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The Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard wheels for street

Everyone has hobbies. Whether outdoors or indoors, we always have something that consumes our free time. And like most teens and physically active adults, skateboarding never goes out of the checklist.

With your village roads being your favorite places to skateboard, it’s ideal to have the best skateboard wheels for street rides. This type of roller makes street skateboarding more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are a few things you need to observe before customizing your skateboard with street wheels.

  • Size – Wheels for street skating are smaller than cruisers, which you can also use when riding on the streets. Sizes of street skating wheels range from around 49mm to 56mm. As a rule, narrower wheels are better because of the acceleration these rollers create.
  • Hardness – The reason why harder wheels are better for street skating is that they are lighter. This type of wheel is also perfect for parks or when doing some tricks. Thus, look for wheels within a durometer scale of 96a to 99a.
  • Wheel shape – You won’t need a set of wheels with a wide contact patch. Square-lipped wheels are only perfect for cruising. That means you can enjoy using round-lipped wheels, which are also a top choice by most skateboarders. This type of wheel also has the least grip among other street rollers, which means you can play more with it.

Skateboarding wheels may have negligible differences in most aspects, but they will affect the board’s overall performance once you make the wrong choice. Consider the different skateboard wheels below to know which one best suits your taste and riding style. Also, in the buying guide are more tips to guarantee your wheel selection.


Top 1

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

– Easy to control

– Has complete bearings and spacers installed

– Durable 83a durometer wheels

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Top 2

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels

– 99a wheels that roll fast

– Three colors available

– 52mm street skateboard wheels

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Top 3

Ricta Skateboard Wheel

– 78a durometer wheels

– Constant speed that requires only a few pushing

– Grips well no matter the weather

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Best Skateboard Wheel for Street Reviews

1. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels

Out of a thousand skateboard wheel choices, the FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels is always one of the best wheels for street skating. These rollers arrived with clean packaging, and the urethane rollers are shiny and smooth.

Most skateboard users take a complete wheel package as one with the urethane body and bearings. But wheels from this brand are even beyond with installed bearings plus spacers in the rollers. I find this aspect beneficial since spacers do not adopt a one-size-fits-all concept. So, I get to save time, money, and effort through these.

These wheels are also flexible in terms of the riding environment. Whether riding a smooth surface or some asphalt road, these wheels are consistent. They’re easy to control, and I always feel comfortable using them.

For a 60mm wheel size, some riders would limit these skateboard wheels for street cruising only. But when I tried doing casual rides with these on the streets, everything went smooth. They’re even durable for an 83a hardness level. That way, I always feel stable and secure on top of my deck.

The only problem I have with these wheels is when I perform some sharp turns. They tend to clip at the bottom of the deck, causing some bites on the wheel surface.
  • Comes in clean packaging with a shy and smooth wheel surface
  • Has complete bearings and spacers installed
  • Easy to control and are comfortable in either smooth pavements or asphalt roads
  • Good wheels for street cruising and skating
  • Durable 83a durometer wheels
  • Not ideal for performing sharp turns
Other than the mentioned issue, I think these are the most versatile rollers I have. They’re complete in terms of parts and are durable as well.

2. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

For an adult skateboarder, the Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels is one of the wheelsets I love because of its size. This skateboard wheel has a 52mm diameter that’s big enough for me to get me rolling through the roads with ease.

Spitfire also comes with a 99a durometer hardness level, which provides adequate speed in all my rides. These are also versatile in functions as they can go through mini ramps, parks, and other smooth surfaces. That means they can adapt to different conditions without making me uncomfortable.

I think this wheelset is one of the quietest rollers I have. I put them on the street, gliding with them a few times, but never heard annoying sounds. I ride asphalt roads as the rougher surfaces I take, but these skate wheels remain silent throughout.

I believe this roller brand has features beyond its price. I have been using these wheels for months now, and I don’t seem to get flat spots or cuts on the contact patch. They roll smoothly, and they work reliably.

Regarding design choices, this product is available in three basic shades: red, green, and purple. I dig the red one with a rather cute fire smiling.

However, the white urethane body turned yellow after a long time, but it’s the material’s characteristic.
  • 52mm street skateboard wheels perfect for adults
  • 99a wheels that roll fast
  • Works in various skating locations
  • Rolls silently even on asphalt roads
  • Good price for a wheelset that works reliably
  • Three colors available: red, green, purple
  • White urethane fading to yellow
Overall, I like the performance of these rollers. They work silently and with enough speed. They’re not the best street skateboard wheels in terms of aesthetics, but I still find them perfect for my rides.

3. Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

One of the best things I love about the Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel is its controllability. These rollers are maneuverable without causing me to exert much effort. Also, as a beginner at once, I think these could be the best skate wheels for street practice.

Road cracks are always my enemies, no matter the rollers I use. But with Ricta wheels being at 78a durometer softness, I feel like I have an extra mold on these street issues. Plus, they work quietly. That way, I get stable and smooth rides.

Another thing I like about these rollers is their grips. Street skateboard wheel brands are not usually particular with grip, but this aspect remains relevant for me. These wheels offer enough grip all the time, whether I’m in wet weather or not.

These wheels are not the fastest, but they work consistently. And even when I kick less frequently, they still go for the best speed possible. The velocity remains constant throughout, which means I can free my legs from pushing hard every time.

On the downside, Ricta wheels have tendencies to stick to the ground. I weigh like an average adult. But when I do some tricks or put too much pressure on them, they tend to stick.
  • Ideal maneuverability perfect for beginner skateboarders
  • 78a durometer wheels that get through road cracks smoothly
  • Grips well no matter the weather
  • Constant speed that requires only a few pushing
  • Wheels sometimes stick to the ground
These are the softest wheels I have for street skating, but they are comfortable to ride. They’re also easy to control, and it’s not tiring to work with them because of the acceleration they make.

4. Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels

Riding rough pavements became easy for me because of the Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels. These 83a rollers have the right balance of hardness that makes them fit almost any skating surface, including the streets. And as filmers, we always prefer this brand because it’s smooth to ride and versatile.

Not only are these wheels smooth, but they are also fast rolling. Each roller comes with a hard plastic core responsible for bearing alignment. And with precise bearing alignment comes solid and speedy trajectories for the wheels. Plus, I think this aspect helps in the stability of the skateboard and my rides as well.

For a 53mm wheelset, I am happy these wheels get through pebbles and road cracks with ease. Also, they work at any location without making much noise. Unlike some noisy and shaky wheel brands I tried, these are silently operating and are agile at the same time.

With these rollers, I get to do a few tricks better compared to my other wheels. These tricks include kick turns, ollies, and a couple of flips. They might be big enough for street skating, but I love them because they’re easy to control. And I think even beginners will master some tricks easily using these.

I wish these rollers came with bearings. That way, I won’t have to search for these components and pay even more. Nonetheless, the ones I bought are working perfectly with the wheels.
  • 83a wheels perfect for filmers and are suitable for any location
  • Smooth and fast-rolling
  • Comes with hard plastic cores for bearings alignment and more speed
  • Rolls through road cracks and debris silently
  • Perfect for learning basic skateboard tricks
  • Does not come with bearings
Despite that, I am happy about how the wheels work. They’re not noisy, but they’re fast and smooth. Also, learning some tricks with these soft street skateboard wheels feels a lot better.

5. FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels and Bearings

In terms of hardness, the FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels and Bearings are superior to several street rollers. Coming with a 90a durometer, I find these rollers perfect for street skateboarding. The PU material also makes it durable and stable enough for safe rides.

Seeing bearings already installed on the wheels feel like a relief on my end. That means I get to save time, effort, and some amount from buying these parts separately. Also, I can be more confident about the wheels’ alignment because the bearings are 100% fit for the rollers.

I’m not into downhill trails frequently, but Freedare wheels never disappoint me in trajectories like this. Featuring a grippy edge on the rollers, they’re steady, and I don’t feel like being thrown off the board. I think these wheels can also work as cruiser wheels.

These are not the most affordable rollers I have, but their price is worth the performance and other features. These rollers can even perform well with some tricks without putting the board and me into compromise. They also weigh lightly, making them a perfect choice by most freestyle skaters.

I think I’ll have to skip sliding using these wheels because they’re not the best option for the trick. I tried sliding at once, but I felt like I needed to grease the road to make things smooth. Nevertheless, cruising and street skating are perfect with these.
  • 90a hard street wheels made of PU for stable rides
  • Comes with bearings 100% accustomed to the rollers
  • Has a grippy edge that makes the wheels perfect for downhill trails
  • Reasonably priced wheels that perform well
  • Lightweight and are perfect for freestyle skaters
  • Not for sliding tricks
Overall, I think these rollers can be flexible in terms of usage. They’re sturdy and are worth their price. I’d love to have them on one of my street boards soon.

6. Spitfire Formula Four 99D Skateboard Wheels


One unique feature about the Spitfire Formula Four 99D Skateboard Wheels is its riding surface. Unlike other brands that aim to preserve these parts, Spitfire wheels made them even quicker to wear. This aspect makes the rollers perfect for advanced skateboarding, where tricks become more technical, and that there should be less friction.

