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How to Look Cool Wearing a Skateboard Helmet? – 3 Tips

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how to look cool wearing a skateboard helmet

You might be having second thoughts about wearing a helmet whenever you skate. Maybe you think it is just a hassle, it makes you look weird, or rather uncool. Let’s do something about that. In this article, we will be talking about how to look cool wearing a skateboard helmet.

There really shouldn’t be any argument as to whether we should wear a helmet or not when we skate because safety is important in sports. We’ll give you a few tips to get comfortable in style and maybe create your own trademark look!

What You’ll Need

This part will be entirely up to your preference. That said, here are a few items you can prepare for our project:

  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Sequins
  • Bead or Crystal Stickers
  • Spray Paints and Stencils
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Pens, pencils, sketch paper
  • Bandana

Project: Safely Cool


Wearing a skateboard helmet may seem lame to some, especially to kids and even adults, but there is definitely no headgear a good customization session can’t level up.

Like we said earlier, not only will we put some fancy designs on a plain old boring helmet, we’ll also make cool skate helmets in your own preference, personal style, and it will surely be a good look.

We’ll make safety not just a priority but also an artistic expression! Ready? Let’s get to it!

1. Decorate The Board

Choose the materials you would like to put on your helmet. There can be rhinestones, crystals, sequins, and flowers — it is all up to you! You can also use ready-made or custom vinyl stickers.

Tip: We recommend choosing waterproof or coated ones because they are more long-lasting than normal sticker paper.

Other than these, you can also opt to draw freehand sketches using permanent multicolor markers to achieve a more personalized style. Just remember that your design concept must not compromise the safety features of the helmet itself.

When it comes to art, the possibilities are endless.

2. Wear a Helmet Bandana

You can also opt to wear a bandana under the helmet itself. This will not only shield your head from the heat of the sun and the cold wind but also provides an extra layer of comfort.

The bandana will serve as a built-in towel — you won’t have to wipe your sweat again and again because the bandana will absorb it first.

Also, wearing a bandana might help keep your hair in place and prevent the helmet material from rubbing against your skin.

3. Play Matchmaking!

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for safety. If you’re still skeptical, start by picking a helmet that matches your outfit or your skateboard.

There is a wide variety of helmet colors and designs nowadays. Or, you can pick one versatile color and customize it like what we did earlier!

Cool helmets do not have to be expensive. They can be affordable products you personally painted to give off a greater sense of style. With that in mind, your chosen helmet design must not compromise its safety features.

Tip: Pick the Right Helmet


Like we said, there is a wide variety of skateboard helmets that also caters to almost all skaters. Other than picking your preferred color and design, it is also vital to take into consideration its fit you because it has to be perfect.

If you have a large head, then there are helmets specifically made for you. The same goes if you have a small one.

There are also helmets that are made customary to the weather, whether for a hot, sunny day, or a cold windy one. Skateboard helmets look great, more so if they resonate with you well.

If you can’t find ‘the one’ in stores, there are companies and businesses that offer custom-made designs. This option will be best for you, especially if you also have the budget.

How to Paint a Skateboard Helmet

If you want to make your helmet more stylish, painting it is a good option. Before doing so, it is necessary to clean the helmet first. Just use some liquid soap and a brush to remove dirt from the headgear, then let it dry.

Next, use spray paint to color the helmet. You can apply multiple layers of paint, as long as there’s sufficient time for drying between them. Use masking tape to cover areas you don’t want to color.

Don’t Let Negativity Bother You

You might think about what others will say about you wearing a helmet — killjoy, scaredy-cat, or someone who has no thirst for thrill. It might be hard at first to ignore other people’s mockery, but it is better than risking accidents and possible hospitalization.

Think of wearing a skateboard helmet like wearing your prized ball cap or favorite shirt. We’re sure it is something you want to parade around and be proud of because it is definitely your style.


We hope this article helped you know how to look cool wearing a skateboard helmet. Show your creativity, and don’t let disparaging comments stop you from skating!

Grab your helmet, apply stickers, draw on it — do literally whatever you want. You never know, you might even be a good influence on your peers or fellow skaters in your area if they don’t wear helmets.

If you are still unsure because of what other people may think about you or believe wearing headgear is lame, then we seriously urge you to think again. There is nothing worth compromising your safety for.

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