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The Best Skateboards for 5 Year Old

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

best skateboard for 5 year old

Are your kids eager to learn how to ride a skateboard? It is time to unleash their potential with the right beginner skateboard. Today’s best skateboard for 5 year old children is not only designed to help them develop their riding confidence and skills but also built to last as they continue to realize their potential.

The first skateboard of your kid is an important milestone. From sizes and types to materials used to deck length, choosing the ideal skateboard gets a lot more complicated. That is why a little knowledge in selecting one won’t hurt as it can spell the difference in your kids’ riding experience. Who knows, you might be raising the next skateboarding superstar.

Make sure to go over the reviews below as you wade through all the options available in the market today.

Top 1

WhiteFang Skateboard

– Incredibly smooth wheels

– Easy to learn & safe

– Hard-wearing board made of maple wood

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Top 2

Meketec Beginner Skateboard

– Has CE Certification that ensures safety

– Does not cost too much

– Compact and lightweight

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Top 3

Beleev Beginner Skateboard

– Wheels perform nicely on all surfaces

– Light even for its longer deck length

– Easy to balance and control speed

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Best Skateboard for 5 Year Old Reviews

1. WhiteFang Complete Skateboard

Getting my kid off his mobile games proved to be challenging, so I had to find an activity that would be fun and interesting for him. He’s a preschooler so it needs to be fit for his age, easy to learn, and safe at the same time. Since I’ve been into skateboarding, I thought it would be good to start him on this sport. I got him this starter skateboard from WhiteFang as this brand has been around for quite some time.

Designed for both beginners and seasoned skateboarders, this board is sure to last long. That’s what I am usually after when purchasing toys and stuff for my kid– I go for durability as I find it more practical. The deck is made of seven solid layers of maple wood that is known to be hard-wearing. Its reliability is off the charts!

What’s more, I like how this board can give you that “fly feeling.” Of course, I tested it out myself before I had my kid ride on it. The wheels are incredibly smooth, and the spin is just right for beginners. You wouldn’t worry about it going too fast, which could make your kid lose control. The ABEC-9 bearings and 95A bushings are always a perfect combo.

I also picked this versatile white and black check design so that I can also use it. My kid also thinks it’s cool, so we didn’t have any qualms with the graphics. Plus, it’s waterproof, and the emery tape on the deck is non-slip and has a good grip, which makes it truly safe to ride on. The pivot cups made some noise, but only in the beginning.
  • Designed for both beginners and seasoned skateboarders
  • Hard-wearing board made of maple wood
  • Incredibly smooth wheels
  • Gives that “fly feeling” with its great bearings and bushings
  • Design is suitable for both adults and kids
  • Easy to learn, safe, waterproof, with non-slip tape
  • Noisy pivot cups
Each part of this board passes industry standards. Don’t think twice about purchasing it!

2. Meketec Beginner Skateboard

Not all skateboards are created equal. Meketec’s unordinary form and look noticeably make it extraordinary. I was initially skeptical about getting it for my kid because I was not too sure about its safety, but when I saw that it has CE certification, I was convinced. I am glad that it did not disappoint.

While it is not constructed with maple wood, I can say that the plastic material used is of high-standard, so I am pleased with its durability. It is extremely tough and stable, built to bear beating. My kid has ridden on it every single day for months now and no damage so far. The design is striking and vibrant, perfect for my brilliant boy!

The wheels roll smoothly and steadily. They’re beautifully translucent, which is a nice complement to the board. However, they need to be checked and adjusted as they may spin too fast for beginners. A quick check prior to each ride is a must anyway to ensure safety, especially for little kids.

I like that it is compact and lightweight, so it is easy for us to pack it whenever we go to skateparks or take it on our trips. But since it is smaller than standard size skateboards, it is not ideal for adults’ feet as it will be quite hard to kick and maneuver it. It’s for my kid anyway so I don’t mind. Plus, with its reasonable price, I cannot really complain.

  • Unique appearance, with a vibrant design suitable for kids
  • Has CE Certification that ensures safety
  • The deck is made of durable plastic
  • Translucent wheels roll smoothly
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Does not cost too much
  • Wheels need to be adjusted as they may roll too fast
  • Not ideal for adults because of its size
Overall, this skateboard is hard to beat. It’s a perfect fit for little feet learning this fun sport.

3. Beleev Beginner Skateboard

Whatever style of skateboarding your children do, this skateboard from Beleev got you covered. Available in many stylish patterns, this thing of beauty is designed to tackle the riding demands of children and adults.

