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The Best Skateboard Tools

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard tool

It’s worth getting the best skateboard tool, whether you’ve been skating for quite a long time or just starting. Even a brand-spanking-new longboard out of the crate needs a condition to alter to a great extent. The beauty of the best skate tool is that it incorporates everything you need to maintain your longboard into one handy multitool.

Skate tools are a pretty great idea to put into the back of your car or skate bag because there is always a moment when a skate tool could come in handy while skating or after a long day at the park. There are unique skateboard tools that combine those useful tools into one, and they are very accessible in size.

If you’re worried about which particular skateboard tool you can buy, we’ve combined excellent 12 best skate tools that will make it much easier to maintain your skateboard up. There’s something for everybody, at different costs, so you will undoubtedly discover something you like.


Top 1

Zeato All-In-One Skate Tools

– Very durable 

– Easy to use

– Very good price

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Top 2

Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

– Works as described

– Designed for beginners and experts

– It can be used with any form of board

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Top 3

BESIY All-In-One Skate Tools

– Works well, functions well

– One of the cheapest tools

– Compatible with all boards

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Best Skateboard Tool Reviews

1. Zeato All-In-One Skate Tools

First on the list is a well-known gadget with positive reviews, it has seven exclusive colors and two designs. Its position ranks as a blockbuster on Amazon!

This Zeato product is a multi-functional skateboard tool that enables you to change the axle nuts, mounting hardware, and the top of the truck’s kingpin nut, which is perfect for completing a skateboard’s assembly.

It is also accessible in three sizes. It’s lightweight, thus easy to bring around and fit inside pouches. The set arrives with a bag for better handling. I love how this skateboard tool makes things simple for my skater life. Furthermore, it fits well for all types of skateboards, longboards, and penny boards.

This skate tool contains 3 different socket sizes (3/8 socket, 1/2 socket, and 9/16 socket) and a Phillips slide-out head wrench screwdriver that suits the top of the handle, while not in use.

Even though this tool’s construction is great. The way that the screwdriver fits into the handle is a concern. The screwdriver does not fit securely and can quickly fall out. The screwdriver portion was lost within a couple of days of use due to this problem. Thankfully, the Zeato business replaced the defective item for me.
  • Very durable and will not break easily.
  • Easy to use and comes with all the needed socket components
  • Provide a free bag for travel
  • Amazing customer support from the company
  • Very good price for a tool for skating
  • The screwdriver doesn’t fit tightly and will fall out easily
So, ultimately, it’s a perfect tool for skating. In my opinion, this is the best skate tool in the market as of now. Trust me when I say that you’re not going to regret it!

2. Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings

If you need a new tool and some bearings, this is one of the greatest offers. In addition to incredibly precise spacers that are cut for tight resilience, this product from Bones Red has a scale of 608-estimating 22mm x 7mm x 8mm.

I love that this unit has a 9/16 socket (kingpin), 1/2 socket (axle), and 3/8 socket (hardware) that makes it durable and versatile. It also has an Allen driver and a Phillips head screwdriver that is made with a chrome finish using solidified steel.

This skateboard tool is one of the greatest tools on the market right now. It is made of a high-quality solid metal that can not be broken easily. The positive reviews that it is getting is another aspect that made this board tool stand out.

This skate tool can be used on a skateboard, longboard, and penny board. What’s more, it can be a roller skate tool that works perfectly. The company provides a great feature that lets the customer know that he/she is not only getting a skateboard tool but also a tool that fits better with other board types.

The only flaw of this skate tool is that some vendors failed to place or check the pull-out tool in the skate tool itself. Therefore, some customers only get the skate tool without the pull-out tool. Nevertheless, the company will contact you directly and quickly supply you with the missing part.
  • Designed and manufactured with high-quality metal
  • It can be used with any form of board
  • Designed for beginners and experts
  • Works as described
  • The business provides fantastic support for customers
  • It might come without the pull-out tool
Overall, for beginners and experts, this skate tool is highly recommended. It comes with easy-to-use features, various socket sizes, and a pull-out tool with a Phillips head and an Allen screw head driver that works well for hardware. This skate tool is certainly one of the best skate tools on the market.

