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How to Hang Skateboard on Wall? – 3 Simple Methods

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How to Hang Skateboard on Wall

Skateboard decks are attractive and appealing, especially those with graphic designs. If you are a professional skateboarder, you might have acquired several skateboards decks. Isn’t it good to organize and display them on the wall?

In this manner, you can also easily spot which one you will use for your skateboarding. At the same time, they look neat and in order. In line with our goal to provide information about skateboarding, we would like to present the common ways on how to hang skateboard on wall.


3 Methods on How to Hang a Board Deck on the Wall


There are various methods to hang the skateboard deck on the wall. In this article, we will only discuss some of the most common ways. You may continue reading below.

1. Using the Fishing Line or String

The most common way of hanging the deck on the wall is the use of fishing line or string. It is one of the easiest ways as well as inexpensive. In this method, you will need a fishing line or a string, a wall hanger or nail, a pair of scissors, and a drilling machine or a hammer.

You may follow the steps below for this method:

  • First, remove the two trucks and wheels of the skateboard. Set them aside and store them in a safe place.
  • Find a suitable place or wall for your skateboard decks. It is best if you choose an empty wall in your bedroom or wall along the corridor or stairs. Or any place where you will easily see your decks.
  • Once you have found a place, get a hammer and punch a nail or wall hanger on the wall.
  • Get a string or fish line or shoelace and cut about 10 to 12 inches of it. Then, insert the string in the topmost screw holes of the board deck. Continue inserting the string in the remaining hole.
  • Once done, you tie the knot fronting the upper part. The knot must be tight so that it will not loosen.
  • Finally, you hang the string or fishing line on the nail with the deck vertically.

2. Using a Wall Mount

Using a wall mount to hang your deck is the best among the methods. This method is stronger and rigid. All you need are a drilling machine and a skateboard wall mount kit, which includes the wall mount plate, wall screw, wall anchor, two T-nuts, two nuts and two long bolts.

Read further for the instructions:

  • Get the drill machine and drill a hole on the wall you have chosen to hang your deck.
  • Get the wall mount plate and insert the two lengthy bolts in the two holes of the mount plate. Ensure that the two bolts are parallel. This is where you will hang your deck.
  • Twist the nuts into the bolts, make sure they come in contact with the plate.
  • Position the wall anchor at the wall hole.
  • Then, attach the mount plate on the wall using a screw. Make sure that you connect it well making it rigid. Fix the wall mount plate well and tight.
  • You may now hang your deck. Insert the two bolts in the two screw holes on top of the board.
  • Then, secure the two bolts with the T-nuts, making your deck hang vertically.

3. Using Wall Adhesive Strips and Plastic Hooks

If you do not want to drill holes on your wall, you may use wall adhesive strips and plastic hooks. You will need both of these materials and a string to hang the deck on the plastic hooks. Simply, follow the steps underneath for this method.

  • Remove the adhesive on one side of the wall strip and attach the plastic hook. Connect them well by pressing the plastic hook hard on the adhesive.
  • Then, remove the adhesive on the other side and attach it together with the plastic hook on the wall. Press them well on the wall.
  • You are now ready to hang your deck. Insert a string on the screw holes of the deck and knot it forming a loop. Then, hang the string with a deck on the plastic hook that is attached firmly on the wall.
  • You may do the same with your other decks, aligning them horizontally. The results will delight you.

The Bottom Line

Hanging your decks on the empty wall can inspire you. Besides, they are beautiful decorations in your home. It is not difficult to hang your skateboard decks. There are different ways to hang your deck besides the methods we discussed above, but you can use any method mentioned above.

Merely, follow the steps on any method that you like on how to hang skateboard on wall. I’m pretty certain you will get it right. On the other hand, you must have the necessary materials that are noted in this article.

If you like to suggest methods in hanging the board on the wall, you may note them in the box below. Our skateboarders will appreciate them. Have a great skateboarding experience!

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