My daughter asked me to open her piggy bank to buy her first skateboard, so I just added a few bucks and bought the green dinosaur design. She likes this a lot because it matches the color of her favorite rubber shoes. There are seven more designs available, all of which are heat-transferred nicely onto the deck. The wheels elevate the style and roll smoothly even on rough surfaces.

The non-slip grip tape on the standard-length deck guarantees peace of mind for parents who are concerned about their child’s safety. My daughter had no trouble maintaining her balance and controlling her speed, thanks to its longer deck. Despite being a full-size model, this is surprisingly light, and my daughter can carry her skateboard without trouble.

If there is a letdown about this product it is the frequent need for lubrication for regular users. My daughter rides this all the time, and I always notice some squeaking sound by the end of the week. Just always keep your trusty lube in stock. Aside from this, I have no other complaints as this is way better than my 5 year old skateboard.
  • For both adults and children
  • Available in multiple heat-transferred prints
  • Wheels perform nicely on all surfaces
  • With non-slip tape for added grip and safety
  • Easy to balance and control speed
  • Light even for its longer deck length
  • Needs regular lubrication when used constantly
This versatile skateboard is perfect if your kids are planning to take their riding to the next level. The wide selection of vibrant patterns will suit the fancy of children of all ages.

4. Phoeros Standard Skateboard

Help your kid turn into a little speedster with this standard skateboard from Phoeros. Crossing stylish motifs with top-quality components, this versatile model does it all. Its double warp design makes it easier for young kids to skate on the streets and allows older children and adults to practice tricks and flips.

The plastic skateboard of my niece got broken, and I promised to get her a “real” one. I purchased this standard size skateboard so she could have it for a long time. I know this is an excellent choice because of the quality of materials used. The wooden deck has a non-slip feature for added safety while the ABEC-11 bearings and the aluminum trucks can take the usual wear and tear.

Another thing that caught my eye is the fresh colors that give the skateboard a modern look. My niece was happy with the little dinosaur design, which matches the helmet that I also gave her. The free pack of stickers is a welcome bonus — she immediately applied three colorful decals to the deck! The complementary carrying bag, repair tool, and extra bearings sealed the deal.

My only concern is that riding the skateboard will take getting used to for some kids because of its size. The 31×8 inch-board, which is also suitable for beginner and intermediate adults, might be a bit big for smaller children. I suggest getting a mini as a beginner skateboard for five-year-old kids instead, especially if they are just starting out.
  • Offered in various colorful designs
  • Double warped deck for street skating and practicing tricks
  • Non-slip wooden deck with aluminum trucks
  • Fitted with ABEC-11 bearings for a smoother ride
  • Free carrying case, repair tool, stickers, and bearings
  • Size could be too big for smaller kids
This standard size model performs just like a skateboard should but with head-turning styles to boot. The flashy colors and prints add extra fun for kids.

5. Scientoy Beginner Skateboard

A number of brands such as Scientoy produce beginner skateboards that can be adapted to fit your kids as they grow. Boasting a Canadian maple deck and alloy trucks, this model makes for a satisfying first skateboarding experience for all ages. Its superb build that will delight you out of the box is worth stretching your pockets a couple of extra bucks.

I got this all-rounder for my youngest brother who recently celebrated his birthday primarily because it is specced with premium components. As a skateboarder myself, I am happy that this is fitted with ABEC-7 bearings, which ensure smooth riding and turning. The trucks are lightweight and can be easily adjusted with the free multifunctional wrench.

The double-wrapped design makes this more maneuverable, especially for small kids. Thanks to this, my brother does not have a hard time controlling his movements while riding. It is natural for children to fall off or slip from time to time. The good thing about this is that it features a non-slip grip tape for added safety.

While the blue and white graffiti pattern is pleasing to the eye, I think the company should have released more designs such as cartoons and colorful caricatures that are more attractive to the kids. If the lack of design options is not an issue, then this is still an excellent choice for children who want to get the hang of riding on a skateboard. It is also waterproof, perfect for rainy and snowy days.
  • Canadian maple deck and alloy trucks
  • Fitted with ABEC-7 bearings for smooth rides
  • Comes with a free wrench
  • Double-wrapped design for easy control of movements
  • Features non-slip grip tape and a waterproof design
  • Available in only one colorway
A combination of generous specs and top-quality materials makes this a high-performing skateboard for 6-year-old beginner and below. Definitely a bang for your buck.