3. BESIY All-In-One Skate Tools

Another kit from a well-known company gets a position on my skateboard tool review list. That’s the all-in-one Besiy hardware skate tool. In the business industry, BESIY Hardware is made to the highest standards. The bolts are of stainless steel and the nuts are of zinc-coated steel, making this skate tool one of a kind.

First, I like the sturdiness of the tool. There are several skate tools out there that have the same scale components and do the same job. But for tools, looking cool does not mean anything. A device is meant to be used, regardless of how or what process it might be. This skateboard tool certainly fulfilled what it was intended to do.

Next is the various sizes of these T tool sockets, such as a 3/8 socket, a 1/2 socket, and a 9/16 socket, which permits this skate tool to be viable with skateboards, longboards, and penny boards.

Another thing that shocked me was that part of this tool is made of industrial plastic, while the rest is made of robust, sturdy metal. Nevertheless, this T tool for skateboards is perfectly operational.

The tool was measured by hand, which fits into most pockets easily. You can carry and use it whenever you need! You can also take it with you 100% comfortably.

My sole concern is the measurement of this skate tool set. For those who want to know the exact size of the skateboard tool, it is measured by hands, which is not a reliable measurement.
  • Works well, functions well
  • One of the cheapest tools on the market for skateboards
  • There are different sizes of sockets
  • Compatible with all boards
  • It can be comfortably carried in pockets and fit in
  • No exact measurement
Overall, due to its cheap price, functionality, and durability, this skate tool set received positive reviews from customers. It works great to tighten or loosen the wheels on-the-go. You should definitely consider this skateboarding tool!

4. Bona Skateboard Tools

The next one is the Bona Skate Tool, which is not only a mix of three or nine simple tools but a mix of ten tools. It is a tool that is multifunctional. It contains three sockets of different sizes, a bearing press, a reversible Allen key, an Allen wrench, a Phillips screwdriver, a precision file, and an axle rethreader. It has everything you need, be it a skateboard or longboard.

I love that it’s a ratchet-equipped T-shaped skateboard tool that can be used with most skateboards. In other words, it has a 3/8″ socket with ratchet capabilities, which is just 1 of the 10 main skate tools you get here.

The item I’m probably most impressed with is the bearing press remover, which I didn’t expect. It works so well in taking out bearings and driving bearings in. It is so much easier than pushing bearings into the trucks as most people will do. This is one of the top-rated skateboard truck tools available.

It is very functional, plus it is easy to use, convenient, and durable. It comes in a sealed bag and has the wrench and screwdrivers fastened to the handle head. Even when you are not using it, it doesn’t get misplaced! When using this tool, improving and restoring your board will not be boring like before.

One of the only disadvantages to this tool is that it comes with an external Allen key attachment that has no specified storage location on the tool itself.
  • Practical
  • Works well
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Offers great customer service
  • The Allen key has no place in which to store it
It’s a fantastic tool overall, and I do recommend it. This tool, including a bearing pusher, has several different characteristics to use on skates and skateboards. Performance-wise, this is an excellent product.

5. Alouette Skate Tool

This Alouette skate tool set is an impressive purchase. Not only can you get two skate tools at a very fair price, but they are also well manufactured and robust. For your kingpin/bushings, wheels, and deck screws, there is a fitting on each.

This penny board tool or skateboard tool has a reasonable price. It is one of the coolest skate tools on the market because of its simple color design. It is durable, well-made, and looks elegant. One T-shaped tool, one Y-shaped tool, and two pull-on screws are part of the kit.

I really love this l kit because along with a screwdriver, it contains almost everything you need for fixing or tightening skateboards. You can use it to maintain longboards, as well as scooters, so it’s fairly flexible. Since each of the tools in the package weighs just 0.2 pounds, it is convenient for travel. You won’t have to worry about carrying extra weight!

It provides longevity because it is made of exceptional hard plastic and steel. For all styles of boards, it is a suitable tool. For broken items, the Alouette skate tool company also provides a replacement and a money-back guarantee.

