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What is Pushing Mongo? (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what is pushing mongo

Skateboarding has hundreds of techniques for every skater to choose and master. And because it’s an inclusive sport, no one will judge you for doing what others cannot. What’s more important is that you achieve your skating goals.

For example, there are two skateboard pushing styles: regular and goofy. Both are acceptable, but one could forgo them and push mongo.

What is pushing mongo? It’s an impractical way of driving the skateboard, in which the back foot is over the rear trucks. Keep reading as we understand its implications and see what we can do about it.

Push Mongo Meaning


As a rule, proper pushing finds a regular skater’s left foot above the front truck bolts and a goofy rider’s right foot on the same skateboard area. Subsequently, the other foot not seated over the front truck is responsible for pulling against the ground.

So, what is mongo pushing and why is it called pushing mongo? A mongo skateboard stance is when the back foot sits on the rear truck bolts when driving the skateboard. The practice may not look that different from a proper pushing position, but it has downsides.

Taken more simply, pushing mongo longboard means your front foot does more work than your back foot.

Often, people who ride their skateboards like that are not yet aware of the proper way of pushing and the implications of the malpractice. Unfortunately, it does not serve any valuable purpose. It will let you move with your skateboard, but it will do more harm than good.

Advantages of Pushing Mongo


While this skating style draws flak from many individuals, here are a few insights from others who find it helpful.

  • Mongo skateboarding helps with switching feet.

Let’s face it. Not both legs are equally strong. And when pushing with a weaker leg, the outcome is often undesirable. Hence, pushing mongo can help the skater switch feet until a firmer back foot takes over.

  • Landing from tricks could be better.

Some skateboarders, even professionals, use the mongo style when landing from tricks. These people include famous names like Tom Penny, Andrew Reynolds, Jason Dill, and more.

Disadvantages of Pushing Mongo

So, pushing mongo is an unconventional way of riding a skateboard for the following reasons.

  • Maneuverability issues

Mongo pushing exposes the skater to danger, especially in cases requiring vigilant decision-making on where to move. Such a thing happens once the rider’s weight rests on the rear end of the skateboard, which makes turning harder.

  • Trick setting-up problems

If you noticed, several tricks begin with the front foot on the front trucks and the rear foot tossing or popping the tail. So, if your front foot sits over the rear trucks, do you think an ollie will be as easy as it is?

  • Trouble balancing and building speed

As mentioned, mongo pushing puts the skater’s weight in a position that will challenge his balance. Imagine getting your feet back in their proper places while pushing a skateboard with your front foot. More often than not, you’ll fall off your board.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it okay to push mongo?

Is pushing mongo bad? While pushing mongo has a few advantages, it is not as acceptable as proper pushing.

Yes, it benefits skaters whose one leg is weaker than the other. But, with the chance to start pushing with a dominant foot, why bother compromising? Pushing mongo has the following unfavorable implications.

  1. Increased danger
  2. More complicated skateboarding
  3. It looks lame and unstylish

Do any pro skaters push mongo?

Yes! Adding to the pro mongo skaters we named are Chris Cole, Gino Iannucci, Bill Danforth, Mark Gonzales, Stevie Williams, Jacob Vance, and Eric Koston.

But note that these people do not apply the mongo-pushing technique 100% of the time. They are professionals. And often, they interchange between mongo VS regular pushing safely and efficiently.

How do I stop pushing Mongo?

Are you a victim of breaking skateboarding rules and best practices? There are many people on Reddit who have the same experience. Here’s how to change your habits.

  1. Decide with all mental conviction to stop pushing mongo.
  2. Apply the regular stance, left or right foot on the front truck bolt for regular and goofy, respectively.
  3. Practice pushing with front foot on skateboard.
  4. Swing your back foot from the front to the back while swiping against the ground to push the skateboard.

It will be uncomfortable for the first few hours. But give it a day, and you’ll be more confident doing the regular skateboard push with front foot on the deck.


Skateboard movements may come from customs or best practices. And while it’s tempting to deviate from these norms, it is more likely to yield something dangerous. Hence, the best way to progress in the sport is to learn the basics properly.

So, once someone asks you, “what is pushing mongo?” try not to encourage such malpractice. It could be effective for some, but it is not the safest way to push on a skateboard.

Above all, prioritize your balance, tricks execution, maneuverability, and overall progress in the sport. It is better to change bad techniques than to persist with them.

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