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The Best Blank Skateboard Decks

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best blank skateboard decks

Right now, there are tons of blank skateboard decks on the market, making it difficult to pick one. There are bad blank decks, of course, just as there are bad decks that have graphics on them. When it comes to skating, it’s also separating the bad from the good so we’ve done that with blank decks.

You will find our list of the best below if you’re looking for the best blank skateboard decks to shred and learn your flip tricks on it.

You can also use a blank skateboard to build a new model skateboard to stand out, especially if it has features that differ from all the skateboards of your pal. Not every blank skateboard is worth a second glance, however. Keep reading to learn the best things about the best blank decks on the market!

Top 1

Moose BK175D-NAT

– Various sizes offered

– Very controllable 

– Very solid

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Top 2

Blank Decks 1DEWBN775

– Steep concave for elliptical

– Compatible with every paint type

– Various sizes to choose from

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Top 3

Bamboo Blank Skateboard Deck

– Very nice to ride

– A wide range of sizes

– Deep concave design

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Best Blank Skateboard Deck Reviews

1. Moose BK175D-NAT Blank Skateboard Deck

Next, make your board precisely what you want. The Moose Blank is among the best-unadulterated skateboard decks you can find in the market. This board deck allows you to thoroughly modify your board deck to something marvelous, customize this board with the design you loved which one feature I like.

With a free grip tape, you can transform this board deck into a dependable board when doing tricks. A board with your own customization and has a grip tape that can hold on to you when doing tricks, and this might be the best suiting deck board for you.

The Moose Blank Skateboard deck is framed with Canadian Maple wood. It has a 7-ply structure and great features worth perceiving. I like how long this skateboarding board deck is, it has a perfect size of 8.25 inches. Moose blank decks, on the contrary, provide not only an 8.25 inches board, but also sell different variants of sizes which is perfect for kids and plus-size skaters.

I really like this skateboard’s deck, which contains a concave structure, making novices and aces experience great stability. The nose and tail are other features that add to this skateboard, making it steep for stunts and ideal for pressure. And all thanks to its concave structure and the material that made this board.

While this board is 100% blank, Moose Blank gives stains and plunges working together with its best quality materials for monochromic board plans. Likewise, there are other accessible Moose Blank sets that have higher stability and durability. Even so, this blank board can give equal amounts of stability and durability compared to those other boards from Moose Blank.

The last trait I need to indicate is this board’s durability. Due to the strength and weight of the wood it gives, it is advertised as a reference for other brands of skateboard decks. These high-quality blank skateboard decks positively offer a light-weight feeling while keeping up stability.

There are reviews that after using them, some individuals have found pressure cracks, but it occurs on any deck where the bolts are tightened down too much. And, this could have been a user error and not because of the board’s quality. Other than that, I didn’t notice any bugs.
  • Made of high-quality Canadian maple wood
  • Very solid, while not too heavy
  • Very controllable and offers great stability
  • Various sizes offered
  • May find some pressure cracks
In general, this blank deck is for you if you want to shred your skateboard. A great kick surface that encourages shredding is supported by the front and back features. Then, for improved foot control over your skateboard, you get a modern concave board. A must indeed have!

2. Blank Decks 1DEWBN775 Skateboard Deck

You should prepare yourself for this one. If you’re just looking for a simple bare deck without designs or a frill deck then this one’s for you. The Blank Decks 1DEWBN775 Warning Skateboard Deck has all of the features mentioned above.

This one offers a 7.75- and 8-inch width size, which is great for starters. The board is made of strong maple wood and has a raised nose and tail structure. Thus, this basic deck design is manufactured in China and comes in a randomized collection of colors to choose from.

Some blank boards cost more than a complete starter skateboard, which is true because blank skateboards are offered at different prices. However, this one is being offered at affordable prices for skaters within budget, which is best suited for people like me.

For any beginners out there, Warning blank decks are a great starter board. They are inexpensive and will last you long enough. Few months or possibly a year of gliding around a skate park, you’ll definitely feel relaxed and satisfied.