The only problem with this one skate tool is that it is mainly made of plastic, which when subjected to intense heat, cannot guarantee a sturdy result. The screwdrivers also easily fall out because the strong grip tape file holding the screwdriver is lacking.
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-purpose
  • Replacement and refund for broken products
  • Mostly made of plastic
  • Screwdrivers easily fall out
Ultimately, this tool set could be a hard rival to other skate tools out there. It is affordably priced, strong, made of high-quality materials, simple to use, and offers various colors. This tool-set comes with a T tool skateboard and a Y tool skateboard. I’m sure you should add this to your cart!

6. Cal 7 Big Boy Skate Tool

Next on our list is from Cal 7. It’s one of not so many multi-tools with an axle rethreader, which is very handy to have. Actually, this tool incorporates 5 basic skate tools in one so, besides that, you probably won’t need anything else. To do all the maintenance on your skateboard, and all that in a compact size, this will be enough. It is sold at a low price as well.

This has different socket sizes, such as a 3/8 socket for axle nuts, followed by a 1/2 inch king-pin nut socket. Besides, you can find a hardware nuts socket for mounting a 9/16 socket truck and a screwdriver is included, for both Phillips and Allen heads.

Moreover, you will be able to take this tool with you everywhere you go, thanks to its lightweight and compact dimensions.

Also, the skate tool does what it is intended to do. In less than 5 minutes, it allowed me to build my skateboard, and the metal was strong enough not to bend. It feels nice in the hand as it has a solid foundation grip tape.

There have not been any downsides so far. However, due to how underrated this skateboard tool is, buyers like me were shocked at how well this skate tool works. It is a commodity worth your time, indeed.
  • All in one skateboard tool with a cheap price
  • Multi tool kit for skateboards
  • Offers different colors
  • Easy to use
  • Underrated skate tool
Overall, in terms of skateboard maintenance, this is an excellent skate tool for you. It is made by a well-known company that has long been making outstanding skate products. It is also small-sized to ensure that you can take it with you anywhere!

7. M Merkapa Skateboard T Tools

One of the most well-received reviews on Reddit is this M Merkapa ratchet skateboard T tools. This multi-purpose tool works around the board well and suits every model.

It is regarded as one of the most powerful tools available. It’s a combination of nine basic skate tools that have been turned into one. It is made of steel and ABS plastic of outstanding quality.

A rethreading axle for repairing the screw wires, a grip tape steel, a kingpin for the wheel, axle nuts for the bearings, and an Allen wrench for the truck bolt are included in the tool function. This skate tool performed well in skateboard maintenance. It does what it is designed to do.

Also for longboards and other board forms, it still works. It is available in various shades, such as blue and black. The company also offers a money-back guarantee for damaged products. They secure customers’ satisfaction and provide them with new products.

It includes 3 socket types: 3/8″ socket with ratchet capabilities, 1/2″ socket for wheels to be attached, removed, or secured, and 9/16″ socket for tightening or loosening the trucks. It also had a 1/8 Allen wrench and connection key for Phillips/Allen, a 5/16′ Axle Re threader, as well as a bearing for press/remover.

I have to say that I’m really surprised because I can’t see a single flaw within this product. The skateboard tool itself can be used every day without any problems, and since it is durable, it will surely last for a long time.
  • Practical
  • Sturdy and easy to use
  • Money-back guarantee if it is a defective product
  • Functional multi-tool
  • So far there are almost no defections found
Overall, I’m more than pleased that I’ve been able to find this flawless skateboard multi-tool. Quality-wise, this product was well-made and designed. This is a commodity that is worth purchasing.

8. Silver Premium Skate Tool

The specific tool for any overall adjustments and fixings required for any variety of longboards or skateboards is the silver skate tool. It has autonomous ratchet hardware, a pull-out screwdriver, plus a precision file. These required tools are featured to mount and maintain your skateboards and longboards.

This tool is great for someone like me who needs to change trucks from one deck to another easily and continuously. It has outstanding rating reviews of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars and comes in several amazing colors such as gold metallic, “blackest”, neon orange, neon yellow, and spectrum blue.

The screwdriver fits well and remains in place, and the ratchet works perfectly. Since it has everything covered, it is easy to use. It is much simpler to put together or take out the trucks with both the Philips and Allen wrench and the ratchet socket made. The handle has a good grip tape file, so you’re not going to have a hard time using this T tool.