6. Magneto Kids Skateboard

If you are still on the hunt for a mini skateboard, then this one from Magneto is a strong contender to consider. The shorter 27.5 inch-deck certainly looks the part and is reinforced with top-quality components such as the hard maple deck and ABEC-5 bearings that are worth the price. Its simple yet striking design will surely attract kids to skateboarding.

My partner and I are seasoned skateboarders. Recently, we put a kid from our neighborhood under our wings and gave him this model. The black and white checkered design is a classic– he loves it as much as we do! The white polyurethane wheels, which roll super smooth, enhance the overall aesthetics of the skateboard.

As expected, the shorter deck makes a big difference as he continues to improve. The size is perfect for his small feet as it helps him to maintain balance better. After a few weeks of practice, he can now cruise for a couple of yards without stopping or falling. I highly recommend this to parents who want their kids to develop their riding confidence.

I am very much impressed with this skateboard, but one thing that disappoints me is that it has no freebies. Unlike models at similar price points, this one does not come with a free carrying bag and repair kit. That would have been an awesome bonus. Nonetheless, this is still a value-for-money.
  • Made of durable maple wood deck
  • Fitted with high-grade ABEC-5 bearings
  • Equipped with smooth-rolling polyurethane wheels
  • Neat yet striking checkered motif
  • Shorter deck for easier balancing
  • Does not come with freebies
Do not let its size fool you. This skateboard is loaded with big features, with each quality part keeping things in order for kids who are just starting out. This is even among the top-rated products on Amazon.

7. Rude Boyz Mini Cruiser

Rude Boyz has put a huge amount of thought into producing affordable, kids-specific skateboards. A decent 17-inch model, complete with the basic trimmings of a mini-cruiser, does not always come much cheaper than this. With fancy designs to boot, this will get your kids riding more in no time.

My nephew was recently screaming his heart out because he saw a child riding a skateboard on TV. So I got him this as a surprise gift fast. He was so ecstatic when he opened the box and saw the blue robot graphic print on the back of the wooden deck. Because this comes in fully assembled, he wasted no time riding it as soon as he removed all the plastic wrapping.

One thing that amazed me about this product is its weight, which makes it a suitable skateboard for a 5-year-old boy and girl. At only 7.5 pounds, this is easy for young kids to maneuver and carry around. Parents will be happy too. Unlike a standard-size skateboard, this mini cruiser does not take up a lot of storage space.

One caveat is the bright orange wheels which are striking but very slippery. They have zero grips when riding on tiles and hardwood, so better watch your kids carefully when they play inside the house. You can also install better-quality wheels. But if your children are riding outside most of the time, the wheels will do their job fine.
  • Budget-friendly compared with other models
  • Eye-popping graphic prints on the deck
  • Comes in fully assembled
  • Super lightweight and compact
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Wheels are not grippy on some surfaces
This is a treat if you are on the lookout for a beginner skateboard that does not sacrifice decent specifications and respectable materials to compensate for the low price.

8. Scientoy Complete Beginner Skateboard

I wanted to make sure that my kid is having sufficient playtime outdoors as experts suggest that this is crucial to a child’s overall development. I got him a bicycle, but since my son has a tendency to get bored with just one activity, I decided to teach him to skateboard too. This Scientoy Skateboard is a great board to get him started on skateboarding.

Built with Canadian maple, which is known to be a standard for skateboards, I am assured that this board can withstand falls and rough use while my kid is learning the sport. It also did not bend when I tried riding on it even though I am over 200 pounds. I am impressed with how high quality this board looks and feels. I love the modern and simple graphics, which is suitable for young ones and grown-ups alike.

The ABEC-7 bearings are good enough for stability, shock absorption, and overall riding experience. I just had to adjust the wheel nuts and added a little lube to each bearing so they can spin more freely, which was quite a hassle at first. But I notice that they actually get smoother and less squeaky after a couple of rides, and even my son says so. They work perfectly on skate parks and just as great on rough roads and pebbled streets.

It came neatly packaged and fully assembled. The package includes a repair tool kit that contains a multipurpose wrench, wheel screws, and truck screws. The tape on the board has a good grip that makes my kid feel safer. It’s a nice feature that boosts his confidence when riding.
  • Great skateboard for beginners
  • Built with Canadian maple deck for durability and ABEC 7 bearings
  • Can withstand over 200 pounds
  • Modern and simple graphics
  • Neatly packaged and fully assembled
  • Comes with a repair tool kit and a grip tape
  • Bearings need to be adjusted and lubed at first
If you’re looking for a beginner skateboard for your kid, you can never go wrong with Scientoy. I highly recommend this!

