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Flip Skateboard Reviews – Is It a Reliable Choice?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

flip skateboard reviews

Graphics and style are immediately noticeable when we look at skateboards. But a true skater will first learn about a brand’s quality before the less relevant aspects like its aesthetics. And one of the things we often search about the brand is its length of run within the sport.

One of the brands that have existed for quite some time already is Flip. So, are Flip skateboards good?

Let’s look at Flip skateboard reviews to decide it for ourselves.

Overview of Flip Skateboard


Flip is a European skateboarding company founded by Ian Deacon and Jeremy Fox in 1987. It’s a brand that mainly specializes in skateboard decks and complete boards.

During the brand’s journey, the founders decided to venture into another skating culture by moving to the USA seven years after the company’s conception.

Today, Flip remains one of the top brands in the sport, adding skateboarding gear, accessories, and clothing to its product lines.

Features of Flip Skateboard

So, what makes a Flip skateboard? Let’s see the following aspects.

1. Deck Construction


A Flip deck is available as different types: the P2 and regular. Flip Regulars align with the traditional standard skate decks composed of seven plies of maple wood.

On the other hand, P2 is unique in composition, adding a fiber layer during the manufacturing process and coming thinner than its counterpart.

2. Trucks, wheels, and bearings


If not bare decks, Flip serves its customers with Flip skateboards complete packs. Essentially, these boards already have quality trucks, wheels, and bearings.

  • Trucks – The brand often uses HKD trucks, which are suitable for beginners and conducive to smooth rides.
  • Wheels – On average, Flip skateboard wheels have sizes ranging from a slim 51mm to 52mm and hardness levels around 99a to 101a. These numbers suggest that these models can be best for technical skating and doing tricks.
  • Bearings – Flip skateboard bearings are available in ABEC 5 and 7 ratings. These may not be at the top-most end of the scale, but these wheel core types have the perfect balance of affordability and overall performance.

3. Other Flip skateboard features

Besides the primary components above, you may want to know what else Flip boards come with.

The first part is the grip tape. As many skaters affirm, Flip’s grip tape is ideally sticky on one side and textured enough to impart some stability. Hence, riders get added support and safety.

Another component is the stickers. While these aren’t as relevant to the skater’s performance, they add confidence and identity for the rider and the skateboard.



So, what do skateboarders say about this brand’s performance?

1. Lightweight and poppy

Flip isn’t only a technical skating skateboard in form but also in performance. It allows skaters to complete their tricks by providing sufficient pop.

With such properties, can Flip Skateboards be used for tricks and street skating? FYI, besides stunts, they are also light enough to work for street, freestyle, and vert skating.

2. Durable

Many skaters have owned a Flip board for months and years already. And a lot of them can affirm this brand produces durable products. The decks don’t show signs of chips, snaps, or cracks even after skating for 6-8 months.

3. Perfect concave

Not everyone might notice, but the deck’s concavity assists skaters and provides them with some comfort. And these are evident with Flip boards. Several riders share that this brand’s concavity isn’t too deep or flat.

Pros and cons

Here’s a summary of what you may and may not love about Flip skateboards.

Flip skateboard pros

  • Decent technical skating and tricks performance
  • Quality deck, trucks, and wheels
  • Excellent pop and durability

Flip skateboard cons

  • Some skaters think Flip is better for beginners.
  • A few skaters complained about their noses and tails wearing out too soon


A few more skaters share that Flip boards are expensive. Are they? Let’s see the following prices.

Flip complete skateboards

  1. Flip Skateboards Wings Sage Complete Skateboard – $71.99
  2. Flip Skateboards Odyssey Poppy Complete Skateboard – $109.95
  3. Flip Skateboards Strobe Blue Complete Skateboard – $71.99
  4. Flip Skateboards Wings Violet Complete Skateboard – $71.99

Flip skateboard decks

  1. Flip Skateboards Odyssey Fade Fullnose Blue Skateboard Deck – $52.99
  2. Flip Skateboards Matt Berger Flower Power Skateboard Deck – $52.99
  3. Flip Skateboards David Gonzalez Flower Power Skateboard Deck – $52.99
  4. Flip Skateboards Strobe Orange Skateboard Deck – $52.99

Are Flip Skateboards Good?

Flip produces quality boards.

Its reasonably lengthy stint in the sport opened the brand to working with various skateboard materials, designing top-tier skateboards, and serving skaters’ specific needs.

Hence, finally, Flip has various models manufactured with quality wood for the decks, sturdy trucks, decent wheels, and precision bearings.

And the effect? Many buyers and riders witnessed its pop, comfort, responsiveness, and suitability for their desired technical skating style. There could be better brands, but Flip stays true to its price tag.

Flip Skateboard Buying Guide and Considerations


Given the number of products Flip sells, we should be careful about choosing. So, here are considerations we should think about when picking skateboards.

1. Deck

Not to be too biased about its decks, but Flip makes these skateboard components the best. It uses more than simple wood, investing in epoxy resin as its fortifying element.

Tom Penny Loveshroom, Penny Blast, and Odyssey Depth are a few top models that offer longevity, containing the popular maple wood in their structure.

What’s more? Other Flip skateboard deck, like the Lance Mountain Vato Skull, use hardwood in the manufacturing process to be more solid.

2. Trucks

Bullet is a skate truck brand available in Flip’s top skateboard variants. And there are many things you might like about them, from the construction to the price.

As many skaters affirm, Bullet trucks are light. But despite their weight, they are reasonably durable. Performance-wise, they grind and turn well, and appropriate bushings help them work better.

What strikes me and several buyers best is these trucks come at an affordable price.

3. Wheels

Most of Flip’s skateboard wheels are small and stiff, which directs them best to technical or park skating.

These wheels are often on models like Flip Team Complete, Odyssey Complete, and HKD. Their rollers have an average size of 52mm with hardness levels of 99a to 101a.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do Flip Skateboards typically last?

There were no signs of damage on Flip boards after 6-8 months, according to the experiences of a few Flip skateboard buyers. While statistics say that skateboards last six months to 2 years, the numbers still depend on other factors like usage and exposure to outdoor elements.

What is the weight limit for Flip Skateboards?

Often, how much weight a skateboard can carry isn’t dependent on the brand but more on the structure. And in the case of quality-made skateboards like Flip, they can load a maximum skater weight of 272.3 lbs.

Are Flip Skateboards suitable for beginners?

Yes! Flip Skateboards cater to beginner skater needs well, as many buyers say. They have light trucks, well-shaped decks, and wheels suited for slightly more diverse skating styles.


Like professional skateboarders, skateboard brands have also gone through the test of time. From there, the best manufacturers emerged. And they now continue business by providing skaters with quality products.

One of these brands is Flip. For three decades, it has offered commendable quality, performance, and price point through its products. These Flip Skateboard reviews are only parts of the brand’s achievements, product highlights, and customer experiences.

And now that you already know about these, it’s time you make your assessment and decide if it’s best for you.

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