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Are Almost Skateboards Good in 2023?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

are almost skateboards good

Since the start of the sport, skateboarding has given birth to skater generations. The once-called pros are now legends, while the younger skaters are starting to build their names.

The same idea applies to skateboard brands. If our idols once used the classic brands, our current pro skaters also have theirs. And one of these brands is Almost.

Established in 2003, are Almost skateboards good enough to be relevant in this day and age? For many reasons, yes! But let’s dig down deeper below.

Overview of Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards started in 2003 and are perhaps as old as most teen skaters today. The legend himself, Rodney Mullen, established the brand paired with Daewoon Song.

These professionals use their experience in other companies to create one of their best breaks with Almost. And like Mullen and Song’s success, Almost company has become one of the most reputable brands because of its durability, pop, and overall quality.

Quality of Almost Skateboards

So, what makes an Almost skateboard? How well can this board perform? Let’s explore everything there is to know about Almost Skateboards.

1. Features of Almost Skateboards

1. Deck Material and Construction


Operating under Dwindle Distribution, Almost Skateboards come out of DSM Premium Woodshop. This China-based facility creates Almost boards with high-quality Canadian maple wood.

And to ensure these outsourced materials don’t go to waste, DSM uses epoxy glue to bond these veneers. This adhesive makes the Almost skateboard deck lighter, long-lasting, and reasonably resistant to warping.

2. Trucks


It may sound like a fun fact for some, but Almost is a brand specializing in skateboard trucks.

Almost Skateboards use Tensor Alloy for their wheel holders. This material makes the trucks reliable, light, and long-lasting.

And if you think that’s all this truck brand offers, you’re wrong. Almost Skateboards cares about everyone’s preferences. Hence, it produced various trucks where skaters could choose their preferred truck color, size, and style.

3. Wheels


Like its trucks, Almost also produces colorful wheels.

But while the decks and trucks come from known and sturdy materials, Almost’s wheels draw comments about the brand using plastic. Most of these remarks believe Almost can produce better skate wheels.

Almost’s wheel bearings are also not a top-of-the-line type. Nonetheless, ABEC 3 and ABEC 5 bearings are still reasonable and can deliver the expected performance.

2. Design


Many skaters will notice how an Almost or Dwindle deck exhibits consistency and shape among all veneers. Such is because DSM presses these layers once only. What’s better is these boards get cured in specialized facilities to optimize their performance.

That’s not all for the decks. DSM has also incorporated Impact Support in its design process. This innovation delivered Light and Impact Plus boards. 

The Light variant is lightweight but comes with a carbon-fiber top to keep it sturdy. Meanwhile, the Impact Plus has disc inserts and a complete carbon-fiber laminate. The outcome? The deck yields more pop and an impressive lifespan.

Almost Skateboards don’t undermine aesthetics. Besides the graphics at the bottom of the board, Almost also comes with printed grip tapes. Skaters can choose designs like Hanna Barbera, DC comics, and more.

3. Performance


So, what’s often said in an Almost Skateboards review?

  • Snappy

Riders who have used Almost Skateboards agree that these boards have the crisp and snap they look for from a skateboard. Plus, they have soft Almost bushings and unique wheel formula, making the skateboard turn and fit technical skating better.

  • Fit for All Skater Levels

Whether for beginner or professional skateboarders, both skater groups find Almost Skateboards suited to their levels. This brand offers one of the broadest skateboard varieties in the market. And with their proven durability, they’re worth spending.

  • Improved Control

As a skateboard without remote controllers, Almost Skateboards compensate for this downside well. It manufactures its decks with a custom concave, able to increase the skater’s control of the board.

  • Prices

Here’s how some of Almost’s famous skateboards cost.

Almost complete skateboards

  1. Almost Skateboard Complete Spin Blur Blue 7.625″ Factory Assembled – $89.99
  2. Almost Skateboards Complete First Push Dot Logo Multicolored – $94.11
  3. Almost Skateboard Complete Skateistan Sky Brown Doodle Purple 7.875″ – $94.11
  4. Almost Skateboard Complete Neo Express Red 8.0″ Assembled – $94.99

Almost skateboard decks

  1. Almost Skateboard Decks – $39.96
  2. Almost Skateboard Deck Yuri Animals – $69.99
  3. Almost Skateboards Deck Yuri Faccini Haroshi Monster Super Sap – $79.9

Pros and Cons


Here’s a list of the commendable and a few drawbacks of Almost Skateboards.

  • Lightweight
  • Facilitates more efficient learning
  • Stable with a lower center of gravity
  • Good quality deck and trucks construction
  • The wheels can benefit from some improvements

Is Almost Skateboards Worth It?

Absolutely! Almost Skateboards display exceptional durability, pop, and style many skaters love. This brand has been in the industry for quite a while and has produced quality skateboards, parts, and other merchandise already. Undoubtedly, this Almost brand remains a formidable presence in the skateboarding market.

Comparison to Other Skateboard Brands

Let’s see in what aspects Almost Skateboards excel more and lack through these comparisons.

1. Almost VS Enjoi


Let’s begin with the similarities. Almost Skateboards operate under Dwindle Distribution. Dwindle is the same company managing Enjoy, Blind, Darkstar, and other brands.

Hence, we’ll often find these brands having identical profiles and quality products.

Almost VS Powell Peralta VS Flip


If Almost is a durable skateboard brand, there is one more durable in Powell Peralta. However, such a board brand is on the more expensive side.

If there’s a brand more closely comparable to Almost in several aspects, it’s Flip. One of Flip’s remarkable milestones was creating the Flipside deck, a sturdier and more convenient board to ride.

Top Almost Skateboards in the Market

Undeniably, Almost Skateboards has produced hundreds of quality boards for skaters of any level and age. Here are some of their top products.

Complete Skateboard

  1. Almost Skateboard Complete Ivy League Premium Black
  2. Almost Skateboards Complete Max Black Blur Impact
  3. Almost Skateboard Complete Neo Express Red 8.0″ Assembled.

Skateboard decks

  1. Almost Skateboards Yuri Pets
  2. Almost Skateboards Youness Amarani Still Life
  3. Almost Skateboards Geronzi For the Birds
  4. Almost Skateboards Mullen Dr. Seuss


While it’s true that picking a skateboard depends on our preference, a bit more knowledge still makes a difference. Perhaps, we won’t know much about Almost Skateboards and other brands yet if not because of these reviews.

So are Almost skateboards good? The lightness, durability, and overall performance speak up best for this brand.

There could be better and sturdier skateboards, but Almost Skateboards keep the competition tight with reasonable prices backed by their exceptional features.

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