9. Sangde Standard Skateboard

I got this skateboard for five year old because my active preschooler had been bugging me to teach him how to skateboard. I did not want to spend a fortune, so getting him this beginner board was the prudent thing to do. Glad it did its job well! He learned the basics in a jiffy.

First and foremost, I was concerned about safety; that’s why I had stalled allowing him to skateboard until I saw that he’s got the skills for it. The highly resilient wheels with good grip and premium bearings gave me peace of mind that my child would be able to manage the speed well. Coupled with alloy trucks, this skateboard is definitely sturdy and trouble-free to ride on.

The deck is also comfortable, probably because of its cold-pressed maple wood build. Its waterproof, anti-slip emery tape adds to both comfort and safety. The double-warped design helps my rookie easily control and maneuver his board. Definitely a good buy for beginners!

I’m fine with the simple graphics and color combo, but my kid wanted to spruce up his ride. The good thing is, there’s a pack of stickers included which made my lil’ skateboarder giddy as he customized his board. It also came with a carry-on case, spare bearings, and a tool, which is very useful whenever we need to adjust the bolts on the wheels. This one’s a must-do to avoid wiggly movements.
  • Not expensive at all
  • Has highly resilient wheels and premium bearings
  • Sturdy and smooth to ride on
  • Comfortable, cold-pressed maple wood deck
  • Waterproof, anti-slip emery tape and double warp design
  • Includes a pack of stickers, spare bearings, a case, and a tool
  • Bolts on wheels must be adjusted to avoid wiggly movements
If you need a beginner skateboard for 5 year old kids, this one’s totally got you covered. It has everything you need for an effortless ride!

10. PlayWheels Complete Skateboard

Get your kiddos into skateboarding with added superhero fun. Specifically designed for the little ones, this product from PlayWheels delights with various patterns that will let your kids tap into their inner Spider-Man. Available in three sizes that perfectly fit five-year-old boys and girls, this model is designed to help them improve their balance as they learn to ride a skateboard.

My son loves everything about Spider-Man so I bought this when I was browsing for a homecoming gift on my recent trip to the UK. There are actually five Spider-Man designs available, but I settled with the one with his face printed near the front deck. I was so happy when I saw the look on my son’s face when he first saw it.

The 28-inch model that I got is perfect for his height. Even though he is just starting, he managed to maintain his balance while he learned how to ride it. From time to time, he still falls while practicing, but it did not cause cracks on the deck. The overall construction, including the maple wood, is solid despite its price, which is more affordable compared to other models.

The only disappointment is how the company wrapped the entire board with plastic. I know this is to protect the skateboard during shipping and delivery, but it was a bit difficult to remove. I needed to detach the trucks first to take the plastic wrapper out completely. Apart from this, I am satisfied with this skateboard.
  • Designed with Spider-Man patterns
  • Offered in three sizes to suit kids’ needs
  • Made of sturdy maple wood
  • More affordable compared to other models
  • A mini skateboard for 5 year old boy that does not skimp on quality and features, this model is sure to let your kiddos ride like superheroes.

A mini skateboard for 5 year old boy that does not skimp on quality and features, this model is sure to let your kiddos ride like superheroes.

11. WeSkate Beginner Skateboard

Our neighbor’s daughter saw us skateboarding one afternoon, so she asked me if I could get her a skateboard for her 6th birthday. It was a no-brainer for me to pick WeSkate for her as I tested it out myself for quite a while. I know that this makes an ideal skateboard for 6 year old beginner. She was totally delighted when she opened the box!

I was astounded when I saw her already starting to learn tricks. The modern, double-kick tail concave really helps newbies practice tricks by giving them full control and easy maneuverability. She seemed very confident and comfortable, most likely because of the high-density, non-slip grip tape that makes one’s feet feel like they are stuck nicely to the board. Certainly, a safe one to ride on!

The wheels, bearings, and bushings are all of premium quality. The ABEC-11 bearings significantly provide greater speed and precision compared to lower class bearings– something I am very picky with. Matched with a relatively lightweight and compact deck, this skateboard brings enjoyable and seamless cruises.