Another thing I like about these Spitfire wheels is their patented tablet shape. It makes the wheels more responsive and even lightweight. Thus, not only are these rollers perfect for street skating, but they’re also light to control.

I love these wheels because they are smooth and fast-rolling. With a 99D hardness level, these rollers never get stuck on the ground. Also, they have enough rebound, so they don’t feel like cheap plastic. Street skating became more comfortable when I bought these for my board.

I find these 53mm rollers just enough for any board like the one my son has. They work consistently. Plus, I did not have to put on some spacers since the wheels are of a perfect size. That means they’re also free from wheel bites and other damages.

I think my only issue with this wheel brand is its slow shipment. I was expecting to receive these wheels sooner for a trip with some friends, but they arrived later than expected.
  • Quick to wear riding surface perfect for advanced skateboarding
  • Has an original tablet shape that’s lightweight and responsive
  • 99D wheels with a high rebound for a faster and smoother ride
  • 53mm wheel size perfect for almost any skateboard
  • Slow item shipment
These wheels never disappoint in terms of performance. They give me enough speed without having to stumble on the board. Plus, I think they’re way beyond some other wheel brands because of their patented structure.

7. TGM Skateboard Wheels

For me, the TGM Skateboard Wheels have one of the best designs ever. It doesn’t have prints and colors, but its black finish boasts a classic look. Having these also feels like you’re riding some lightweight skateboard kit.

Another thing I like about these rollers is their speed. I don’t often hit a racing trail, but these wheels give me enough speed I need. And I think a significant factor that adds to the wheels’ momentum is their ABEC-7 bearings. These cores last longer, even in high-speed conditions, making this brand reliable.

On top of the urethane body and bearings, this wheel brand also comes with bearing spacers. These wheel components add speed and improve the life of the wheel cores. Spacers also make it easy for me to eliminate wheel wobble by tightening the wheel nuts down.

These street wheels for skateboard rides are durable enough that even frequent usage will not cause too much wearing on them. I installed these on my son’s board, and he began to use them daily on asphalt roads. It has been a month now, and the wheels show minimal wear only.

However, I feel bothered about the lubricant on the bearings. They’re a bit too thick, taking much time to subside. Nonetheless, I can still remove them and apply thinner lubrication.
  • Comes with a classic plain black finish
  • Features ABEC-7 bearings for reliable performance under high-speed conditions
  • Has complete wheel spacers for the bearings’ lifespan and stability
  • Durable wheels that last frequent usage
  • Bearing lubrication is a bit too thick
Not everyone can expect something good from a plain-looking skateboard component. But I’m lucky that I tried these, enough to say that this brand is reliable in all aspects.

8. BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels

As someone devoted to street skating, I’ll always have the BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels on my list. This is one brand of street wheels skateboard veterans use because of its professional-grade structure, which not all manufacturers have. And for a set of street wheels, they offer me a fast and smooth ride every time.

These rollers are also ideal options for their grips. Each 102a Polyurethane wheel offers better control and mobility on the skateboard. Plus, this wheel brand is not too bouncy but is highly resilient, freeing me from being stuck on the streets.

What’s more about this product is it’s fit for the streets and skateboarding parks. I tried using these wheels for cruising on the city streets and some tricks at the skatepark. And in both of these setups, I am glad the wheels worked well.

I love the designs of these rollers, too. They’re not plain, but BYBAIZ made sure they’ll complement any skateboard deck. These wheel details do not only make the rollers look great but the entire skateboard set as well.

I wish these wheels had bearings already installed on them. I think this would have been a perfect complete package had they arrived with these components. Nonetheless, their performance never disappointed me.
  • Pro skateboard wheels that are smooth and fast
  • 102a hardness level for better mobility and resilience
  • Equally perfect for park skating and city streets
  • Great wheel designs that complement any skateboard deck
  • The wheels do not come with bearings
Overall, I love the quality of these wheels. They are sturdy, versatile with any location, and are pleasing to the eyes. Now I won’t doubt why veteran skateboarders prefer these wheels when street skating becomes a subject.

9. Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels

Primarily designed for longboards, the Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels are also a perfect street skating partner. With their 60mm size and 81a durometer, these rollers are surprisingly good. They’re smooth, comfortable, and even get through rough terrain with ease.

Riders like me love seeing trail marks on the road. And for this reason, I always choose this wheel brand. It features a dump thane formula that leaves the wheels’ trail on the ground. It’s also satisfying to see thick thane lines on the road, remarks of flawless sliding.