For the Allen key and Phillips screw, the previous instruments have a slot that slides in comfortably. According to some client reviews, it can get loose and fall out. This company chose to incorporate a magnet to help hold it in place, which is what piqued my interest the most.

The only problem that I see in this skate tool may be the color of this tool, the paint and plastic come off easily. The stem of the ratchet is painted black and the paint began to scrape off after the first use. This is also true for each of the sockets.

This skate-board tool, however, does its functions perfectly. It has almost all the first and last options except for forward and backward screwing. Furthermore, it has a super handy reversible drive.
  • Easy to use
  • The handle has a tight grip tape file
  • Has a great precision file
  • Multi-purpose
  • Available in different colors
  • Paint and plastic come off easily
Overall, this tool allows you to assemble hardware much faster and easier. One of the excellent features that this has is its precision file that you can use to smooth the edges of your grip tape. This is one of the nicest, surely!

9. All-In-One Skate Skateboard Tool

This tool is next in line. If you’re concerned about the longevity of skateboard equipment, then this skateboard tool is the right choice for you. You may use it for all traditional boards, as well as longboards, shortboards, and hardware for mounting.

I love this tool because of its smallness or ability to become less intrusive, to be precise. It collapses to fit comfortably into your pocket and is designed to be super light.

There are three sockets, one at each end and they are 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 inches in size, which for most regular skateboards should be appropriate. Also, you get a screwdriver that has a side lock that keeps it from falling out!

Additionally, the skate tool features do what it is intended to do. In less than 5 minutes, it allowed me to build my skateboard, and the metal was strong enough not to bend. It feels nice in the hand as it has a solid foundation grip tape that makes me feel assured that it won’t struggle during the process.

The only thing I can say is that rather than this item being underestimated, they should market these tools more. The tools themselves can be used for your everyday needs, and not investing in them is such a waste. When it comes to performance, it will certainly serve its purpose.
  • Simple and durable design
  • Sold at a cheap price
  • Collapsible for convenient carrying
  • Underrated commodity
In essence, this is a great choice for those looking for something more durable. This skate tool is the perfect complement to the tool kit of any longboarder, despite its cheap price.

10. Sanjour Skate Tools

Last on the list, you are probably expecting something very cool-looking with a name like ‘Sanjour’. The Sanjour all-in-one multi-skateboard tool, however, is pretty ordinary-looking. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth purchasing! Because of its cheap price and fully functional aspect, this skateboard t tool has one of the nicest customer reviews in the market.

For all adjustments and improvements, this skate tool is really capable, and it is made of high-quality materials that will definitely withstand the time test. Although it is one of the cheapest tools sold, it comes with two functional instruments.

The feature that I love most about this is the collapsible layout that packs everything you need into a lightweight tool that carries comfortably in a pocket.

First, let’s talk about the tool’s sturdiness. There are plenty of skate tools out there that have the same bits of scale and do the same work. But, looking cool doesn’t mean anything for tools. Nobody wants a flimsy tool that looks more like a toy. A tool is meant to be used. Which this independent skate tool is capable of.

The only weakness of this tool may have been the plastic body that when kept with wet hands, doesn’t feel good. The tool would be slippery to hold. For that reason, when I use this method, I always bring a towel with me. If you want your board to be usable and give your skate session a great experience, then this is meant for you!
  • Versatile tool set
  • Strong customer reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 2 tools
  • Compact size
  • Plastic body
Conclusively, it makes your skate session great. This skate tool is the fitting instrument for avoiding unwanted injuries. It works well for tightening and sudden changes on your board. Plus, it is easy to use.

11. Kcallspee Skateboard Tool

The Kcallspee Skateboard Tool is next on the list. This skateboard multi-tool is made of durable and premium thick materials that can not be destroyed. Built to please skaters from teenagers to adults! Tool inclusions such as a T skate tool, an Allen key with a cross-head screwdriver, and 10-piece speed washers are offered.

This portable skateboard tool kit helps you make real-time adjustments, which is one of the qualities that made me fall in love with this skate tool. It can be used on your skateboard to loosen or tighten all the nuts and bolts, even for reassembly or modification of the tuning range.

