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Are Maverix Electric Skateboards Good?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Are Maverix Electric Skateboards Good

Skateboarding is an extreme sport that requires caution on top of skills. What more in the case of electric skateboards?

E-skating isn’t restrictive, either. Parents should only be careful when choosing a skateboard for their children. Among the most recommended e-boards for tweens and teens, Mavericks stands out as the top-rated choice.

Are Maverix electric skateboards good? Absolutely, due to their manageable speed and stable ride quality, they’re especially suitable for young beginners.

Find out more in this Maverix electric skateboard review.

Notable Features of Maverix Electric Skateboard

1. Performance and Design

Moderate speed


Maverix tires are mainly designed for young skaters, so their speed falls within the medium range—around 6 to 19 mph. With such a speed, beginners would have an easier time maneuvering the board and cruising down the street without falling over.

Aside from the manageable speed, Maverix e-skateboards provide excellent balance and don’t need to be pushed off to start running, making them even more suitable for beginners.



Maverix e-skateboards can travel a maximum range of 5 to 13 miles on a single charge, depending on the models and the speed you travel. By going at a slower pace, you’ll be able to extend the distance you can go.



Maverix can be a low-power e-skateboard with 100W motors or a moderate one with a maximum wattage of 800W. Low-wattage e-skateboards often need shorter charging times, while those with higher wattages might need more hours to recharge.

At the same time, the higher the wattage is, the more weight the board can likely handle. FYI, most Maverix e-skateboards perform best when the total load is 100 to 250 pounds. In any case, these boards usually aren’t strong enough to run uphill.



Although it doesn’t affect the performance, the skateboard’s eye-catching design should be a win for young skaters. Aside from the vibrant color pops, these skateboards also offer superhero-themed decks, such as Superman and Batman.

2. Components and Specifications



Most Maverix electric skateboard decks are made of laminated maple wood, which is innately durable.

What’s good about Maverix is despite constructing its decks with durable material, it keeps them lightweight. This way, young riders feel less burdened when carrying these boards around.



Maverix comes with aluminum skateboard trucks. And like the decks, these are lightweight wheel holders.

Although we often associate this skateboard part’s lightness with its compatibility for tricks, such a feature is not necessary yet for young skaters. Instead, we take the lightweight design as another advantage for kids to ride their boards more easily.



Maverix e-skateboard wheels, like adult or intermediate e-skates, show more variety than some brands. For instance, aside from the standard-sized and smooth wheels, the brand also offers rugged and oversized ones for better control and stability.

These wheels usually feature polyurethane bodies with PVC rims. In addition, some come with LED lights to make the skateboards more visible at night.

Remote Control


Maverix comes with an ergonomic handheld remote control via a WiFi connection. What’s good about this device and the board’s overall functionality is they offer three speed levels.

Such a feature makes skaters choose between beginner, medium, or expert modes when riding. Hence, the once-young skaters can level up their rides once ready.

3. Price

Let’s see how much Maverix electric skateboards cost.


  1. MON100 Monster 100W Street Electric Skateboard – $75.99
  2. Monster Electric Skateboard – $99.95
  3. Urban Spirit Electric Skateboard – $459.38
  4. Border X – $711.00

4. Pros and Cons

These are the areas you may and may not like about Maverix skateboards.

  • Durable and lightweight decks and trucks
  • Manageable speed levels
  • Reasonable traveling range per charge
  • Ideal trainer e-skateboards for beginner and kid skaters
  • Visually pleasing designs
  • No significant hill-climbing ability

Are Maverix Electric Skateboards Worth It?

E-skateboards from Maverix are definitely worth it if you get them for a beginner or a young skater. However, since the boards’ speed falls within the average range, they are unsuitable for advanced skaters or adults looking for thrilling rides.


The learning process for skating would be more efficient with an appropriate skateboard for children’s age and level. And for electric skateboards, Maverix could be the way.

So, are Maverix electric skateboards good? If for beginners and kids’ use, these boards have it. Maverix has safety features without compromising the enjoyment of the ride. They also have quality components, making them reliable in quality and performance.


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