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What Size Skateboard for 13 Year Old? – Essential Rules & Tips

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what size skateboard for 13 year old

As parents, nothing matters more than the safety of our children. To give them what they want is an everyday mission, and of course, who are we to stop a child from enjoying their youth?

If your kids are interested in skating, it’s pivotal to give them the right gear. If you worry about their safety, we are here to ease a bit of that because this article will tackle what size skateboard for 13 year old and more.

What Size of Skateboards for 13 Year-olds

The skateboard size we recommend for children and teens ages 10-14 years old are 27-31 inches in length and 7.5 inches or more in width. This range is good for skating ramps and parks and many technical tricks.

Tips for Choosing Kids’ Skateboards


You might have stumbled upon this article because your kid asked you about skateboarding, and they want to try it. It is natural for a parent to be worried because skateboarding is a strenuous and dangerous sport if done incorrectly and without proper supervision.

Or, maybe you want your kids to try something new, and you thought of skateboarding. Well, without further ado, here are a few recommendations on how to know what size skateboard to get.

1. Recommendations of Friends

If your kid’s friends skate, then it won’t cost you that much time to know how to choose a skateboard. You can start by asking a few of them for their recommendations while taking into account your kid’s opinion. You can also do research online and at skate shops.

2. Prepare the Budget

Indeed, if you did research, you would already have an idea of how much a skateboard might cost. It is important that you prepare enough money, especially if you intend to buy an entirely brand new board.

The type of board will affect the price, so find out which design your child likes first. Mini-cruisers can cost up to $250, while longboards range from $200 to $400.

3. Size Up!

If you cannot find a board within the suggested specifications, you can always opt to have it customized. It might be expensive, but if you do have the budget then why not? Indeed, this will definitely be a bonding moment! You and your kids can discuss the board dimensions that suit them.

Consider the use of a skateboard size calculator, as it will allow you to pre-determine and build and modify the board according to your liking until you can genuinely ensure safety because, again, that’s what parents do.

But wait, you might still be thinking about this question up until this part: are 10-14 years already a good time to start skateboarding? Our answer is yes!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is being 13 years old late for skateboarding?

At the age of five, children can start skateboarding but need to be under a parent’s supervision. There’s no upper age limit for skateboarding. Even if you’re 13 or older, you may opt to try new skills and hobbies, and one of them might be skateboarding!

2. Do skater’s height and weight matter?

At every age, it’s essential to consider your weight and height, especially when using a skateboard sizes guide. Before selecting a board, acquiring an accurate measurement of your weight and height will let you pre-determine the suitable deck for you.

There are four different variations of a skateboard, starting with the micro-sized deck, mini-sized deck, and extending to the mid-sized and full-sized deck. You must consider and get familiarized with each one’s dimensions.

The micro-sized deck starts from 6.5-6.75 inches. The mini-sized deck is 7.25-7.75 inches. The mid-sized one is slightly larger, up to 8 inches, and lastly, the full-sized deck ranges from 8-8.5 inches.

3. Does skating style matter?

Riding style always plays a significant role in picking skating gear, as different boards suit different styles, such as cruising, doing tricks, or freestyling.

For instance, if you are a transition skater who mainly needs higher stability in doing a variation of tricks, choose a skateboard ranging from 7-8 inches in terms of width.

If you are a cruiser skater, the full-sized deck (28 inches and up) is applicable since it has a broader grip on your foot.

4. Last but not least: Safety!

  • Skateboards should include safety features, in addition to wearing protective gear like knee pads, skateboarding helmets and elbow pads.
  • The skateboard has three major components: the board, trucks, and wheels. Proper maintenance of them will allow you to guarantee the safety of your kid because from time to time, each part may deteriorate due to rugged use.

There are various ways to do this. The basic and important is the bearings’ integrity and the wheel’s shape. If there are lumps on the wheels and an inadequate number of bearing balls, you must consider replacing them.


An appropriate skateboard size that is suitable for your kid has a significant impact on their progress. What size skateboard for 13 year old? Seek a high-quality selection of skateboards and check a skateboard sizing guide specific to the brand you’re buying from.

Also, the skateboard must have a proper grip for higher stability. For the sake of your child’s well-being, give them a support system that is ideal for learning and harnessing new skills.

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