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When to Replace Skateboard Wheels? Things to Know!

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when to replace skateboard wheels

The deck, wheels, and trucks make up the foundation of a basic skateboard. But, as time goes by, one of your skateboard parts may wear, and it might be your wheels that are the most vulnerable as they have close contact with the ground’s surface.

So, if you’re thinking about when to replace skateboard wheels, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll know what aspects you need to consider when replacing skateboard wheels and how you can maintain them.

When to Replace Your Skateboard Wheels

If your skateboard wheels have flat spots or coning, it’s time to consider replacing skateboard wheels. It’s very easy to feel the difference between maintained and slightly worn out skateboard wheels when landing, skating, or doing a trick.

Everything eventually has to be replaced, since that’s just how things are. Friction reduces the diameter of the wheels over time, causing them to flatten out. The diameter of softer wheels becomes small more rapidly; thus, they separate or rip more easily.

How Long Do Skateboard Wheels Last


There are specific wheels that survive longer than others due to various reasons. Durometers, which are used to measure the abrasiveness of wheels, are one determinant.

Also, you must consider the factors such as quality, how frequently you skate, and the wheel’s diameter. Then, you’ll be able to conclude or estimate how long your wheels will last.

The kind of surface you ride on has a significant impact on the lifespan of your wheels. Your wheels will last longer on smooth concrete than on uneven ground if you skate on it all day. If you just skate on wooden mini-ramps, your wheels should last you for a decade.

There are certain types of skateboarders that need more frequent wheel replacements than others. The downhill skaters, on soft wheels, for example, may lose 10mm on their wheel in a day, in severe instances.

Maintaining your wheels can help them last longer. Consider changing skateboard wheels when necessary, and pay attention to how other components wear and degrade. Over the years, after trying different wheel brands, you will certainly find the suitable yet long-lasting rollers for yourself and your preference.

Why Do Skateboard Wheels Wear Out

The urethane, the substance or main component used in making skateboard wheels, has a wide range of characteristics such as hardness, compression set, rip strength, rebounding, and impact resistance.

When skateboard wheels spin, they create resistance. Friction, therefore, is the primary cause of wheel wear, but it’s not the only one. Axles on your board may be crooked, causing asymmetrical pressure. This problem may happen to any skater, although low-grade trucks may be less able to withstand the stress.

In addition to these factors, wheel bite is another possibility. This indicates that your wheels are overly large and have collided with your board. Either buy some risers to separate your wheels from the board, or go with smaller wheels. When using a longboard, you’re more likely to run into this issue.

Poor quality of wheels and bearings, or even the condition of the wheels available on the market may be a concern for you. It is recommended that you invest in a mid-range skateboard wheel rather than choosing a cheap but not durable one.

Which Tools Do You Need for Putting Replacement Skateboard Wheels on a Board

Changing or replacing a skateboard’s wheels is a very simple process. After considering the factors in buying a new skateboard wheel, you will certainly determine which wheel is in accordance with your personal preferences.

Here are some of the basic tools you will need to change your wheels. Also, consider watching this video for a visual representation.

  • 1/2″ Wrench
  • 8 Bearings
  • 4 Wheels
  • Four 1/2″ axle nuts
  • (Optional) bearing spacers

Maintaining Your Skateboard Wheels


Time after time, your skateboard wheels will take on the form of a cone due to the way you use them. It’s normal. It’s quite likely that one side will wear out faster than the other. Aside from determining when to replace longboard wheels or skateboard wheels, you should think of ways to maintain their quality.

Listed below are the tips that you may consider to prolong the lifespan of your wheels for a better experience in skateboarding.

1. Rotating Skateboard Wheels

You may rotate your wheels to prevent them from coning or wearing out unevenly. When assembling the wheels, make a crisscross pattern by crossing the rear wheels over the front and vice versa. Make sure you perform this at least once every three months and/or when your bearings need to be cleaned/replaced.

2. Fixing flat spots in the Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels may eventually develop flat patches after extended usage. Rough vibrations caused by flat areas compromise your board’s smooth ride and cause you to lose speed. Powerslides on bumpy pavement will slightly wear down the wheel and reduce the flat spots until it is smooth again, which will solve the problem.

3. Clean your Wheels Often

Cleaning your skateboard wheels will assist in extending the life of your wheels’ bearings. Take a towel and clean the bearings’ center whenever you remove them from the wheels.


If you’re considering when to replace skateboard wheels, check them out first to see if their components need a replacement. Hopefully, in this article, we’ve resolved your concern about skateboarding and wheel replacement.

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