To prevent it from cracking, the manufacturer made this board from several plies of wood that are assembled using high-quality glue. They may not hold up too well with extreme stunts of professional skaters, but they are definitely a great board for a starter, which catches my love for this one.

This blank board still has drawbacks that need to be called out, in comparison to its great features. Some people have received decks with defects that I found quite disappointing. Others also find them a little too heavy, but I think that depends on the preferences of the user in terms of size.
  • Various sizes to choose from
  • Compatible with every paint type
  • Steep concave for elliptical and tough turns
  • Some individuals have gotten decks with defects
  • Some find them a little too heavy
Altogether, most skateboarders on budget will match this blank deck, making it a perfect replacement deck as well as a custom skateboard deck. It also greatly assures your satisfaction on skating. That’s why make sure to include this blank skateboard in one of your choices.

3. Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Skateboards has been recognized as a successful skateboarding brand with more recognition for its outstanding quality. To execute intense jumps and tricks, these blank pro skateboard decks offer awesome performance when skating. Bamboo is a solid wood material, typically stronger than maple. With that, these blank decks are much heavier than other variants since they are constructed from bamboo.

This blank skateboard features more flexibility. These boards are constructed of mixed 6-ply bamboo and maple. The maple ply provides some additional strength, while the bamboo helps preserve the board’s shape. Scientifically, I love how they put up an idea like that for the optimist sustainability and stability.

I really love the bamboo and maple hybrid of these decks. Bamboo absorbs shock better so that if you leap down a large stair set, strike in rails, or fly around on a halfpipe, they usually do not split. As a result, it strengthens the durability of this skateboard deck. Adding up, bamboo trees easily grow and can live for long. A best alternative indeed.

Moreover, the front and back have ample kick angles to support great shredding in hard turns. Overall, with a much better grip, it is effective in improving your performance. Also, it has a deep concave structure that is suitable for all skateboarder levels.

The sheer number of size choices they have is another favorite thing about these Bamboo blanks. The sizes start at 7 inches and go to 8.75 inches all the way up. This means everyone can skate these blanks, from the tiniest kid to the burliest pool skater!

The product is nevertheless not lightweight, which greatly impacts the overall experience. The board deck itself weighs heavier than normal board decks. It may be okay for those who love heavier boards but for lightweight skaters, it would be tough for them.

Some have mentioned that there are more concave boards, but I just happen to like that. If the manufacturer begins to produce various concave levels, it will cater to a wider community of individuals.
  • The deck is made of a bamboo and maple hybrid for greater durability
  • Designed for both novices and pros
  • A wide range of sizes
  • Very nice to ride
  • Deep concave design
  • A bit heavy than most board decks
  • Suggest to have more concave levels options
Substantially, it’s perfect for the vast majority of riders. There is absolutely no reason why these bamboo boards would not fit you if you are a beginner.

4. Moose Blank BK1775-DBL Skateboard Deck

The Moose blank skateboard deck with sheets fabricated from 100% Canadian maple is my next selection. The deck is light-weighted and has ample strength that can hold pressure. Made up of 7-ply wood stuck with a modern strengthening glue, making the deck withstand pressure just like the other Moose Blank Decks.

The deck comes in a few sizes, beginning from 7.0″ to 8.75″. Any size board is ideal for skating on freeways, parks, or railings since it can handle pressure rapidly, yet also provide the option to effortlessly flip stunts.

These colored skateboard blanks offer amazing quality experiences to skaters. To specify, the wonderful feeling I got when this board endured all the pressing factors in skating. The stable and durable feeling this board deck gives may guarantee your fulfillment towards skating, just as I’ve felt during my journey. Moreover, the cost of these blanks is very affordable.

Generally speaking, a lot of skaters love its steep concave design, it was very well thought of. It feels incredible and can keep you going for quite a while in the parks or anywhere you skate on. This deck is unimaginably cool.

The plies are not glued together properly, which I found quite disappointing. As a result, after months of use, this board deck became soggy and has air bubbles inside. Nevertheless, this is a good deck to purchase.
  • Various sizes to choose from
  • Variety of Colors
  • Very controllable
  • Offers great stability
  • Plies are not glued properly
Nonetheless, despite a drawback in fastening the plies, it is still one of the best market choices with positive reviews from buyers. The board’s overall design is relatively outstanding and was well thought of. So grab yours now!