Another great feature of this skate tool is that it is a universal skateboard tool that can be used to patch, tighten, or reassemble skateboard, longboard, regular skateboard, bike, scooter, cruiser, and more. This is one of my favorite tool sets. It’s easy to use, has a great grip feeling, and can easily be kept in your pocket.

The only drawback in this tool kit that I can see is that this skate tool might not be appropriate for all kinds of bolts. Although it can be used for any kind of board, it depends on the skateboard bolts used. Nonetheless, it does its tasks correctly.
  • Meet what you need
  • All-in-one kit for skateboard tool
  • High quality.
  • Universal and compact
  • Not suitable for every skateboard bolts
Overall, what matters more is the consistency and efficiency of the tool itself. This skateboard tool works perfectly, and both children and adults can use it easily. This skate tool set is also durable enough to be used for years.

12. Everland Eskape Skate Tools

Everland All-in-One Skate Tools, one of the cheap skate tools available on the market, is next in line. This tool comes with great features, such as a multi-tool that includes a 3/8 socket, a 1/2 socket, and a 9/16 socket for your skateboard. It also has a slim and lightweight design that allows it to fit in your pockets easily.

I like that this skate tool provides different colors for users to choose from, which also makes it better than other brands’ skateboarding tools. Moreover, its colors do not fade with time. Trust me, I have been using it for many weeks!

Another nice feature that comes with this skateboard tool is a side lock feature that will firmly hold the pull-out screwdriver component in its place. I don’t have to worry about my pull-out screw head driver being misplaced or dropping out without me knowing. Essentially, it makes life easy for the skaters.

I can’t see any defects in this one, which makes it one of the greatest available skateboard tool kits on the market. It comes with a working screwdriver component and a side lock feature that keeps the screwdriver components in place. It is made of high-quality metal as well.
  • It includes a side lock socket for the screw
  • It comes in any color you choose
  • One of the smallest tools, so that you can carry it in your pocket
  • One of the market’s lowest-priced skate tools
  • So far, no defects
This all-in-one tool is amazing. It has every tool that you need when you’re on a skateboard. The screwdriver is firmly nestled in the middle so that it will not fall out, but it is also easy to remove for use. It’s a convenient and very helpful little tool. You need to try this!

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Tools



There are some very cheap tools which can be bought at several rates. When it comes to it there really has to be something to tell about the price difference in terms of efficiency. One of the options on this list is way less expensive than the others.

This is not to diminish any of the products now, but there are only small variations in construction and material that cause the price variance. The only difference, in other words, is that two are made of metal and one is made of plastic.


The durability of the tool is supposed to be parallel to that of the equipment of the skater and even of the skaters themselves. The skate tool should be fully functional and should last long. The best longboard tools should withstand wear, pressure, and damages.


The materials are metal and plastic and some alloys of high strength that make it possible to re-thread the axel. However, there are several different grades of material and so we have chosen three that are different in their price and also in the construction to review for you.


The first two on this list are constructed like destroyers, but the third option is equally impressive and more costly.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a skateboard tool? How does it work?

Skateboarding is exciting. It is an intense sport that will provide you with a lifetime of experience. You will have to take good care of your skateboard in exchange and listen to its needs.

One of its criteria is an outstanding tool for skateboarding. Skateboard tools are close mates of yours. They will make sure that the riding experience is fine and healthy for you. They keep you secure by ensuring that your skateboard is well-maintained and is operating properly.

A skateboard tool is a combination of all the skateboarding instruments available. It is a multi-purpose tool that will help you solve any problem you may have with bearings, wheels, or lug nuts.

To keep things in place, it is a handy go-to tool. It can be difficult to fix your skateboard without tools, or worse, you will have to pay cash constantly just to let professionals repair your board.

What are the different types of skateboard tools?

There are two types of skateboard tools: T and Y-shaped tools. Without having to return home or walk to the nearest skate store, skateboard tools can help you fix, replace, or fine-tune hardware pieces. All the various tools needed to fit with the different components of your board feature high-quality skate tools.

A detachable Allen/hex key, a Phillips screwdriver head, a bearing press/remover, a grip tape file, and a bottle opener are the finest skate tools on the market. The all-in-one tool also includes multiple socket sizes, typically 3/8″, 1/2″, and 9/16″, and works with the most popular T Tool and Y Tool types.

