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Are Real Skateboards Good? – A Detailed Review

Fact checked by Michael Derosier


Skateboarding isn’t only a competition in skills, styles, and proficiency. It’s also a clash between brands to see which has the best parts or yields better performance for streets, parks, and other setups.

One of the best skateboard brands commonly present in these discussions is Real. Are Real skateboards good? Real Skateboards is a brand known for maximizing any resource available.

Hence, it’s no question many skaters feel happy about their experiences with this company. Their skateboards are smooth and are often beyond functional.

Notable Features of Real Skateboards

Let’s get to know Real through the following Real Skateboards review.

1. Performance

So, what do skaters and other buyers say about Real Skateboards’ performance? Here are a few highlights.



A skateboard brand that offers skateboards to all ages and levels is a positive for most buyers. And Real does that.

This skateboard brand offers a lot of designs that may fit beginners or advanced skaters. Smaller decks measuring about 7 inches wide are suitable for young kids, for example, while 8 inches and bigger designs require more control and suit adults well.



Some skateboards can top other brands in design, graphics, or other visual features, but only a few brands, like Real, guarantee longevity on top of heavy usage.

It takes hundreds of hours for chips to appear on a Real deck, which only proves that this Real Skateboards brand is as reliable as claimed.

Excellent pop


Skaters learn every time they step on their skateboards. And for this reason, Real makes its skateboards poppy. So, besides being sturdy or heavy-duty, Real Skateboards can help you execute the best ollies and other tricks.

2. Components and Specifications

With Real Skateboards known for its quality skateboards, it’s safe to say we have something unique to look forward to with its parts.



The skateboard’s durability and responsiveness often rests on the deck. Hence, Real ensured it made skateboard decks unlike other brands.

Real skateboard decks rely on a special R1 construction that finds a ribbed polymer infused into each of the seven maple layers. The effect? Consistent ride quality and a significantly longer skateboard life.



Real’s skateboard trucks often come with the brand’s complete skateboard package. These wheel holders have a heavy-duty aluminum body, able to withstand heavy usage, like the decks.

We know what aluminum can do in skateboarding, so we can expect these trucks to perform reliably.

Wheels and Bearings


Real Skateboards also produces its own wheels. These rollers come in various sizes and hardness levels. Undoubtedly, these contribute to the skateboard’s functionality and ride quality.

The bearings coming with a complete Real skateboard have an ABEC 5 rating. Based on the scale and market prices, these wheel cores offer a perfect balance of precision and speed without requiring too much from the skater.

3. Price

So, how much do Real Skateboards cost? Let’s see a few models.

Complete Skateboards


  1. Kyle Walker Highland – $74.95
  2. Van Vark Thanks for the Fish – $94.95
  3. Patrick Praman Pro Debut – $99.95
  4. Patrick Praman Oval – $99.95

Skateboard Decks


  1. Psychoactive Glow – $62.95
  2. Ishod Speedway – $64.95
  3. Harry Lintell Chromantic Cathedral – $64.95
  4. Spectrum Distortion – $64.95
  5. Wilkins Storyboard – $64.95
  6. Chima Ferguson Cross Stitch – $54.99

4. Pros and Cons

Here are the things we may and may not like about Real Skateboards.

  • Unique R1 deck construction for improved durability and performance
  • Heavy-duty aluminum skateboard trucks
  • Poppy and responsive designs
  • Various wheel selections
  • Perfect for all skater levels
  • Some skaters find Real expensive

Is Real a Good Skateboard Brand

While it’s anyone’s right to call a skateboard brand expensive or cheap, a product’s worth will not solely depend on the price.

Real Skateboards might be pricier than other brands. But for several reasons, such as their deck construction, truck and wheels quality, and overall performance, Real Skateboards is a good brand.

What’s better about Real is it also offers other skateboarding merchandise. Hence, browsing this brand’s website is never a waste.


Skateboarding never runs out of skateboard and merchandise brands. As these names rise one after another, we keep finding better options and filter out the unfavorable ones.

So, are Real Skateboards good? Absolutely! The brand’s dedication to advancement gives it the upper hand among other brands. Indeed, it delivers high quality skateboards and other accessories and guarantees long-lasting, heavy-duty usage.

Better skateboards could be around. But you wouldn’t know whether Real is the perfect board until you try it.

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