5. JFJ Maple Skateboard Decks

Next are the JFJ Maple Skateboard Boards. These high-level wood are made of maple, making these sheets’ quality lighter whilst sturdier and harder to break. I liked how they researched what’s best for the board first rather than choosing whatever available wood. Maple is an ideal substitute for skating, and the developing team made a remarkable move to use it with their advanced technology.

Also, numerous features of this skateboard deck merit recognition. This skateboard deck has an 8-Layer High-Quality Maple Wood Super Tough Anti-Fracture, making it sufficiently solid to enjoy your smooth flip stunts.

In addition, it is a medium concave deck that works for any skating style. It’s incredible for road and park skating and novices in doing flip stunts. I can guarantee that it’s a good substitute deck for a youngster who’s simply beginning to skate, or ace skateboarders with various extravagant moves. I appreciate that it also comes with a free excellent skateboard grip tape.

Another feature that I like with these board blanks is that it allows you to design with whatever you want. It is compatible with any kind of paint, may it be spray paint or normal paint. Personalize this skateboard deck with your awesome custom DIY hand-painted Patterns. Make your own unique design as you like.

This deck has become a popular choice for art projects as well as replacement decks due to its low price. If you want to draw on and create your own art of skateboarding, this board is great.

Not sure if these decks are made for riding after months of using this. You may find the decks are cut unevenly; as a result, it is not stable. Besides, some of the truck mounting holes are off, which is somewhat not compatible with any kinds of screws for trunks that I have.
  • Long-lasting maple structure
  • Good for skateboard art
  • 8-Layer high-quality concave skateboard deck
  • Free grip skateboarding tape
  • Uneven cut
  • Mounting holes aren’t suitable for any kinds of screw
Overall, this skateboard deck is nice to have, especially if you’re a beginner and trying to explore the world of skating. Also, this is great for skateboarding art display and is compatible with any paint kinds you have. You should definitely check this one out!

6. Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck

Another product that catches my style is this Stoked Ride Skate Shop Blank Skateboard Deck, which offers fine-quality skateboard decks. Moreover, the deck size is ideal for young people as they can maneuver and balance with ease on learning and sharpening their riding skills. This is made with Canadian maple wood, which supports durability, lightweight, and sustainability.

This board has everything you need, from first-timers to experienced skaters. This board offers the easiest way to get perfect rolling and skating without costing much money while retaining the same high standard of the brand that they’re known for.

To make the skateboarding experience more enjoyable, the product comes in different colors: natural, purple, red, green, and blue. On this board, the medium concave is excellence. It means you have to practice a little harder to get high ollies, but that’s a good way to train higher ollies for yourself. Plus, when learning new tricks, the concave can assist you a lot.

This blank deck has a medium-size concave structure and is available in widths of 7.75 “, 7.875 “, 8.0 “, 8.25 “, 8.5 “. This makes it great for anyone trying to hone the basic skateboarding tricks in their first or second year of skating. Furthermore, these different sizes are pretty typical size boards for a person starting skateboarding. These sizes provide a good amount of control, so you will still be able to try flip tricks.

The only flaw I think about this skateboard deck is that it may not hold up to serious street skating or park skating. Other customers love this deck, and for months and years, they have been using these boards. I’m going to continue observing this best-reviewed deck of skateboards. This is approved for me, for the time being.
  • Various sizes offered
  • Numerous colors to choose
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Made of Canadian maple wood
  • Medium size concave structure
  • Might not hold up to serious street skating or park skating
As a whole, the quality and reliability of the deck itself are what matters most. This skateboard deck works well, and it can be used comfortably by both kids and adults. Also, this skateboarding deck is robust enough for years to use.

7. Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck

Blank decks from Cal 7 provide ranges of quality and size that suit both novice and professional skaters. In short, this blank board is a good option for both beginners and experienced skaters, covering everything you need from stability, design, and durability. You can comfortably grind on rails and cruise easily using these board blanks.