The wheel center of these rollers is also a significant aspect to me. Fireball uses a center-set core that aids in the weight distribution in all four wheels. Also, these components make slides more predictable and wear patterns even. That way, I always feel safe and stable on the skateboard.

Other than longboards, these wheels are also ideal for small boards, double-kick skateboards, and mini-cruisers. They don’t feel awkward at any setup I tried. That means they’re versatile not only in terms of the riding locations but even the type of skateboard.

I don’t feel that confident about putting bearings in these wheels. The parts I bought were a bit too tight, and I found it hard to install them. It would have been better if they arrived with the bearings to ensure the size and installation.
  • Perfect street wheels that are smooth, comfortable, and can get through road bumps
  • Comes with a dump thane formula that leaves urethane wear marks on the road
  • Uses a center-set core for even weight distribution and stability
  • Fits different skateboards and riding locations
  • Does not come with wheel bearings
  • Bearings were a bit too tight to install
Overall, this is one of the few 60mm wheels street skating pros prefer. It performs as intended, and I love the thick thane lines they leave on the road.

10. Kissone Skateboard Wheels

Packed with the highest possible hardness for street rollers, the Kissone Skateboard Wheels is one of the best brands I use not only for streets but skate parks as well. These 101a durometer rollers may be too hard for some, but they still have enough elasticity. That means they’re not brittle, and they can still adjust to the road’s condition.

What makes these wheels even more suitable for either street and skateboarding parks is their conical shape. This shape improves sliding on the board, making it buttery smooth. And like most users on Reddit, I also find this brand way better than a majority of skateboard wheels.

I love this brand because it comes in different colors. It has five color options available and another set with assorted ones. With these, I get to customize and be more specific about the overall look of my skateboard.

Not only are these hard wheels comfortable for the rider’s legs but the ears as well. These rollers are 40% more silent than other brands. Also, it has seismic filtering that is 55% better than usual rollers, making it more comfortable to ride.

For now, I don’t see any issue with these wheels. They work well, and they’re fit for my kind of ride.
  • 101a durometer skate wheels for street and park with enough elasticity
  • Comes with a conical shape that helps make buttery smooth slides
  • Five colors and an assorted set for skateboard design customization
  • 40% more silent than other wheels
  • Seismic filtering is 55% better than usual rollers for comfortable rides
  • None for now
I love this skateboard wheel because it fits my kind of ride and skating environment. It’s more fit for technical skating compared to other brands. I think these rollers are worth my money as well.

11. Bones Skateboard Wheels

Coming with a P5 Sidecut design, the Bones Skateboard Wheels is a perfect wheel brand for skateparks aside from the streets. This skate wheel layout ensures I get better control of my skateboard, especially on ledges and rails. Also, I get to grind easier with these wheels.

These rollers have an 84B hardness equivalent to a 104a durometer wheel. And for a 60mm wheel, they are fast enough. I think these two features make these hard wheels sturdy and perform better on either streets and parks.

Bones wheels are using a unique SkatePark Formula exclusive to the brand only. This technology improves the urethane quality of the rollers and helps resist flat-spotting on smooth surfaces. Plus, it maintains a high rebound feature that makes the skateboard respond faster.

This wheel formula is also known to improve the abrasion resistance of the rollers. That means they don’t wear out quickly, no matter how hard I slide on them. I have always been a fan of Bones wheels, and I’m glad to have added this one to my collection.

Like most users, I won’t advise using these park wheels on rough terrains and pavements with a sharp, grainy finish. They might work for a couple of rides, but they might be shaky after.
  • P5 Sidecut design for better skateboard control and grinding
  • Sturdy wheels with an 84B hardness level
  • Fast-rolling 60mm wheels
  • Skate Park Formula for better urethane quality and more responsive wheels
  • Has enough abrasion resistance preventing the wheels from wearing out quickly
  • Not ideal for rough roads
Whether for skateboard parks or riding the streets, I always find Bones wheels a reliable option. They have a unique design and hardness that ensure comfort throughout my rides.

12. Bandit Skateboard Wheels

The Bandit Skateboard Wheels is only one of the few brands that value quality without causing the user to pay too much. At first, I was hesitant about these wheels due to their low prices. But when I tried them, they felt good that even professional skateboarders would love them.

These wheels do not only offer quality but convenience as well. Bandit is the only brand I have that comes with an all-in-one T-tool in it. The tool comes with a 3-size socket, an Allen head, and a Phillips screw head. With these, I get to do repairs on my own and install skateboard components without seeking help from a skateboard store.

