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Flameboy vs Wet Willy Skateboard from World Industries

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

flameboy vs wet willy skateboard

In the skateboard market, there are always matchups between brands, styles, and board composition. Experts and professionals share their thoughts and help buyers decide on the best purchase.

But just because there are popular brands in the market doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t keep an eye on others. Who knows, you might discover something better.

So, today, we will find out how the Flameboy vs Wet Willy skateboard performs. Some might not have heard about this company. Nonetheless, keep reading as we take you through its history.

About Flameboy Vs Wet Willy and World Industries


The World Industries Flameboy VS Wet Willy skateboard is one of the brand’s most prized designs. It features eye-catching graphics resembling fire and water, representing the characters printed on the product. Let’s take a ride through this brand’s rich history.

Do you know Rodney Mullen? Chances are you do! He’s the guy who made flips and 360s a global phenomenon.

Mullen, with another professional, Steve Rocco, started World Industries in the 90s. And the brand took off like a storm.

One of the factors that made this brand successful is its modern take on street skateboarding, if we take the Flameboy vs Wet Willy light up skateboard as an example.

The company has equipped the product with eye-catching and functional features. And for a while, it stayed competitive in the race to produce the best boards.

Today, Flameboy and Wet Willy keep the image of a youth-centered and edgy skating lifestyle, inspiring old and new skaters. But are their skateboards still available in the market?

Unfortunately, their last major appearance was in 2012. There could still be a few boards in some stores, but not as many as during the brand’s peak.

But don’t worry. World Industries is still in the market through the brand’s other product lines. These items consist of footwear, clothing, toys, and other products for the young skating community.

So, what makes World Industries Wet Willy skateboards relevant? Here’s a review of their physical features.

1. Deck


Flameboy VS Wet Willy skateboards have varying deck sizes, such as 8.1, 8.3, and 8.5″. These skateboards have a broad stepping surface. And they fit riders of almost any height, age, and foot size.

In composition, Wet Willy World Industries skateboards also don’t disappoint. Many come with a 9-ply birch body or 7-ply maple. These types of wood have reasonable sturdiness, allowing users to do tricks without worrying about their boards breaking.

Of course, World Industries also prioritizes safety. So, they added a sheet of anti-slip grip tape on the deck’s stepping surface.

2. Truck


The truck is present on all skateboards today. Flameboy VS Wet Will features a pair of aluminum wheel holders which, like many brands, are reliable for many reasons.

First, aluminum skateboard trucks are lightweight. Second, they help riders grind well without weighing the deck down.

3. Wheels


Despite being an older skateboard brand, Flameboy VS Wet Willy also incorporated urethane wheels and ABEC-scale bearings into its system.

For example, its 27.5-inch release has a set of 59mm wheels, which supports the deck’s stability and adds overall speed.

If there’s one significant feature I feel surprised about this skateboard, it’s its bearings. They’re not the top skateboard bearings today. But I don’t think they are too bad, considering their ABEC 3 rating. The wheels roll reasonably, and they’re not sluggish.

Users who want more speed can check out the Wet Willy Regret and Flameboy Fire Sauce boards, which feature ABEC 5 bearings.

Pros and Cons


Like any skateboard, Flameboy VS Wet Willy also has drawbacks. But despite its discontinuation in the past few years, it still made an impact.

Some of the things many skaters love about this brand are its Wet Willy skateboard deck and wheel size. It has a spacious stepping surface, so there’s enough room for the skater’s movements. Additionally, its wide wheels allow riders to stabilize themselves and skate more smoothly.

On the downside, the composition of the deck may not be ideal for advanced riders. It is better-suited for beginners.

But if World Industries continued to produce skateboards, it might also compete with today’s top brands.

Flameboy Vs Wet Willy Skateboard Price

With Flameboy VS Wet Willy almost gone from the skateboarding market, today’s prices might differ from the boards’ original costs.

Different models range from $43 to $100. Certainly, they’re not the cheapest. But with the decks’ commendable builds, the price may be worth it.


We have seen how brands and manufacturers leveled up their creation and innovation of skateboards. And in the coming years, it’s sure that new boards and designs will enter the arena and amaze many skateboard enthusiasts.

With the legacy of the Flameboy VS Wet Willy skateboard, current and upcoming brands can take inspiration from it.

The World Industries skateboards might have disappeared. But it’s still remembered by many.

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