The special aspect of Cal 7 blanks is the 7-ply Chinese maple construction of their boards, which is sturdy and definitely designed to last. Both the structure of the nose and tail are suitably shaped so you can easily flip tricks.

The board is solid, easy to use, made of high-quality materials, and offers different colors. Plus, the slick concave design is good enough to provide all the stability you need when skating down flipping tricks. It comes in different colors namely natural 1, natural 2, red, black, blue, and green.

These boards from Cal 7 are incredible. The snap and pop you get out of your Ollie are great. These blanks are available in 7.75 inch, 8.0 inch, 8.25 inch, and 8.5-inch decks. This is something you need to watch out for because of the omnibus features these blanks have. In addition, the gripping tape that came with it came straight as a ruler, which was a big bonus cover for me.

One of the disadvantages to this blank deck is that it cannot withstand immense pressure from advanced skateboarding tricks. A lot of professional skaters experience breaks and hairline cracks on the deck itself.
  • Multiple colors and size
  • Ideal for all levels of skateboarders
  • Suitable structure of nose and tail for perfect flip tricks
  • Strong and flexible 7-ply Chinese maple construction
  • Cannot withstand immense pressure from advanced skateboarding tricks
This blank skateboard deck could ultimately be a tough competitor to other skateboarding decks out there. This is one of the many good blank skateboard decks that I have found on the market. I’m sure this is something you can add to your cart!

8. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

For starters as well as experienced skateboarders, this Moose Old School Skateboard Deck is perfectly suitable. For old school skaters, this duty-heavy blank skateboard deck is perfect. You can get the nearest old school famous board for a cheap price when you purchase this one.

What I liked about this board is the improved roll and grip. With a fish-style shape and large kicktail, it provides more control and stability over the board to cruise and roll easily. Another plus feature worth noticing here is that the deck comes with 100 percent gripping tape.

As one of the current top-rated blank skateboard decks, the Moose skateboard deck is very user-friendly, so while learning how to ride it, you won’t run into any problems. A higher degree of reliability is assured by this maple board deck structure and modern design on its concave and nose. The truck positioning at the back is perfectly manufactured.

The board is completely stunning, sturdy, and immensely tough for a carved wood. On the other hand, this is great for skateboarding art. The only advice I have for individuals is to sand down the spot you want to do the art on if you’re trying to do artwork on it. They put on it a really smooth, glossy, sealer that stops stuff from sticking which is why you need to sand it down.

This board was supposed to be just a cruiser, but some ended up placing rails, hollow trucks, and hard wheels then being their favorite trick board. This deck is much more sturdy than I expected and has incredible pop! All in all, it’s a perfect cruiser and a great blank for tricks.

This is somewhat one of the closest board decks to perfection. No hairline cracks after months of usage, sturdy and durable deck, and great for skateboard art. With that, I can’t locate defects from this one. I am very much pleased with the results and reviews this board got.
  • High level of durability and stability
  • Suitable for old schoolers
  • Great grip and roll
  • Perfect for board art
  • No defect found
Overall, I’m more than happy to have found these flawless skateboard decks somewhere on the market. Quality-wise, this item was well-made and engineered. In essence, for those looking for something more robust, this is a great option. This is a decent skateboard deck that is worth buying by aspiring and pro skateboarder.

9. NPET Blank Skateboard Decks

Next on the list is the high-quality blank skateboard deck for art from NPET. It is made of 7 Canadian Maple layers, comes with pre-drilled holes spaced 4 cm apart and has an unstained finish surface. It is one of not so many board decks to have received many positive reviews.

The NPET blank skateboard deck has a double tail, a shave with a concave form, and a great load capacity. The skateboard also has various widths to suit your needs and style of skating. These decks can carry up to 330 pounds, which I think is one of the best features. However, make sure you find a width that fits your skateboarding abilities.

When you work your way through your tricks and stunts, a long wheelbase provides you with great stability. Features like this need to be recognized, as the sizes of skateboard decks greatly affect the performance. Moreover, this quality-wise product receives many positive blank decks reviews.