The bearings of these rollers are beyond what I expected. I was good about these cores coming with the wheels. But this brand made sure they’re bearings of good quality. Their rubber shields are pop-resistant, trapping the oil inside and keeping the entire body free from moisture.

These 52mm wheels used a 101a durometer hardness level that matches the rest of these wheels’ features. This formula boosts the wheels’ anti-stick capacity and resistance to flat spotting. Also, they perform with enough speed and control.

It’s not much of an issue, but I think it would be better had the bearings been installed on the wheels already. The good side here is that the brand sends a universal instrument for causes like this.
  • High-quality wheels at an affordable price
  • Comes with a T-tool for repairs and installation convenience
  • Pop-resistant bearings that maintain enough lubrication inside
  • 101a wheels with flat spotting resistance and anti-stick capacity
  • Bearings not installed on the wheels
Bandit is a go-to skateboard wheel brand for me. The professional quality runs from the urethane body down to the bearings. I think any skateboarder who tries these would feel like they’re pro riders after.

What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Wheels for Street


There are plenty of good skateboard wheels for street skating around. That means choosing skateboard wheels won’t be hard for you. But to make the selection process more precise, here are a few factors you have to consider.

  • Hardness – the best skateboard wheels for street skating are those at the scale of 96a upwards. The purpose of using harder wheels on this kind of ride is for better speed and adaptability to other environments like skateparks and other smooth pavements. You can also use softer wheels, but they might run slower because they have more grip.
  • Wheel Shape – for street skating, look for conical wheels with a round lip shape. Not only are these wheels fit for the streets but parks and doing tricks as well. This shape tends to go wider from the core to the lips. This design, in effect, allows for more contact patches that help reduce weight.
  • Size – street skating requires doing sharp turns more often. And to do this skill perfectly, you will need small rollers as bigger wheels often catch wheel bites. These wheel sizes go around 49mm to 56mm. Smaller wheels are also lighter and are ideal accelerators.
  • Wheel texture – the majority of skateboard wheels today are of polyurethane materials. However, skateboard rollers vary in the formula used to produce urethane, which causes texture differences. For street skating, it’s best to have wheels with a smooth finish. Otherwise, the rollers will feel sticky, leading to slower acceleration.
  • Bearings – wheel cores are a significant factor in the overall performance of the skateboard. Some wheels already come with bearings installed. But if you receive a wheelset without these components, look for ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 models. These bearings are more precise, faster, and are more efficient.
  • Contact patch – this is the wheel part that makes contact with the ground or pavement. Contact patches are responsible for managing your weight on the skateboard. And to make your rides lighter or more manageable, it’s best to have wheels with a wider contact patch. Note that this consideration shall never compromise other aspects of your rollers.

Other factors that could matter include your riding environment, frequency of riding, type of skateboard deck, and even your body weight.

Which Skateboard Wheels are Best for Street

Ask most skateboarders and vert fans about the wheels they use, and you’ll never miss a set of Spitfire and Bones wheels in their choices. Bones wheels use a Skate Park Formula that improves the rollers’ urethane quality. Also, these rollers come with a high rebound feature, making them roll faster.

Spitfire wheels, on the other hand, are more responsive because of their patented tablet shape. Rollers of this brand are also perfect for advanced skateboarding because of their Formula Four technology.

What Wheel Size is Best for Street Skating


Most wheels I use are around 50mm to 52mm. Other skateboarders mistakenly use larger wheels for cruising when street skating, but it’s less likely to yield good results. As a rule, smaller wheels make a perfect street ride. They tend to roll faster and are more comfortable to control.

Is 99 a Good for Street Skating

Yes, it is. With the skateboard wheel’s hardness being a significant factor in street skateboarding, 99a durometer rollers are perfect options. Wheels at this level of hardness feel more compact and are thriving at smooth surfaces. Also, they move faster with lesser rolling resistance.

Are Soft Wheels Good for Street Skating

Soft cruiser wheels work on the streets, same with street skate wheels used as cruisers. However, neither of these set-ups will optimize your skateboard’s performance. Skateboard wheels will continually roll on any surface, but using them in the wrong environment will compromise your rides in general. Thus, soft wheels might be good on a few street rides, but not with tricks only street wheels can do.


A skateboarder’s dream is to be great at riding the streets, skate parks, and many other skateboarding places. And to achieve these, we have to give importance to the pieces of equipment we use.

Get the best skateboard wheels for street riding and make the streets your new favorite skating place. Remember the tips I have shared with you, and you’ll find the best one for your boards.

Enjoy a new journey in street skating. If you have inquiries, drop them in the comments section, and we’re glad to respond to them.

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