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How to Make Skateboard Bearings Faster: The Best Practices

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how to make skateboard bearings faster

Do you ever wonder why your skateboard seems sluggish and incapable of building momentum? Perhaps your bearings are not fast enough. Skateboard bearings are tiny circular devices that allow your wheels to spin and determine how fast or smooth they will roll.

If you’re clueless about how to make skateboard bearings faster, you’ve landed on the right page! Here are some points to consider:

  • Lubricating  and cleaning your skateboard bearings releases dirt and debris resulting in faster rides.
  • Upgrade and replace your bearings
  • Practice proper bearing maintenance

Discover what it takes to snag faster bearings by checking out this guide:

What You Need For This Tutorial


To make a bearing spin faster, we need to clean and lubricate it thorougly. This method is fool-proof and easy. Here’s a list of the items you will need:

These materials are affordable and can be easily scored from hardware stores and specialty skate shops. Cleaning and lubricating your bearings also require minimal time and effort.

Cleaning and Lubricating Your Bearings


Learn how to clean and lubricate your bearings like a pro and make them spin faster by following these steps:

Step 1: Remove the Bearing Shield

First, chock your razor blade between the bearing and its shield and apply some force as you push it down. Be careful not to cause any damage as you detach the bearing shield from the bearing. Secure the bearings and put them in a small, clean container.

Step 2: Soak the Bearings

Pour a generous amount of citrus cleaner or degreaser over your bearings to completely saturate each piece. Leave the bearings soaking in the solution for at least 5 minutes. Drain the solution carefully, and pat the bearings dry with a paper towel. Make sure each piece is free of residue and thoroughly dry.

Step 3: Lubricate the Bearings

Once the bearings are dry, take your bearing lubricant of choice and dispense two to three drops on each bearing. Thinner lubricants and oils are easier to work with later. Spin each bearing to ensure it is properly coated and wipe any excess lubricant off with a paper towel.

Step 4: Reinstall the Bearings

Using your thumbs, snap the shields back into their original position. Reinsert each bearing into your wheels by pushing them in as securely as you possibly can; this step helps ensure they stay lubricated and protects them from rusting and corroding. Repeat these steps until all your bearings are reinstalled.

Step 5: Reattach the Wheels

Using a socket wrench, attach your wheels to your skateboard trucks. Make sure all nuts and bolts are securely aligned and tightened to prevent untoward incidents. Check and spin each wheel to ensure they rotate freely; when it’s done right, you can expect nothing less than improved speed and optimum performance.

Make bearings spin longer by following the steps shared in this video tutorial:

Proper Bearing Maintenance

Aside from keeping your bearings clean, make them spin fast with proper maintenance. Avoid riding during wet and humid conditions, as this can adversely affect the performance and speed of your bearings over time.

When frequently exposed to moisture, bearings tend to deteriorate and oxidize. Water can also dissolve your bearing lubricant, resulting in increased friction, advanced degradation, and poor rotation. Lastly, make it a habit to rotate bearings, especially after lubrication, to unlock their full potential and satisfy your need for speed.

Upgrade and Replace Your Bearings

If your cleaning and lubricating routine no longer result in free spinning bearings, when you start hearing unusual squeaks, and if pushing your skateboard becomes a daunting task, these are telltale signs that you need to replace and upgrade your bearings.

Keep in mind that when your bearings start to degrade and break down, this will ultimately affect the overall performance of your skateboard and can be detrimental to your safety. While proper maintenance goes a long way, investing in a new set of bearings at the first signs of damage or unresponsiveness is your next best bet.

When choosing your next set, go for the fastest 608 bearing or those made of high-grade steel. Aside from being the longest spinning bearings, they are equally fast, reliable, and last extremely well with regular maintenance.

Pro Tips

  • It pays to consider the built and rating factor of the bearings you will be investing in your next pair. You can’t go wrong with bearings that are ABEC-rated on a scale of 1-9.
  • If your bearings come with dual shields or spacers, reduce drag and make them spin faster by removing one of them.
  • Grease up with lubricants formulated specifically for skateboard bearings.


While learning how to make skateboard bearings faster seems tedious, nothing comes close to the adrenaline rush shredding on your skateboard brings. By keeping your bearings clean and properly maintained, you can expect nothing less than faster acceleration and over-the-top performance.

If you find yourself dealing with bearing drag more often than usual, simply follow the instructions detailed in this guide. Don’t forget to share this post with co-riders who could use some advice, and feel free to sound off your thoughts below.

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