When you do your tricks and stunts, the 8″ deck offers plenty of space to move your feet.I also love the length of 31″ gives the feet plenty of room to stand. Crafted from 7 layers of Canadian maple, this blank deck provides you with a lot of flex and durability. Hence, this skateboard deck can assure you with comfortability in skating.

Since they are blank, you are given a choice to cultivate your creative imagination. With your own creative style, give your skateboard deck a new look. The deck also has enough slick smoothness, which provides a wonderful feeling when decorating your board.

I can’t see any faults so far so I guess it is one of the greatest pro blank skateboard decks available on the market.
  • Strong and durable concave deck
  • High-quality 7-layer Canadian maple
  • Good for skateboard art
  • Offers numerous sizes
  • So far, no defects
All in all, I am more than satisfied that I was able to find this perfectly good blank skateboard deck. Quality-wise, this item was well-made and engineered. This is something worth buying for.

10. ICE DRAGON Maple Skateboard Deck

Next is the Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck from ICE DRAGON. I’m totally loving these decks since their features gave me a wonderful skateboarding experience. It is a 7-ply 100% Canadian maple skateboard board deck. This is a pro-quality skateboard deck made with context stains that may differ from standard 7-ply Canadian maple wood.

Produced with a mellow concave structure. Its concave will allow you to have more control over the action on your skateboard, which is one aspect I love about this board deck. This board also received a lot of positive reviews on sites such as Reddit, Amazon, and other shopping sites, which amazed me.

You can choose between various sizes although there is no grip tape offered. The size can allow your feet plenty of space when you do your skateboarding tricks and stunts. The long-wheelbase also offers plenty of space for your board to slide down the rails and do other tricks.

Not only that, but the skateboard decks have three distinct sizes. They are 31″ x 8.0″, 31″ x 8.25″, and 31′ x 8.375″. You may freely select one of them according to your style of skateboarding. Moreover, it can handle a maximum weight of 280 lbs, which is perfect for an average-sized person like me.

Also, this BBS blank deck provides astonishing performance for beginners. With its mellow concave structure and twin nose, it surprisingly molds your skateboarding skills whether you’re an amateur or an expert skater. This also has a fully finished fine furbish on the wood, meaning it can be great for spray paints and other kinds of paint if you wanted to customize.

The only disappointing thing this has is that it doesn’t have a free gripping tape. It would most likely be a perfect skateboarding blank board if this includes the gripping tape. Nothing less, this still feels sturdy and has a great cruising feeling when you ride it.
  • 7 ply Canadian maple structure
  • Load capacity is at 280 lbs
  • Has a mellow concave shape with a twin nose
  • Provides astonishing performance for all skaters levels
  • Compatible with paints
  • Doesn’t include gripping tape
Overall, this is a terrific board deck, and I do recommend it. This deck has many different characteristics that stand out, including a mellow concave structure. Performance-wise, this is an exceptional piece.

11. AXDT Maple Skateboard Decks

The next is the Double Tail Skateboard Light Decks from AXDT. It has a great feature that the front and back are a little more inclined than other boards, and that just adds to the controllability of your skateboarding. The pre-drilled holes are right where you need them; as a result, you’re not going to waste time tying your wheels to this blank deck.

If you prefer a heavier and stronger board, then you would like this one. This blank skateboard deck has 8-layered maple wood with appealing, natural wood color. For my preferences, I like the kind of concave board this board has as it projects what a good skateboard deck is.

After you put your artistic touch on the blank deck, you will enjoy the new face of your skateboard. I personally think this skateboard is much more ideal for a skateboard art display rather than a riding one. It also comes with free grip tape, which I can use for future purposes since I’ll use this board deck for display.

If we’re talking about art, then this is one of the best blank skateboard decks for art. With this blank skateboard deck, there is also a great deal of flexing durability. It can withstand months or years for display if you decide to do so. Many of the buyers use this board as a display for skateboard art.

Moreover, this skateboard is being offered at a low price. It may not be a good board to ride on but it surely is one of the best high-quality wood you can find on skateboard art.

