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Why Is My Skateboard So Wobbly? The 5 Possible Reasons

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

why is my skateboard so wobbly

Are you having some trouble and thinking why is my skateboard so wobbly? If yes, you’re reading the right article for your query.

When dealing with this condition, you’ll have options to consider, which we’ll go through as we explore this topic. Mainly, it’s the incorrect mounting of trucks on your skateboard that makes it unstable, but there are a lot of other factors to consider.

What Causes the Skateboard Wobble When I Go Fast


1. Loose trucks or faulty bushings

In some instances, wobbling may be caused by loose trucks or loose bolts and nuts that are sensitive to weight distribution, which cause the board to respond and wobble back and forth while traveling at a faster speed.

To tighten skateboard trucks is the simplest and cheapest solution to a wobbly longboard setup. It’s as simple as grabbing a wrench and turning your board’s bolts and nuts clockwise.

If the wobbling of the board isn’t caused by loose trucks, the bushings may be faulty. For instance, the skateboard might have tilted not because of the trucks but because one of the bushings was fractured. In this case, after the worn-out bushings are replaced (read more top-rated skateboard bushings here), the skateboard will run smoother than it did before.

2. Distribution of Body Weight

Your weight distribution should be substantially balanced towards the front truck when riding at high speeds. Start leaning forward further if you start to wobble. Around 90% of your weight should be placed in front.

Lowering your center of gravity is also critical, as it will help with steadiness and control. I suggest watching this instructional video on riding at fast speeds.

3. Ankles

Ankles play an essential role in riding and may be a significant factor if your skateboard wobbles as you fasten your pace. Your ankles will stiffen up if you are not comfortable on the board or with the speed you are riding with. When this happens, you’ll have a lot of trouble, mainly when skating fast.

4. Length of Wheelbase

The wheelbase may be increased or decreased on certain decks by moving or relocating the trucks. The longer the base of your board, the harder it is to spin and the less likely it is to wobble.

5. Dimensions of the Board

An incorrectly sized board may also cause speed wobbles. It may be hard to choose a board with the appropriate length for your height, shoe size, and riding style.

If your board is too short, you’ll have several issues, including wobbles due to speed. Speed wobbles might also occur if your board is too long and your riding posture is not correctly adjusted.

How Will You Fix a Wobbly Skateboard

If you’re tired of wondering “why is my skateboard so squeaky and wobbly?” simply use any tool that will fit the trucks to tighten them up a little. Afterward, use the skateboard for a few hours and make a few modest adjustments if necessary (either you will tighten it or loosen it until you feel comfortable and stable with your skateboard).

If the trucks are still too loose, try installing stiffer bushings. Also, do not overtighten the trucks to avoid damaging them and prolong their usage.

Some people like riding their skateboard with a loose truck and bushings because it makes them feel more in control. We do not recommend that a beginner do this because it makes learning to ride a skateboard difficult.


If you’re worried about “why is my skateboard so wobbly?” remember to skate at a comfortable pace. Hopefully, this article provides information for you to adjust to your skateboard and mitigate the risk of accidents.

In case your skateboard wobbles when skating at a fast rate, remain calm, be conscious of your surroundings, and then make a gentle turn to stop. Considering factors in this article will let you know your board’s problem.

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