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How to Put Bearings in Skateboard Wheels? Start to Finish!

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Do you want a smooth ride with your skateboard? If yes, then get skate bearings and properly install them on your board wheels.

How to Put Bearings in Skateboard Wheels

These bearings are responsible for making your wheels roll smoothly as they rotate. You must install the bearings on the wheels properly.

To help you install the bearings, we would like to present the step by step on how to put bearings in skateboard wheels. Let’s start on the required things in installing the bearings on the wheels.


Things You Need to Install Bearings on Your Board Wheels

To get started in this tutorial, you will need the following components to install the bearings in your board wheels:

1. Bearings

For each skateboard, you need about 8 bearings. That is 2 bearings for each wheel. As well, you must choose the right bearings for your skateboard.

In choosing bearings, you must check the ABEC ratings, which rate the ability of bearings regarding the board’s speed as it travels, the hardness of the material, and other criteria for skateboarding. The ratings come in odd numbers from grades 1 to 9.

The higher the grade, the more accurate the bearings are. Also, the bearings come in standard size and may fit most skateboard trucks and wheels.

2. Trucks

There are two trucks of skateboards that are usually made of aluminum alloy. These are where the wheels and the bearings are connected. The trucks are attached and screwed to the deck.

3. Washer

You will be needing 2 washers for each wheel so you will have 8 washers in all. The washers prevent the bearings from getting in contact with the axle nut or the end of the hanger, which causes the shields to rub while the wheels are rotating.

4. Spacer

For each wheel, you need one spacer, which is a small cylinder. This part of the bearing will lessen the weight that the bearings carry while the board travels. It will make for smooth and stable turns.

5. Axle nut

This component will keep the bearings intact and in place. It will prevent the bearings and other components from loosening.

6. Skate tool or wrench

A skate tool is required to adjust and tighten the truck lock nuts and truck bolts. If you do not have a skate tool, you may also use a wrench.

How to Install Bearings in the Skateboard Wheels Fast and Easily

Here are the easy steps in installing the bearings of your skateboard wheels:

1. Prepare the trucks of your skateboard

You must prepare the two skateboard trucks with two parts, namely the baseplate and the hanger. The bearings will be attached to the hanger’s axle. Also, the baseplate is screwed to the board’s deck and underneath it is the hanger.

2. Put the washer and the bearing on the axle


First, remove the truck axle nut and then slide the washer on the axle. Once done, put the bearing on one axle. Do not forget to put a washer as well because it enhances the bearings’ life by lessening the friction between the bearings and the axle nut.

3. Equip the bearing with a spacer

Place one spacer after the bearing. The hollow steel spacer will keep the bearing in line.

Some quality bearing sets consist of spacers and washers too. They have standard sizes that will fit the truck’s axle.

4. Put the skateboard wheels into place


Put one skateboard wheel on top of the bearing. Press the wheel towards the bearing till it comes into place. Then, get the other bearing and place it in the hole of the top side of the wheel. Again, press the bearing into the wheel using your palm. Check the wheels and the bearings and adjust them till they are in the proper place.

5. Finish with a washer and axle nut

Once the wheel is in place with the two bearings, you may place the washer and then the axle nut. Use a skate tool or wrench to tighten the axle nut properly. If you are using the skate tool, stiffen the axle nut and then release the tool in a counterclockwise direction.

6. Repeat the process for other wheels

You still have three wheels. Repeat the above steps in installing the bearings of the wheels. Once done, you are ready to have your exciting ride.


Taking time to know how to put bearings in skateboard wheels will lead to a greater result. It will enhance your speed and facilitate smooth turns. Indeed, you will experience an amazing ride with your board.

Feel free to jot down your comments and suggestions in the comment box. We appreciate them and are willing to reply if you have queries. Have an amazing skateboarding experience!

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