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Are Maxfind Electric Skateboards Good? (Tested & Reviewed)

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Are Maxfind Electric Skateboards Good

Like their traditional counterparts, electric skateboards have continually evolved over the years. If the non-electric boards have utilized lighter, more durable materials to make their decks, e-skates have ventured from using belts to hub motors.

One of the proponents of the latter motor type is Maxfind. Are Maxfind electric skateboards good? Yes, these skateboards are outstanding with their high top speeds and lengthy range capacities.



Maxfind  began when its founder met a road accident using a belt-driven e-skateboard. From there, he learned he wasn’t the only one to experience the issue with the board’s motors getting exposed to water and other solid objects.

Hence, in 2015, a group of engineers and creators resolved that hub motor e-skateboards could be better and safer than belt motors, hence, developing Maxfind.

Notable Features of Maxfind Electric Skateboards

  Maxfind One Maxfind FF Plus Series Maxfind Max4 Pro Maxfind Max 4 Maxfind Max 2 Pro Maxfind FF Series
Maximum speed 15mph 24mph 24mph 25mph 24mph 26mph
Maximum range 11 miles 11 miles 12 miles 13 miles 15 miles 21 miles
Hub motor power 350W 1200W x 2 750W x 2 500W x 2 600W x 2 750W x 2
Hill-climb 10% 35% 12% 30% 20% to 25% 30%
Dimensions (L x W x H)


27 x 8 x 4.5 38 x 13.4 x 6 38 x 10.6 x 5 38 (L) 31 x 10.6 x 5 38 x 11.4 x 4
Weight (lbs) 10 24 16.3 16.5 12-14 19
Weight limit (lbs) 143 220 220 220 220 220
Deck material Strong composite plastic Super Flex strong plastic composite Canadian Maple wood Northeast Maple Wood with Carbon Fiber coat Strong composite plastic Super Flex strong plastic composite
Trucks Forged trucks CNC Double Kingpin Forged CNC trucks CNC Forged and CNC trucks CNC Double Kingpin
Wheel size 75mm 165mm 96mm 90mm 90mm 96mm
Charging time 60 minutes 180 minutes 120 minutes 120 minutes 120-180 minutes 180 minutes

1. Performance and Design

Let’s see what unique Maxfind skateboards can bring through the following aspects.

  • Acceleration


A notable performance feature of this brand is its fast acceleration. Many skaters have affirmed Maxfind skateboards, especially the top models, only take a few seconds to achieve maximum speed.

  • Stable Ride

Maxfind e-skateboards have a unique material construction that makes them stable and more controllable. A typical skater would have no issues performing sharp turns on these boards.

  • Swappable Batteries


Design-wise, a commendable aspect of Maxfind e-skateboards is their easy-to-swap batteries. This way, skaters can bring an extra power bar to prolong their rides.

2. Components and Specifications

  • Deck


Almost all Maxfind models use durable plastic composite for their decks. The only exceptions apply to the Max 4 variant that uses Northeast Maple wood and Max4 Pro with Canadian maple.

  • Decks made from plastic composite usually yield a promising performance. These can withstand heavy usage and offer some flex.
  • On the other hand, maple-based skateboards are inherently durable, flexible, and more weight-bearing.
  • Trucks


Maxfind features unique CNC-made trucks, which are machine-cut to the shape of the skateboard truck. Typically made from alloy or aluminum, these components are precise, strong, and visually pleasing.

A few models also use forged trucks, which are formed by workers beating a heated object to achieve the desired shape. Compared to their CNC counterparts, forged trucks can be stronger, but they are less precise.

  • Wheels


Maxfind wheels come in a range of sizes. They could be as small as Maxfind One’s 75mm or as big as FF Plus Series’ 165mm. In terms of hardness, these wheels are rated 78A on the Durometer scale, meaning they’re soft and designed for outdoor traveling.

Overall, I’d say that the wheels absorb shocks and vibrations pretty well. They have no trouble running over small obstacles like pebbles, cracks, etc.

  • Motors


Following the founder’s experience with belt drives, Maxfind has resorted to hub motors. This yields a better speed than the belt, a quieter performance, and lightweight construction. Plus, these motors are more water-resistant and require lesser maintenance.

  • Charging time


On average, Maxfind’s electric skateboards need 120-180 minutes to charge, except for Maxfind One, which takes 60 minutes. I’d say that this short charging time is pretty impressive, considering that other e-skates can require up to 5 hours to charge fully.

  • Weight capacity


On average, Maxfind e-skateboards can carry a maximum load of 220 lbs, except for Maxfind One, which only handles 143 lbs. This is a little low compared to other e-skates, as the average weight range for these products is 200 to 330 pounds.

3. Price

Are Maxfind e-skateboards expensive? You be the judge with these prices.


  1. Maxfind Max One – $358.80
  2. Maxfind Max 2 Pro – $449.00
  3. Maxfind FF Series – $599.00
  4. Maxfind Max4 Pro – $649.00
  5. Maxfind FF Plus Series – $1099.00

4. Pros and Cons

It’s pretty challenging to complete a Maxfind electric skateboard review by one model alone. Nonetheless, here’s a collective assessment of the areas you may and may not like about the brand.

  • Hub motors for easier maintenance and improved protection from water
  • Sturdy composite plastic or durable maple decks
  • CNC-made trucks that are more durable
  • Generally quicker charging times
  • Reasonable hill-climbing capacity
  • Electric components are inherently more susceptible to damage

Is a Maxfind Electric Skateboard Worth It?

Absolutely! Although electric skateboards are expensive by nature, the price differences account enough for the improvements in convenience, design, and technology of these boards.

Maxfind is a reliable brand that is well-designed, powerful, and easier to maintain because of its hub-centered motors.


The skateboarding culture has commenced far enough to make the sport more inclusive. With the journey becoming a success, it continues to thrive as it serves the needs and preferences of more skaters through phenomenal brands like Maxfind.

So, are Maxfind electric skateboards good? Yes! This brand has revolutionized the use of hub motors, reducing the risks of damage from water exposure. Besides these innovations, the brand has made its skateboards durable, reliable, and well-performing.

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