Too bad that this board isn’t dependable enough to ride on. With its cheaply priced feature, I didn’t expect much for this one. But for skateboarding art, this is a perfect choice to choose.
  • Good deck for skateboard art display
  • Has a smooth surface
  • 8-layered deck
  • Adds controllability
  • I can not assure you that this board is good to be a ride on one
Overall, it may not be the best skateboard deck to ride to, but this one of the best finds for a customizable artistic board in the market. One of the cheap blank skateboard decks available in the market can withstand months/years particularly for display.

12. LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks

First on the list is this LOSENKA Maple Skateboard Decks, which skateboarders highly recommend. This comes with a free skateboard grip tape, which by all means makes it easier for a beginner to freely enjoy his/her skating journey.

It is a double tail skateboard, so you wouldn’t have any hassle in figuring the front and back. I actually prefer a double tail skateboard deck because it is easy to use regardless of which side part I land on, especially when doing flipping tricks. It’s great to skate without worrying about which side you’re gliding on.

Additionally, this skateboard is made with a sturdy wood material namely Russian maple wood. I love the fact that they used Russian maple wood to produce this blank skateboard, which is the best alternative for skateboarding. The density of the wood fibers is very high, and the elasticity is better to deliver the best skating performance.

Made of maple wood, these professional boards are lighter and more durable so that they are difficult to crack. This makes this blank skateboard stand-out from other skateboard decks.

By the looks of it – it is okay. The only problem I found lies in the application of the gripping tape since it was hard to apply. It’s because the width size of the gripping tape is exactly the same as the board itself. You need to apply it very straight or it keeps going off-center which is what happened to me. But, once perfectly applied, you can easily grind your smooth flip tricks and cruise all you want inside the skate parks.
  • High level of durability and stability
  • Made of fine Russian maple wood
  • Suitable for beginner and old school skaters
  • Great grip and roll
  • Comes with a grip tape
  • Application of the tape is difficult
All in all, this blank skateboard is one of the best finds in the market currently. Delivered in a perfect size, comes with gripping tape, and is a double tail skateboard, this deck is the perfect starter board for beginners. Make sure to include this blank skateboard in your list because I assure you this is one of the best blank skateboards finds I have found so far.

What to Look for When Buying Blank Skateboard Decks



You’ll see the edges running down your skateboard deck’s length, and they’re rails. These apparatuses will help you screen your driving and cause you to feel light. In general, with regards to skateboard rails, there are 3 fundamental structures you need to learn:

Adjusted rails are the most widely recognized ones that can assist you with performing flip stunts better.

Sharp rails-These rails will keep your shoes set up during riding with their unpolished edges.

Gas Pedal Rails (GPs)- GPs have a few regions sliced into an angled edge to diminish sharpness and curved.


In general, a skateboard deck’s typical width varies from 7.5 inches to 8.75 inches. The wider the deck is the better it can do, and it depends primarily on your style. You should best select a big board if you want to learn any ramp tricks or pick up new skills, as it provides you with a larger room for your feet as well as a controlled performance. Narrow skateboard decks should, however, be found by kickflip lovers and street riders as they are the best choices.

Wheel Base

Maybe you are curious what the wheelbase is? Basically, the difference between 2 sets of mounting holes that are drilled into your deck is the width. The gap varies from 13 inches to 15 inches on average. On the other side, depending on your personal needs, you can customize the wheelbase. Also, wheelbases are one the important fundamental parts of a board.

For the better rolling experience, tall people appear to choose a broad wheelbase whereas short people opt for a narrow one to feel secure. Bear in mind that while skating down the lane, the modification of your wheelbase will carry your variations. It also plays a crucial role in how you feel while riding.

Nose and Tail

It would be a little difficult for you at first to distinguish between the nose and the tail of a skateboard. Don’t be afraid! Most of the decks on the market have graphics that separate the nose of the kicktail and the tail of the kicktail.


The skateboard deck itself includes a lot of tightly pressed wooden layers. Most of them are composed of 7 layers. A nine-ply skateboard will be yours, if you spend more cash. The more layers of wood make the board much stronger, more stable and more resilient compared to decks made with a single piece, instead of using a large piece of wood.


