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How to Carry a Skateboard? – The Detailed Guide

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How to Carry a Skateboard

How careful are you when transporting your skateboard? The way you take your skateboard with you is not like carrying a bag. It’s more delicate, and it needs observance of the most appropriate methods. Being able to take a skateboard anywhere without damage should be an achievement on your end.

Learning how to carry a skateboard will change your perspective if you’re used to transporting it incorrectly. This article will help you understand the importance of proper handling and correct any mistake you had when transporting your longboards.

What You Will Need

Your skateboard

Each skateboard requires a unique way of transporting. It does not need to be uniform for all types and brands. If you have more than one skateboard at home, you can start with the one you’re likely to bring more frequently. By checking your skateboards, you will have an idea of how it’s best carried. Also, you will know if your manner of carrying one skateboard is safe and effective for other skateboards.

A skateboard bag

Using a skateboard bag may not be the most necessary option for all your skateboards, but it does benefit many skateboard users.

Pick a bag that will fit your skateboard and not only what looks good or classy. It does not need to be spacious or too tight. Bags can help store spare gears, bearings, and other hardware you may need when your skateboard encounters trouble. Bags can also be viable protection against rain and dirt from storage.

A skateboard strap

Not only bags can have straps. Using straps is an innovative way of carrying your skateboards. If you’re not into carrying a bulky bag, this could be a good alternative for you.

Some straps are custom-made for skateboard brands, and there are universal straps that fit almost any skateboard. By having these, you also have plenty of options to carry your skateboard like a backpack, a sling bag, or any manner as long as you’re comfortable with it.

Ways to Carrying a Skateboard


Picking up your skateboard

Picking up a skateboard is simple. But there’s one more way that will make you look more pro when doing it.

Stand right behind your skateboard, facing it crosswise. Place your right hand near the front of your legs with your palm facing left. Step on the tail-most end of your skateboard using your right foot. Apply force enough to flip it. Catch the other end of your skateboard using your right hand.

Carrying the board with bare hand

As soon as you catch the other end of your skateboard, lift it and apply support using your left hand by holding the middle edge part of the board. Do this as you take the skateboard’s deck in the middle with your right hand in a wrap-around position. Note that your arms should be perpendicular to the longer side of the skateboard.

Facing front or back

Make sure that you never hold the trucks of your skateboard. Otherwise, you’ll put yourself on the verge of meeting accidents because of unsafe or loose trucks when riding.

Protect the stepping surface of your skateboard. That means the side with the wheels should face outwards, and the other side faces your body.

Using a skateboard strap

If you plan to use a strap for your skateboard, make sure that it’s strong enough to carry your skateboard. Next, ensure that its length can wrap your board with balance and has enough straps for you to hold. Lastly, never use a band that can cause scratches to any part of your skateboard.

Using a bag

Begin by opening your bag the widest it can get. Insert one end of your skateboard and slide it to the corner. Then try to fit the other end. Be sure to insert the skateboard smoothly, especially its trucks.

Close the bag’s zipper gradually and without hanging at any part of the skateboard. Take the bag’s strap and carry your skateboard in the safest and most comfortable way you can.


Riding a skateboard does not only require being good at tricks. It also calls you to pay attention to your skateboard’s safety. There are plenty of ways how to carry a skateboard, but not all apply to your case.

Thus, it is necessary to follow the tips I have shared with you. That way, you get to assess which style is best for you. Have you learned a lot from this tutorial? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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