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How Fast Can a Skateboard Go? Let’s Find Out Right Now!

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How Fast Can a Skateboard Go

Can you maximize the speed of your skateboard? Skateboards can reach a certain speed depending on the type of rides and the places where you are riding.

We will discuss in this article some factors which can affect your skateboard ride. Also, it is significant that you must know how fast can a skateboard go before you cruise or roll on the roads. To get a grasp of the speed of skateboarding, you may continue reading.


Where Can a Skateboarder Ride?

Skateboarders can ride on the roads provided that they heed the street rules and adhere to the speed limit. Also, do not forget to protect yourself by gearing yourself with a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads.

You can also ride on footpaths but you must allow the pedestrians to cross safely. You must be considerate to the crossing pedestrians. Also, do not elevate your speed, which may put pedestrians at risk.

Most skateboarders cruise and roll in skate parks. Again, you have to obey the speed limit. There are certain speed limits for skateparks. Some of these places have a speed limit of 25 mph or less.

Also, skateboarders can ride in the park. You must roll carefully in the park and do not maximize your speed. People are strolling in the park and you may bump into them. This causes injuries to you and them.

Factors Affecting the Speed of the Skateboard


There are things or parts of the skateboard that can affect its speed. First, the design and setup of your skateboard can affect the movement of your wheels, whether slow or fast.

Second, the wheels of your board can also control your speed. If your board wheels are big, then the grip is much better.

You can also roll at a greater speed when you have big wheels. On the other hand, the small wheels can absorb shocks better and are good for bumpy roads.

The bearings of the wheels also affect the speed of the skateboard. There is a bearing rating system that is grade as 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. In general, the higher the rating, the faster the skateboard. The grade 3 bearing is not as smooth or fast as the grade 7 bearing.

The material of the bearings also aids in making the wheels roll at an increased speed. Also, the steel or ceramic bearings can elevate your average speed up to 1 mile per hour. Keep in mind that you must maintain your bearings by cleaning them often to enhance the speed of your board.

How Fast Can Your Skateboard Go

So, what is the speed that your skateboard can travel? Typically, a skateboard may travel at a speed of 5 mph to 12 mph. The average cruising speed may range from 5 mph to 7 mph.

Professional skateboarders can travel at an average speed of around 7 mph to 8 mph. This is for 1 to 2 miles flat terrain trips.

Meanwhile, UC Davis indicates that skateboarders can travel at a speed of 6 mph to 13 miles per hour. They have an average speed of about 9.7 miles per hour. This is about two to four times greater than the speed of walking.

On the other hand, bikers can go faster than skateboarders with a speed of up to 19 miles per hour, averaging around 11.6 miles per hour, although some skateboarders travel faster than bikers.

If you are going to school with a distance of 2 miles, you need around 8 mph to 12 mph speed. For cruising to the beach, you need a skateboard speed of around 7 mph.

The longboard skateboard can have an easy pushing speed of about 8 mph to 9 mph. Meanwhile, for the hard pushing, the board can run at a speed of 7.5 mph to 12 mph.

Also, if you are traveling a distance of 10 miles or more, the skateboard speed must range from 5 mph to 8 mph.

The Bottom Line

With improved skateboarding riding skills, you can achieve good speed. This will lead to a more enjoyable skateboarding experience.

Besides, your skateboard can only travel at a certain speed. Knowing how fast can a skateboard go will help you adjust your speed whether fast or slow. Simply, keep in mind that you must maintain the appropriate speed in places you are riding. It is for your safety and for other people too.

If you have any opinions about this topic, feel free to share them in the comment box. Also, if you have any more inquiries, you may write them down. We will be glad to reply to you.

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