Without noticing the concave design, finding a high-quality skateboard deck can be a mess. Different shapes are responsible for various functions that will allow you to transform, drift, and slide. The common types of concave for skateboard decks are here.

Concave flat

No concave will take shape. When it comes to multiple cut-out longboards, you can definitely see it. The plus point here is providing a wide area for your feet to get some tricks done.

Concave Radial

It is true that the most popular one that appears in the form of a U is the radial concave. The concave radial ensures a higher foot grip that is useful for most types of riding.

Concave Progressive

An improved version of the radial one is the progressive concave. For a stable footing, the steep wall and the broad base are beautifully blended.

W- Concave

With an extra curve, the W-concave helps you to switch from your heel towards your toe with more strength. What you will get is more briskness, reactivity, and precision.


You might realize that the convex-concave is the opposite of the concave one. For pro skateboarders, the upward-arching type is built.


It appears identical to the radial concave, either flat-cave or also known as a tub. The real distinction here, however, is the sharp angle running along the tracks. When doing sudden changes, it will help you gain more energy.

In addition, when you choose the blank skateboard decks, you will probably also be interested in our list of skateboard decks, trucks and skateboard wheels for street.

Are Blank Skateboard Decks Good


Yeah, as long as you select the correct blank deck, blank decks can be very good. There’s a reason why many people use those blank decks for woodworking ventures because they’re too good for anything else.

One of the best decks to purchase might be a blank deck. They can feel just as strong and stand up to as much violence as they can. Blank decks are almost always cheaper, too, because they have no graphics on them. For every skater in the world, all of this makes a blank deck a very viable choice.

A good quality blank deck is your best friend, whether you just want to save a bit of cash on your next skateboard or just want to skate without someone casting judgment on the board.

How Much is a Blank Skateboard Deck

Needless to say, when it comes to buying something, the price is always a high priority. A blank deck could be one of the best decks to buy. They will last as long as any board and can withstand immense pressure. Blank decks are often almost always cheaper since they do not have any graphics on them. Blank skateboard decks range from a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $50. Some people prefer to customize the cheap blank skateboard decks in bulk, while others spend more money to own the best blank skateboard decks.

How Much are Blank Skateboards

There are blank skateboards here to help anyone buy a skateboard. Just because you don’t have a ton of cash doesn’t mean that a skateboard can’t be bought. Blank skateboards usually range their prices with a minimum of 30 dollars and higher. It costs much more than a skateboard deck because it is a full package. Nevertheless, investing in this product is also fantastic.

Are Moose Blank Decks Good

Moose clear skateboard decks are currently perhaps the most believed skateboard deck stores available. They offer excellent items and have not quit offering 100% client support. They’re one of the longest-running stores that supply things of fine quality.

With a 7 utilize arrangement and highlights, the Moose Blank Skateboard deck is made of Canadian Maple wood. The board’s length is 8.25″, however, Moose Blank additionally gives more limited sheets of practically any size and ability that fit men and kids. An advanced inward that offers novices and masters a breeze to revise is incorporated into the actual deck.

For stunts, the nose and tail are somewhat needed to be steep for ideal pressure, as what Blank Moose stated. While their boards are a 100% natural, Moose Blank additionally gives stains and plunges to plans of monochromic sheets. There are additionally Moose Blank sets accessible, which offers discounts at a scope of the best board decks made.

Where to Buy Blank Skate Decks

At present, with the truest Skateboard deck reviews, the most reliable sites on the market with the highest board decks reviews are Lowes, eBay, Home Depot, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. You should search online for distributed skateboard decks products sellers to avoid buying rip-offs at high rates.


To sum up everything that was said above, blank decks make it possible to design your skateboard the way you want it to be. It is a wise decision to use one of the best blank skateboard decks in 2021. To make your imaginative personal statement, they will supply you with a great canvas.

For smooth-riding performance, all of the products listed above offer great durability and stability. Since your skateboard deck is where you place your weight on, it must be the best one for you to sharpen your riding abilities and show them off. Maintain your enjoyable and safe riding experience by having the best of the best.

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