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Are DGK Skateboards Good? (Pros, Cons and Performance)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

are dgk skateboards good

It’s always all fun with an aesthetic, brand-new skateboard. But not until it suddenly loses its pop. Although we can forgive ourselves for biting deceptive offers, we shouldn’t forget to be skeptical when choosing our skateboards.

That’s why today we are going to take a look at DGK, short for Dirty Ghetto Kids, to answer the question: Are DGK skateboards good? While they are definitely responsive and reliable skateboards, there are many other factors that people should consider before buying.

Overview of DGK Skateboards

Based in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California, DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) was the passion project of skateboarding legend Stevie Stevie William. Like the famous brand Girl Skateboards, DGK operates as a skateboard and clothing brand under the distribution of The Kayo Corporation.

Since the brand’s conception in 2002, it has grown tremendously by jiving with skateboard demands on top of its clothing line. One of its most remarkable milestones was getting awarded as the Best Team in the 15th Annual Transworld SKATEboarding Awards.

Today, this Stevie Williams and Eli Sotto team continues to impress skaters and the entire community with everything they need from an ideal skateboard.

Notable Features of DGK Skateboards

1. Performance and Design

Most skateboard brands vying to top the rest want their boards to be lightweight for the skater’s comfort. However, only a few, like DGK, balance this aspect with durability and performance. Here’s a short DGK skateboards review to show how well they work.

First, DGK skateboards are designed to endure constant tricks without wearing out. You can skate on them all day without any part wearing down.

Second, skateboards from DGK are naturally stable no matter where you ride them. They are grippy and give skaters the best traction they need to stabilize on the board.

Obviously each type of skateboard is different. But generally speaking, whether it’s a regular skateboard, longboard, cruiser board, or shortboard, DGK skateboards all share those above mentioned qualities

2. Components and Specifications

So, what enables DGK boards to deliver such performances? Let’s see their specifications.

  • Decks


DGK skateboard decks come with a 7-ply Canadian maple body packed with carbon fiber components. This configuration helps these boards withstand tricks and all-day rides without losing significant pop.

What skaters love even more about DGK skate decks is their concave shape. Such a mold provides more stability to the skater, enhancing their safety.

  • Trucks


Looking at one of DGK’s best-selling skateboards in John Shanahan Bones Complete, we see it uses a pair of Core skateboard trucks. These skate trucks either come in standard or hollow configuration.

But regardless of their build, DGK trucks are both lightweight and durable. These factors contribute to DGK’s suitability for tricks as they offer ample grind clearance and smooth turning capabilities.

  • Wheels


The wheels are another area that we love about DGK. These rollers often come with flat walls and a broader surface. This results in enhanced control, stability, and smoothness. On top of that, DGK wheels are also more resistant to flat-spotting and fit for more grinding.

  • Bearings


DGK uses at least two classes of skateboard bearings; Amphetamine and its own Benjamins. These wheel cores yield exceptional speed and precision, even on sharp turns.

3. Price


Here are some of DGK skateboard prices.

Complete DGK Skateboards

  1. DGK Kalis Tuner 8.25″ Assembled Skateboard Complete – $124.09
  2. DGK Vaughn Tuner 8.0″ Assembled Skateboard Complete – $124.09
  3. DGK Tuner Lenticular 8.0″ Assembled Skateboard Complete – $144.09
  4. DGK Trippin Lenticular 8.0″ Assembled Skateboard Complete – $144.09
  5. DGK x Bruce Lee Double Dragon 8.0″ Skateboard Complete – $129.95

Skateboard Decks

  1. DGK Koi 8.25″ Skateboard Deck – $59.95
  2. DGK Kalis Tuner 8.25″ Skateboard Deck – $64.95
  3. DGK Kalis Midnight Club 8.06″ Skateboard Deck – $64.95
  4. DGK Vaughn Tuner 8.0″ Skateboard Deck – $64.95
  5. DGK Quise Midnight Club 8.25″ Skateboard Deck – $64.95

4. Pros and Cons

Below are the areas you may and may not love about DGK skateboards.

  • Cool skateboard designs
  • Poppy skateboard decks
  • Suits intensive skating and tricks
  • Efficiently spinning wheels and bearings.
  • Sharp and snappy skateboard trucks
  • Some skaters argue this brand isn’t sufficiently sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Are DGK Skateboards Any Good?

DGK is a combination of homegrown and collaborative resources. And clearly it has worked, because DGK is now one of the most renowned skateboard brands on the market.

DGK skateboards are famous for being stable, durable, and able to withstand strenuous skating. With their components made from quality parts added by unique and pleasing designs, DGK boards are worth the money.

Comparison with other brands 


While DGK remains closely comparable with other brands, there are many factors that distinguish DGK from its competitors.

  • Materials Used

After years of designing and innovating, maple has become the bare minimum for skateboard brands, including DGK. But if there’s one more aspect we must highlight about these boards’ build, it would be the addition of carbon fiber reinforcement.

Hence, collectively, the fiber’s combination with maple has made the skateboard light while remaining durable. And for beginners, the deck has become more maneuverable and precise in action.

  • Quality Control

A well-made skateboard can flex without much checking. And this is another advantage of DGK over other skateboard brands.

DGK manufacturers measure their boards’ flex, pop, stability, durability, weight distribution, and overall performance. Only then can the brand certify if the skateboard is fit or unfit for selling.

Top DGK Skateboards in the Market

Here are the current actively selling DGK boards in the market.

  1. For The Love Complete
  2. Bomb Complete
  3. Street Heat Skateboard Complete
  4. Lolli Skateboard Complete
  5. Day Glow Complete


Having to choose among hundreds of skateboard brands on the market can be overwhelming even for veteran skaters, but the fierce competition among these platforms can help tohighlight the amazing qualities of skateboards like DGK.

Are DGK skateboards good? Since formation, DGK has continued to show improvements in each skateboard’s structure, reliability, and overall performance.

However, remember that each skateboard brand has its own downside. After all, it’s our job to choose what’s best.

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