To tighten or loosen the wheels, the 1/2’’socket is used, while the 9/16” socket can help you mount or replace your trucks. The 3/8” socket makes it possible to tighten deck bolts. Premium skate tools also come with a self-aligning 5/16″ threader that enables you to rethread axles if the nuts do not match.

Is a skate tool necessary?

You don’t need a skate tool, but at least you need 3 wrenches of different sizes, 1 screwdriver, and 1 Allen key size. The good thing about a skate tool is that it has all of these instruments built into 1 tool that is convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted skateboard tool brands?

  • Alouette Company

The Alouette Company provides high-quality products that are free of artistic and material defects. Its multi-functional all-in-one skate tool is suitable for all types of scooters, longboards, skateboards, and bikes. The Y and T-tool are included in the kit, each weighing just 0.2 lbs. This makes it compact and lightweight.

  • Everland Company

When you fix your skateboard, Everland Skate Tools has super nice features and will give you versatility. 9/16 inch, 1⁄2 inch, and 3/8 sockets are included in the skate equipment.

In addition, it has a lightweight and slim design. It can fit in your pocket easily. This will offer you comfort, and to fix your skateboard, you can take it everywhere. What’s more, all this in one instrument will suit the specifications of your longboard and skateboard.

  • Zeato Company

The final most trusted brand is Zeato. It is a multi-functional skateboard that makes it possible to install hardware on the truck, change axle nuts, and kingpin nuts. This skateboard tool has everything you need to patch your skateboard and tighten it up. Three socket sizes are included: a 9/16 inch socket, a 1/2 inch socket, and a 3/8 inch socket. It also has a Phillips head wrench slide-out that sits on the top of the handle.

What tools do you need for a skateboard?

Most multi-tool sets provide tools that are the same, but some provide a little variety. The equipment you need to be able to take a skateboard apart and put back together is as follows:

  • Socket 3/8′′
  • Socket 1/2′′
  • Socket 9/16′′
  • Allen key
  • Phillips head screw

Are all skateboard tools the same?

The skate wrench is available in several different shapes and sizes, but regardless of its size, its fundamentals are the same. The majority of skate wrenches are made of 4 main components:

1) Kingpin adjustment: This will be your skate wrench’s largest gauge socket and is used to tighten or loosen your kingpin. Tightening it will make the trucks move more stiffly while loosening it will make you turn more quickly.

2) Wheel nuts: This is the medium-sized socket used to tighten or detach the wheel nuts that hold the wheels on the axle of your vehicle.

3) Truck bolts: This is the smallest socket on your instrument and is used in combination with number 4 to change the truck bolts.

4) The Allen key/screw bit, which is used to tighten or detach your truck bolts with the number 3. To deal with both types of truck bolts, most skate instruments have both an Allen key and a screw head connection.

A file and a grip tape knife are the two other key resources you’ll need. These are used to grip your deck, so it’s worth buying your own just to be used with grip tape. If you start using your mom’s favorite bread knife to cut through grip tape, she would be less than satisfied.

How do you use skateboard tools?

This is a really easy tool, composed of three sockets.

We have a 3/8 socket for hardware nuts that connect the truck to the board. Next, a socket holding the wheels on the trucks (for the axle of the truck wheel), and a 1/2 socket. Finally, 9/16″ socket for truck Kingpins. With this, you tighten or loosen for smoother turns or more relaxed riding.

Some also have the following:

Ratchet Part – Some more premium tools have a ratchet capability that makes it easier to tighten bolts. This is particularly important if you often put new decks together.

Where can I buy it?

Lowes, eBay, Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart are the most trusted locations on the market with the highest skate instrument ratings. To avoid purchasing rip-offs at high prices, you should search online for distributed skate tool sellers.


When it comes to skateboarding, skateboard tools are very helpful. This lifts the burden of any loose screws causing possible danger. It is not only light and small, but it also serves multiple purposes, so you won’t have to buy them one by one. You should always have a skateboard tool set in hand for support. Keep your experience of riding fun and healthy by getting the best skateboard tool.

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