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Are Globe Skateboards Good? Get Facts Here!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

are globe skateboards good

Since the sport’s conception, skateboarding has also given birth to various brands and companies aiming to deliver the best skateboards in town.

One of these famous names is Globe. Are Globe skateboards good? Indeed, they are excellent for novice and intermediate skaters. Performance-wise, they offer excellent responsiveness, pop, and a smooth riding experience.

Keep reading this article as we learn about this brand’s rich story and how it has become one of the most sought-after brands for decades.

Overview of Globe Skateboards

Dennis Anderson and Randy Eaton are the men behind Globe’s triumph in the skateboarding industry. However, these men weren’t initially into skateboards but roller skating footwear.

While their roller skating shoes have been a success since the brand launched in 1977, Anderson and Eaton thought of innovating a skateboard embodying the characteristics of a shoe. Such an idea arose from the challenges they faced in designing footwear durable enough to tolerate the intensity of roller skating.

Hence, Globe skateboarding entered the scene in 1997. The good news was this venture hit the pot just right. Today, Globe is one of the most respected brands, delivering quality skateboards and other products essential for every skater.

Quality of Globe Skateboards

Let’s assess each aspect of a Globe skateboard, from the physical to the performance areas.

1. Features of Globe skateboards

Globe has grown enough to design several skateboards and parts types.

1. Deck


Globe knows the repercussions of a substandard skateboard deck. Hence, it invests in maple wood, arguably serving as the standard setter for many skateboards.

But what’s commendable about this brand is it also employs biaxial fiberglass and bamboo a few times. These materials, when combined, yield optimum flexibility and pop on Globe cruiser decks and skateboards.

On top of these, Globe uses epoxy resin glue for delamination proofing, strength, and lightness. What’s more, their decks are shaped with a CNC machine to ensure the utmost precision.

2. Truck


Globe uses and sells Tensor trucks, a brand of its own. These wheel holders consist of the following.

  1. Aluminum and magnesium body
  2. High-rebound bushings
  3. Grade-8 kingpins

While these trucks can turn pretty efficiently, professional skaters may find their performance somewhat lackluster. As such, they may need to switch these trucks for a more premium set for ramp riding.

3. Wheels and bearings


Like the trucks, Globe has also produced its line of skateboarding wheels. These rollers come in various shapes and types, enough to suit different skating styles. You can choose street board wheels for better longevity or cruiser rollers for soft, tight turns and exceptional slides.

Regarding size, the brand’s wheel ranges from 52 to 70 mm, with a hardness rating of 78a to 101a. This means you can easily find options for both indoor and outdoor skating.

And to complete your setup, Globe offers bearings, too. Part of the brand’s catalog is ABEC 7 bearings, lubricated and shielded.

2. Design and performance


So, what do Globe Skateboards’ features say about their performance?

Let’s take the decks first. Globe’s deck composition is as promising as it looks. Besides the pop and responsiveness, the maple and fiberglass combination exhibits optimum durability. It also reduces the risk of the board breaking apart during high-impact stunts.

Globe’s creation and integration of Tensor trucks into its system significantly impacted its performance. As many skaters affirm, these trucks turn well. And knowing Tensor is Globe’s, we can be confident the brand has designed these parts to work perfectly with other skateboard parts.

Plus, with the trucks coming from aluminum and magnesium, it’s safe to say they’re sturdy as well.

Ultimately, just so others thought the bearings don’t yield any positive, these cores Globe has performed like an ABEC 7 should. They’re fast, smooth, and can spin well on rough surfaces.

3. Prices


Let’s now see how much Globe’s skateboards and their parts cost.

Globe Complete skateboards

  1. Globe Goodstock – $69.95
  2. Globe G2 Rapid Space – $74.95
  3. Globe Blazer XL – $116.25
  4. Globe Skateboards Big Blazer Cruiser – $125.45
  5. Globe Pinner Classic – $149.95

Globe Skateboard decks

  1. Globe Concrete Dreams Mid Street Skateboard Deck – $22.55
  2. Globe Skateboards G3 Bar Street Skateboard Deck – $50.28
  3. GLOBE Skateboards G3 Pearl Slick Street Skateboard Deck – $62.75

4. Pros and cons

To list out the main points in our Globe skateboards reviews, here are the main merits and drawbacks of these products:

  • Reliable and sturdy decks out of maple and other quality materials
  • Epoxy resin glue used in the manufacturing process
  • Reasonably priced skateboards
  • Shaped with a CNC machine for design accuracy
  • Comes pre-assembled and ready-to-use
  • Not the best pre-assembled boards for professional skaters
  • Globe has plain-looking skateboards, no striking graphics

Is Globe Skateboards Worth It?


Globe Skateboards would not grow and remain for decades in the industry if its product quality had been subpar.

These skateboards yield better than good from their construction, performance, and longevity. Globe uses respectable materials and reliable procedures in the manufacturing process. Plus, it sells its boards at reasonable prices.

Hence, it’s not far-fetched that many skaters and newbies will invest in Globe for their skating needs. This brand is worth every penny and will even be better soon.

Comparison to Other Skateboard Brands

While Globe is considerably a sturdy wall to break in the market, other brands might still find favor in a few aspects. Let’s take these comparisons.

1. Globe vs Santa Cruz

globe-vs-santa-cruzBoth Santa Cruz and Globe skateboards display exceptional durability. They also suit the needs of their riders. But aesthetics-wise, Globe might not just take it because Santa Cruz applies more innovation in its deck’s designs.

2. Globe vs Toy Machine

globe-vs-toy-machineYes, Globe skateboards can be for anyone. But more skaters will agree that these boards suit beginner and intermediate riders better. Unlike this brand, Toy Machine delivers skateboards that fit everyone, regardless of age and skating level.

3. Globe vs Blind, Flip, and Habitat

globe-vs-blind,-flip,-and-habitatGlobe isn’t the only skateboard brand to sell clothing, apparel, and other merchandise to the skateboarding community. Brands like Flip, Habitat, and Blind venture into items more than skateboards.

Along with other names, these brands sell footwear, accessories, and other relevant items to help skaters achieve their skating goals.

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Top Globe Skateboards in the Market

Globe skateboards are now almost anywhere, selling in around 100 countries already. While it makes the buying process exciting and challenging, let us recommend some of the best Globe skateboards you must try.

  1. Globe G3 Bar Skateboard
  2. Globe G2 From Beyond Skateboard
  3. Globe G1 Full-On Skateboard
  4. Globe G2 In Flames Skateboard
  5. Globe G2 Typhoon Skateboard
  6. Globe G1 Argo Skateboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Globe G1 VS G2, which is better?

G1 and G2 are only two of Globe’s technologies applied to its skateboards. G1 has a considerable balance between affordability and construction. It uses hard rock maple with Tensor trucks priming the setup. And examples of these are Insigna, Full-On, and Ablaze.

On the other hand, G2 consists of designs like Rapid Space and Parallel. Skateboards like these use 101a conical street wheels. Plus, combined with lightweight trucks, these boards work best for skilled skaters.


Globe is only one of the few brands that have managed changes and preference shifts in the sport. So, are Globe skateboards good? It has proven enough already, from the sturdy construction down to overall performance.

Even with more brands entering the race, we can never forget how Globe has become an affordable, durable, and reliable skateboard brand.

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