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How to Hang Skateboard on Wall Without Nails in 4 Easy Steps

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to hang skateboard on wall without nails

Skateboards aren’t only for under the bed or inside the cabinet, just as walls aren’t for frames alone. That said, skateboards also deserve a spot somewhere besides closed spaces, like your walls. Purposely, you get to protect them from moisture damage and appreciate them more.

However, not everyone wants to drill holes for nails or bolts on the wall. And if you’re one of these people, don’t worry because I have a good way to do it. Let’s see how to hang skateboard on wall without nails.

What You Will Need to Hang Skateboard Deck on Wall Without Nails

1. Plastic hooks

These hooks let you hang your skateboards on the wall while keeping the wall flawless. One of the most reliable brands we can use for this purpose is Command. And to be sure you get the best hook in stock, check for the weight capacity of the item.

Some plastic hooks come with adhesives that can hold a weight of more than 2lbs, and that’s the best I had from the store. However, skateboards can weigh beyond 4lbs, which means we need the next item.

2. Adhesive strips


Using the original adhesives on the plastic hook may yield good results but not long-lasting ones. So, I use Command adhesive strips for a sturdier mount.

You will see these adhesives in the stores sold separately as refills. But what I do is I immediately replace the original adhesive tapes on the hooks with these.

These mounting strips can hold a weight of around 2.2kg or 5lbs, enough for an average-weight skateboard. They also have higher weight increments that go to a maximum of 7.2kg, but they may be too much for our project.

3. Mono Fishing Nylon


Despite looking thin, mono fishing nylons have sufficient tensile strength. And since they’re slim, they’re almost unnoticeable, thus keeping your wall of skateboards neat.

For a skateboard’s weight, using a line of 0.25mm will be sufficient. This rope can hold a maximum load of 7.7lbs when knotted. And like the adhesives, mono fishing nylons also have higher weight increments, which goes with thicker structures.

4. T-tool and measuring tape

We use a T-tool to remove the trucks to complete the process. Or if you can’t seem to find a T-tool nearby, a Phillips head screwdriver may help.

A measuring tape is necessary to decide the location of the plastic hooks on the wall.

5. Cleaning products (optional)

If you want to make sure the wall is free from dust, use some soft pieces of cloth and vinegar.

How Do We Hang the Skateboard Nail-less


Now that we have all the things we need, we’ll do our version of the skateboard hanger DIY by following these steps.

Step 1: Measuring

First, measure the desired height of the plastic hook from the floor. Note that this point will align with the upper trucks of the skateboard when hung vertically.

Start with the side most area of your designated wall. Second, measure the same height on the other end of the wall and draw a thin line to connect both points.

After measuring your ideal height, measure the width of your skateboard to hang on wall. Plot the figures on the markings you made, and don’t forget to leave around a 2″ gap between to keep the skateboards from looking congested.

Step 2: Preparing the wall (optional)

Make use of a cloth and a cleaning agent for cleaning the wall.

For me, I use vinegar because it dries fast and without grease. So, in this process, all you have to do is wet the cloth with alcohol and rub it against the area intended for the plastic hook.

Step 3: Mounting up the hooks

Now that the walls are ready and marked, it’s time to stick the plastic hooks. As I discussed in the requirements, using the original adhesive strip may not yield great results.

Carefully remove the original strip. Be sure no adhesive remains on the back of the hook.

Next, replace the old strips with the 5lb adhesive we got, but don’t peel the side you’ll mount against the wall yet.

Point the plastic hook against its intended location on the wall. Once you’re confident mounting it, remove the non-stick peel off the adhesive, and mount it straight.

A pro tip: Letting the plastic hooks sit and cure on the wall for about an hour may guarantee a long-lasting, sturdy grip.

Step 4: Hanging the skateboard

  • With trucks – Suppose we vertically hang the skateboard without taking off the trucks. In that case, we’ll have to route the fishing nylon around the deck and below the upper truck. By then, the tension on the rope runs beneath the upper skateboard truck and on the plastic hook.
  • Without trucks – Another way to hang the skateboard is by removing the trucks. So, grab your T-tool and start loosening the truck bolts.

You have the option to keep the bottom truck mounted on the deck since it will only face opposite the wall. From there, route the fishing nylon on the two upper holes of the truck bolts and tie it firmly.

After completing either of these steps, you can finally hang your skateboard on the wall.


Safekeeping is one of the factors that dictate the life of the skateboard. Like hanging your boards on the wall, you keep them from hastened decay caused by mold build-up on the deck.

And now that you know how to hang skateboard on wall without nails, you’re one step ahead in preserving your skateboards.

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