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Is a Skateboard a Vehicle? What Category is a Skateboard?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

is a skateboard a vehicle

Like bicycles, motorcycles, or cars, skateboards can transport people from one spot to another. There could be differences in how many people these wheeled vehicles can carry, but they still have a common purpose.

Cars are a perfect example of today’s vehicles due to their functionality. But is a skateboard a vehicle, too? What category is a skateboard? Technically, this object may be considered a vehicle.

We will discuss its suitability for public roads, its operation, and more. This article will also address any legal aspects concerning skateboards.

How is a Skateboard Considered a Vehicle?


Before we get into a debate about whether skateboards are vehicles, let us first understand the basics.

So, what is considered a vehicle?

General definitions provide that a vehicle transports people or cargo from one place to another. Vehicles can be watercraft, trains, aircraft, and any equipment that performs the same function as the ones mentioned.

Now, do skateboards fall within this definition? Though varying in style and build, these boards help us travel from one location to another. Also, they can tolerate the weight of the people and objects they carry.

Therefore, skateboards are vehicles by definition.

However, we should know about regulations governing vehicle purchase, usage, and registration. And unfortunately, these provisions do not often apply to skateboards.

So, while you might not need a driver’s license to ride a regular or auto skateboard, you are at risk when skating in places that do not allow unregistered vehicles. Skaters who have violated these rules have likely experienced penalties.

Are Skateboards a Form of Transportation?

Can we use a skateboard as transportation?

As a vehicle skateboards move people or objects from point A to B, making them a mode of transportation.

However, you don’t want to skateboard on busy streets, anticipating traffic and city roads on your route. Skateboards might not be the best vehicles to use in these places. Not only can they be uncomfortable but also risky because of pertinent laws.

Hence, always consider external factors like road conditions or regulations saying skateboarding on public property is against the law.

Skateboards Classified


We mentioned that skateboards could vary in style and build. So, what are the common skateboard types today? Take note of the following.

  1. Classic boards – The classics are the skateboards designed for the streets, parks, and other technical skating platforms. These boards exhibit the traditional popsicle shape with raised noses and tails.
  2. Old-school skateboards – These are the first skateboards ridden. Old-school skateboards have asymmetrical shapes and are perfect for skating on pools, ramps, and sometimes on the streets.
  3. Cruisers – Cruiser skateboards possess the most flexibility in shapes, trademarked with raised ends and soft wheels. The ultimate goal of every cruiser board is to give users smooth rides with optimum maneuverability.
  4. Mini cruiser – Minis are the smaller versions of cruisers, like a Wipeout skateboard. But their sizes do not come without a purpose. These skateboards are easy to transport and suitable for people who just started skateboarding.
  5. Longboards – Like cruisers, longboards also use soft wheels. But these rollers enable longboarders to take on long rides and downhill trails. These skateboards are fast but less responsive than the other types.

Skateboard Speed


The speed could also be a factor in why regulations won’t allow skateboards on public or city roads. With cars and other fueled vehicles traveling faster, skateboards are less likely to catch up with them.

Nonetheless, how fast is a skateboard?

  • The slowest a skateboard can run is about 5mph. But it could reach a maximum of 12mph based on terrain or rider experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is a skateboard good for traveling?

Yes! We’ve already seen skateboards taking on the streets and urban roads. Not only do they make commuting through traffic easy, but they’re also beneficial physically, though not so much with a motorized skateboard.

However, let’s consider the capacities and limitations of skateboards. Not every board style is stable or can take you to your destination without hassle. Longboards are not ideal for crowded locations, for example.

Hence, should we decide to travel with a skateboard, we’d better list down external factors and considerations to assess if it’s best to use.

Is a skateboard safer than a bike?

Bicycles, cars, and other vehicles should always come with safety features. These gears aren’t only for aesthetic purposes but are more on the protective side.

Between a bike and a skateboard, which is safer? Bicycles are. Let’s emphasize the braking aspect.

You can brake on both skateboards and bicycles. However, unless it’s an electric or self driving skateboard, braking on a skateboard is more challenging. Skaters put and grind their feet against the ground to stop.

Meanwhile, bicycles find the brake controls on the handlebars. Hence, stopping is always within reach.

Is skateboarding the hardest sport?

Athletes have unique definitions of hard and easy. If there’s one thing that’s true, they’re all valid claims. Everyone exerts efforts to be masters of their sport.

But, among all sports, is skateboarding the hardest?

If not the most, skateboarding is one of the most challenging sports to learn. Why? It requires courage to begin with. Second and as adverse as it sounds, you should learn how to fall. Next, you have to learn fundamental tricks.

What sounds more difficult is you need constant practice coupled with mishaps to perfect stunts and routines.

Is Nikola Boards electric skateboard real?

Who would not be excited to find a Nikola e-skateboard or a real Tesla skateboard in the market? It sounds legit, but let us clear things up.

Nikola Boards isn’t an established skateboarding platform. It’s a fake store made up by criminals to steal money from buyers.

On the other hand, the Tesla skateboard isn’t our ridden skateboard made under the prized car brand. Tesla skateboards are more of a car chassis configuration.


Indeed, skateboards serve us valuable purposes, whether as a wheeled recreational device or a commute mode. These devices might have limitations, but they are useful to many people.

So, is a skateboard a vehicle now? Of course! These boards can transport us from one point to another and allow us to bring something along the way. But like any other vehicle, skateboards also have variations. Hence, let’s always check them out to leave no room for regret.

Remember to ride with the appropriate board, skate safely, and have fun on your journey.

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