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How to Make Your Skateboard Faster? 6 Incredible Methods!

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How to Make a Skateboard Faster

Are you amazed at skateboarders who are speeding off to the maximum on roads or in skateparks? Do you want to make your skateboard elevate its speed too?

Rolling at a great speed is an exciting skateboarding experience, yet you must also be careful and learn to slow down when needed. In this article, we will provide some ways how to make your skateboard faster.


6 Ways On Making Your Skateboard Speed Off


Indeed, you can make your skateboard faster. The following are some ways that you can do to make your skateboard travel fast.

1. Use bigger wheels

Bigger wheels roll faster than smaller wheels. This is because bigger wheels have a big circumference. This means that in just a minute it can travel a longer distance than a smaller circumference or small radius can.

A small wheel can travel around 1 foot per minute. Meanwhile, the large wheel can travel 2 feet per minute. On the other hand, they both turn 360 degrees in just a minute.

The bigger wheels have a diameter of around 58 mm and above. These wheels deliver top speeds, yet they accelerate slowly. Meanwhile, the small wheels with a diameter below 58mm have low speed, yet accelerate faster.

Also, the bigger wheel can roll longer and have more strength. This will lead to a great cruising ride.

2. Have new bearings every so often

Experts claimed that maintained bearings might tend to roll faster and smoother. On the other hand, fresh bearings may roll better and provide your skateboard with a greater speed.

Also, keep in mind that dirty bearings will heighten the heat and slow your skateboard wheels. In this case, you have to clean your bearings often. But, new bearings are more efficient. You may replace your old bearings with fresher bearings for a great skateboard speed.

3. Opt for harder wheels

Hard wheels have more strength and can withstand the load they carry. Also, they can rebound more on the roads. Thus, they can elevate to a higher speed.

Softer wheels don’t have much energy and strength and tend to squirt on the roads. This slows down the speed of your skateboard.

On the other hand, hard wheels take in many vibrations of the road. So, you have to skate on the smooth roads.

4. Travel to steeper and smooth roads

Avoid rough roads with more bumps. This can make you slow down. On the other hand, if you are using bigger and harder wheels you may surpass these bumps on rough roads.

It is better if you skate on smooth and quite steep roads. Your skateboard will roll fast on these roads, especially if you are using 60mm or 75mm wheels. You can go as fast as 60mph on these roads.

5. Try the tuck stance

If you want to speed off to 50 mph, you may do the tuck stance. In this stance, you bend your knees and position your thighs close to your chest. It is also used in skiing and diving. If done properly, you will surely elevate the speed of your skateboard.

6. Maintain a straight line

Rolling in a straight line or making a turn in a corner can make your travel faster. With this, you should avoid shifting from side to side. This slows down your skateboard because it heightens the distance you travel. Also, get quality trucks as they can travel in a straight line well.

Two Factors that Affect the Speed Of Your Skateboard

Your weight can make an impact on your skateboard. In science, heavy means there is an increased gravity that can pull down an object. So in skateboarding, being heavy can lead to higher momentum and generate increased speed faster.

Another factor affecting the board’s speed is how you push your board and accelerate. You need more practice to master the pushing and acceleration of your board fully.

To learn more on how you can make your skateboard faster, you may watch the video below:

The Bottom Line

Your skateboard can travel at greater speeds if you want to. The question is how fast can you ride? The average speed of the typical skateboard is around 5 mph to 12 mph. But, did you know that the fastest board speed was around 91.7 mph and reached by Peter Connolly from the United Kingdom.

Indeed, it is possible. Simply, follow the ways on how to make your skateboard faster that are discussed in this article and you can achieve a fast speed. Also, take into account the type of board you are going to use. The longboards are ideal if you want to maximize your speed. On the other hand, typical skateboards can also speed off, but always keep them in good condition.

If you have any opinions about this topic, you may note them in the comment box. We are indeed grateful for any suggestions and opinions.

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