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What Is a Penny Board? Is a Penny Board a Skateboard?

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what is a penny board

Penny Boards are known for their small size, and it is not a typical skateboard you may encounter. That’s why this type of boat is unlikely to be popular at skate parks, but it’ll help cruise and skate with ease.

It is available in three sizes: the Penny (22”) Nickel (27″), and cruiser variation (32″); it’s easy to operate on city streets as it is more concise and lighter than a standard skateboard, so you’ll need to practice standing, kicking, and maneuvering on it.

So, What is a penny board? In this article, we’ll provide all the details you need to know. So, keep reading!


Penny Board: What’s It? Is a Penny Board a Skateboard


  • It is a skateboard but made with a lightweight molded plastic deck. This variation of skateboards is frequently offered as an entire setup, whereas the wheels, deck, and trucks are already built and included. Still, you may purchase the parts individually and create your perfect design by yourself.
  • The Board’s form or shape is a retro or classic type. The body is influenced by the original series of skateboards way back in the 1960s and 1970s. It is widely available in any color that you imagine and with printed graphics on the deck’s backside.
  • They are pretty narrow, have a pointed nose, reach full width after their front trucks, and gradually narrow back to their tail with a kicktail. Except for the nose part, it doesn’t have any. The Board’s trucks in the front part are situated relatively near to the nose’s end.
  • Choose a quality bearing, preferably the ABEC 7 bearing. Also, the trucks are 3 inches wide and intended for the Board to turn quickly and conveniently with ease.
  • The Board doesn’t have grip tape, but it has a patterned grip similar to a waffle molded to the top.

That’s why many businesses sell plastic skateboards, as they’re all referred to as Penny Boards. From the word itself, “Penny” means cheap and affordable. It is available in your local skate shops, so choose the sturdy yet suitable for your personal preferences.

What’s the Typical Use of Penny Boards

Penny Boards make excellent commuter boards. The fact that they’re lightweight provides comfort and convenience. Also, because the board wheels are more extensive and soft than those on a typical skateboard park, they can handle more challenging terrain, including cracks, stones, and other obstacles.

The hardness ranges from 99 to 104 for street wheels, while the diameter ranges from 50 to 56 millimeters. The board’s small size, bearings, and large soft wheels make a fast and smooth ride.

Additionally, the tail’s kick makes it simple for the skater to raise their front end while riding over large obstacles like curbs and cracks. So what are penny boards used for? They’re ideal for

The Penny Boards History


Some of the first plastic skateboards appeared in the 1970s, thanks to Larry Stevenson. As a result of his Makaha brand, Stevenson developed several plastic-made boards. Several plastic skateboards hit the market in the 1990s, and they were pretty popular.

Ben Mackay, the man behind the Penny Boards Skateboards names, was invented way back in 2010. Penny boards were named after Ben Mackay’s sister, who inspired the invention.

His dad got him a little cruise skateboard at the garage sale, and he’s been riding it ever since. During that period, Ben Mackay was five years old and had just gotten his first skateboard.

As a result, Ben Mackay begins designing and building his skateboards, which he intends to sell to the local skate shops. His late father instilled his marketing abilities as well as his talent for woodworking in him. His father served as an inspiration to him as he pursued his first-ever ambition of owning a skateboard company.

With his brand of boards established, he began to experiment with new forms and designs, which were popular among young people. He used various materials, including carbon inserts and fiberglass instead of timber, to make different kinds and shapes of boards.

Thoughts About this Skateboard

Penny boards quickly acquired popularity in the skating community since they are enjoyable to skate on for pro-skaters. You’ve probably come across someone using this kind of board for leisure activities as they are fun to use with co-skaters for cruising along your area.

The damping and ride characteristics of a penny board will be different from those of a wooden longboard, so you’ll have to give it a try before making a choice.

However, the small wooden skateboard is also a good option for mobility and durability in one package. Also, wood has a more natural feel and bend. The color options available on the penny board allow it to be unique according to your particular style and desire.

Penny Board Sizes Recommendation

Kids – Ages 7+

The small boards are suitable for the youngest members of the family. Since they are young, the 22′′ Penny board would be the choice.

Cruising or Skating

If you need a board that will get you from one place to another? Then the 36″ longboard is your best option. It’s going to handle road cracks or holes with ease. You’ll be able to maintain the balance on it since it has the largest deck space.

Stunts or Tricks

Suppose you’d want to know how to perform some incredible stunts. The 32-inch board is the best choice if you’re looking for something conventional. As with a real skateboard, you can do some tricks on this one, thanks to the tail and nose. The 22′′/27′′ has less deck. Therefore it’s a better choice as a cruiser.


The Penny Board is a good choice for those pro-skaters as its design is lightweight and durable and just about the same in price as other types of skateboards.

Take note that they’re made for cruising. Unless you plan on learning more complex techniques, then a penny board is not the right board for you. Learning new approaches may be a real challenge, so choose a board that is suitable for you.

That’s a wrap! Hopefully, we’ve answered your question about ‘what is a penny board?’. So, share this with your friends or co-skaters!

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