trick?

Your perception of what’s difficult may not be the same as others’. Though it wouldn’t be incorrect to call the 900 one of the craziest skateboard tricks, whether you find it the toughest to learn depends on what skills you have.

Many professional skateboarders have left their mark on this skill, and it’s not impossible that you also make yours. All this trick needs is the perfect balance of precision and speed management.

What is the coolest skateboarding trick?

The coolest skateboard tricks may vary from one skater to another. To me, I’ll pick the Tre Flip.

Most skaters do it coming from a slightly high platform to leave enough room for the skateboard to complete its rotation. I find this good hard trick cool because it feels nice to land on your feet after your board spins in air.

What is an impossible trick on a skateboard?

The impossible trick is another way to flick the skateboard off the ground. However, it requires a sufficiently high leaping ability to leave space for the skateboard’s mid-air rotation.

The key to this trick is a powerful heel flick to push the skateboard’s tail forward until it completes a vertical 360°.

If you are wondering how many skateboard tricks are there,  this article is made for you!

What is the ugliest skateboard trick?

There are easy skateboard tricks, trendy skateboard tricks, and other tricks you don’t want to try. Perhaps, the Willy Grind is the worst skateboard trick to date. When you see it, it often happens by accident.

A Willy is like a Backside Tailslide in approach. But as soon as the skateboard nears the rail or ledge, the skater pops the deck and guides the front truck over the platform using the front foot.

Then, the skateboard’s front truck grinds against the ledge, leaving the rear truck and tail hanging.


Skateboard tricks are a way to enjoy and improve in the sport. Learning them could be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to make it. All we need is persistence and enough drive to master each step.

Now that you know the hardest skateboard tricks, you can finally set a new goal on your skateboard bucket list. Always remember, no pro trick ever happens overnight. So, stay patient, and you’ll master a new skill soon.

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