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How to Push Faster on a Skateboard Like a Pro? (Step by Step)

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how to push faster on a skateboard

Skateboarders find it more thrilling and exciting to ride a skateboard fast. So, you might be frustrated that your skateboarding does not seem to give such a feeling.

Fret not, as there are two ways to make your skateboard run faster—by pushing and by pumping. Furthermore, several factors determine the speed of your skateboard. These include proper foot positioning, enough power as you push harder, and the last one is the condition of your equipment.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to push faster on a skateboard.


Steps to Push Faster on a Skateboard


You have to learn the proper tricks and positioning methods to go fast on a skateboard.

On flat ground, the typical technique to obtain a faster speed while skateboarding is to push off with one foot.

You have to push as hard as possible if you want your skateboard to run as fast as you want it to.

Step 1. Kicking and pushing forward

  • Start with positioning your front foot on the front of the skateboard deck.
  • Center your body’s weight over your front foot.
  • Using your back foot, kick forward as far as possible.
  • Your knees are bent, and your toes are pointing downward.
  • Those toes should land first, before your two front wheels.
  • Then kick it back off the ground as hard as you can, passing the two wheels at the back part of the skateboard.
  • Slide your front hand backward, and vice versa, simultaneously.

The power you put into the push and how long your toes stay on the ground will determine the speed of your skateboard.

Your back foot will provide the speed you need and, at the same time, will control the motion as you push off the ground.

Your foot movement plays an important part in pushing your skateboard faster. The more force you apply and the more push you can muster, the faster your speed will be.

As you master the right technique for pushing harder and faster, you have to coordinate your upper body movements while riding on a board to keep your balance and momentum.

Step 2. Pumping to increase speed

If pushing is done on flat surfaces, pumping is recommended on curved surfaces.

Pumping on a skateboard is similar to pumping on a swing. To get the swing higher, you need to lift your legs and then put them down when you’re at the top of the swing.

  • Bend your knees.
  • Your upper body should be positioned forward and down as you skate towards the more flat bottom of the curved surfaces.
  • As you transition, straighten your legs as you rise.
  • This position will give you full speed.
  • The higher your speed, the higher you can fly up over the lip.

Other Ways to Make Your Skateboard Faster

Generally, learning the proper way to push and pump to speed up your skateboard is important. But the condition of your equipment will also help in increasing your speed.

Technically, your skateboard wheels have something to do with determining how fast or how slow your skateboard can go. Consider upgrading your wheels because size and quality are important factors.

Although smaller wheels are much easier to push and accelerate faster than bigger wheels, the latter will give you the maximum speed. They are not just awesome wheels for cruising, but they tend to roll a bit longer and provide you with more momentum.

Skateboard wheels made of high-quality urethane tend to roll faster and last longer. Choosing larger, harder, and high-quality wheels can also help speed up your skateboard.


If you want to skateboard faster, you must first learn how to push faster on a skateboard. Proper technique and tricks are a must to achieve the speed you want.

But too much of everything is not good at all. Increasing the speed means increasing your safety and precautionary measures as you perform your skateboarding tricks.

Which do you prefer? Pushing or pumping? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts. Enjoy and ride safely!

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