When giving a skateboard as a present, I make it a point to gift a fully assembled one so that it’s ready to roll. This one is such a giftable option because aside from it being completely put together, the price is easy on the pocket too, without sacrificing quality. The design is also attractive; however, the finish is not that flawless as the wood is peeking in some areas.
  • Modern double-kick concave makes it easy to control
  • High-density, non-slip grip tape for added safety
  • Premium quality wheels, bearings, and bushings
  • Lightweight and compact deck
  • Fully assembled and affordable, making it a great gift option
  • The finish is not that smooth
Make a little kid’s dream of becoming a skateboarding star come true with this skateboard. It will absolutely be a huge hit!

12. Kizsbro Complete Skateboard

My 5-year-old kiddo is quite bigger than most of the kids his age. That’s why when I was picking the best skateboard for 5 year old children, I chose this Kizsbro Skateboard. Both the length and the width are ideal for him, and I’m pretty sure it is something he can grow with. It’s a no-frills skateboard that functions fairly well.

It’s rad that aside from its Canadian maple construction, it’s also thicker than most decks. This provides immense durability and sturdiness that can definitely hold up well to flips and falls. Its medium concave allows my kid to balance more easily. The grip tape on the deck makes him more confident and at ease whenever he rides on it.

The wheels are hard and offer superb shock absorption. Coupled with top-quality steel bearings and smooth bushings, this skateboard is reliable even on rough grounds. It is easy to maneuver, and my kid was able to get a hang of it in no time. I also have peace of mind knowing that it is a premium board that will not break or get damaged easily.

It arrived well-wrapped, although a bit over-protected with plastic which was hard to take off. You really have to be very careful when you cut and peel the wrapping off. It came fully assembled, which is a treat to parents of a very excited little skateboarder. The design is universal and attractive to both youngsters and oldies.
  • Ideal size for bigger kids
  • Thicker than other maple decks
  • Has medium concave and great grip tape which let kids balance easily
  • Great wheels, bearings, and bushings
  • Fully assembled from the get-go
  • Universal and attractive design
  • The plastic wrapping was quite hard to take off
This is absolutely a fine board for beginners. With its price and lifetime warranty, you surely get a bang for the buck!

Are Skateboards Safe for 5-Year-Olds


Skateboards for 5-years-old are a fun way to get them to spend time outdoors exercising. Skateboarding is generally safe but experts strongly advise that this should be done with close adult supervision. Children aged 5 and below should strictly follow safety precautions to avoid any injury.

Wearing a helmet is a must to protect their head and face if they fall. Make sure that it perfectly fits the head of your kids, whether it is a skateboarding-specific type or a multi-sport version. It should not move around or slide down over the eyes. If you are riding with them, it is imperative to also put on a helmet to reinforce the importance of wearing one.

The use of wrist guards, as well as knee and elbow pads, are advised for added protection in case of an accident. It is also recommended that kids wear closed-toe rubber shoes with grippy outsoles for better foot grip while riding. Also, make sure that they wear loose T-shirts and shorts that do not interfere with their movement.

What Skateboard Size Should I Get for a 5-Year-Old

Determining the right skateboard size for 5 year old children starts with their height. Kids standing 4 feet 6 inches or shorter should get a skateboard size between 7.25 inches and 7.75 inches. Taller kids can go for sizes 7.75 to 8 inches. But no matter how tall or old they are, the most important thing to consider is riding comfort.

As beginners, the size of the skateboard should also match their riding abilities. A good starting point is to get them a mini skateboard. Because this type of skateboard is smaller, kids can learn to ride faster. It is also light, which is easier for them to handle and control. Children aged 5 and below might find longer or standard size skateboards limiting.

It is tempting to buy a skateboard that your kids can grow into but it is better avoided. A big skateboard will be difficult to steer, thus taking away the fun of riding from the little ones. Let the kiddos try various skateboard sizes before buying. When shopping online, such as on Amazon, always review the specifications first.

When you looking for skateboards for 5 year old, you may be also interested in the top-rated skateboards for 4 year old and the trusted skateboards for 7 year old.


One of the most exciting activities kids can get into is skateboarding. Aside from the physical benefits, the sport is a fun way to boost a parent-child relationship. It is almost impossible not to be elated while teaching your little ones how to ride a skateboard. And seeing them master their balance and do tricks is surely one of the most memorable parenting moments.

Getting your kids to get the skateboarding bug means buying the most suitable model. Skateboards for 5 year olds should be safe and easy to control. While different brands have their age and size recommendations, you should also consider your budget and your child’s color and type preference, as well as their riding potential and abilities.

The mantra in choosing the best skateboard for 5 year old kids is to keep it simple. Go for the one that properly supports their learning without taking away the fun.

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