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Are SCSK8 Skateboards Good? – A Detailed Review

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Are SCSK8 Skateboards Good

Skateboarders can have varied perceptions of a good skateboard. Some consider their price point, while others look for essential aspects like performance or design. Although both areas are considerable, only a few brands can ace these.

One of the brands favored to have done it is SCSK8. Are SCSK8 skateboards good? At least a majority of SCSK8 skateboard reviews will say they are functional boards with reasonable prices.

About SCSK8


Found at the heart of the sport, California, SCSK8 began operations in 2010. Like many simple skateboard brands, it aims to produce, assemble, and sell skateboards to every user.

It offers skateboards for beginners, professional skaters, or those who only want to stroll around. SCSK8 boards can also come out as Quest, another brand used by the company.

Notable Features of SCSK8 Skateboards

Let’s learn more about SCSK8 through these areas.

1. Performance and Design


How well does a SCSK8 skateboard work? Here’s what skaters and buyers say.

  • Suited for tricks

Tricks make skateboarding more fun, thrilling, and competitive. And SCSK8 shows it’s one brand to use for these styles.

These skateboards feature the famous double kicktail skateboard shape. Such is the primary factor that enables skaters to complete sharp turns, slides, and other tricks from either end of the board.

  • Versatile

Although a few skaters claim SCSK8 has no skateboard sizes for young skaters, the brand remains firm that its boards suit any skater level.

As mentioned, SCSK8 provides the best boards for any skating style and preference. So, whether you have just decided to skate or want to add some more to your collection, SCSK8 could be considerable.

SCSK8 produces blank boards for skaters who want to customize and branded skateboards who want finished details on their decks. Hence, the design could be less likely of an issue because this brand has both ends.

2. Components and specifications

See if SCSK8 has the same parts and specs as other top skateboard brands.



We know how SCSK8’s double kicktail enables tricks, slides, and other skateboard stunts. But the shape and cut don’t do it all. Another aspect we should consider is the quality construction and durability, which SCSK8 applied on its decks.

SCSK8 uses stiff, high-class maple wood for its skateboards. Knowing this wood type, it has sufficient strength and pop and is the best material for skateboards.



What trucks do SCSK8 skateboards have?

Like the decks, SCSK8 also uses a famous material in aluminum for its trucks. Although this material earns half conviction from several skaters, it’s considerably light and maneuverable.

These aspects should be relevant for most beginners practicing control of their boards and those who skate less abusively on their trucks.



SCSK8’s wheels are not foreign, as the brands also use polyurethane. Generally, this material is one, if not the most durable medium for skateboard wheels.

It’s grippy, resilient, and has sufficient abrasion resistance. And in the case of SCSK8, many skaters affirm they’re smooth and have a high rebound and flat spot resistance feature.



Another contributing factor to this skateboard’s smoothness and flexibility is its bearings. SCSK8 comes with ABEC 7 or 9 cores on its boards, the two with the highest ratings in the ABEC system. 

Besides the riding smoothness these bearings offer, SCSK8 cores add more stability to the skater. Even at high speeds, skaters can maneuver safely and more precisely.

3. Price

Here’s how much SCSK8 pro skateboards cost.


  1. SCSK8 Best Space Geek 2 Skateboard – $49.99
  2. SCSK8 Lizard King Complete Skateboard – $49.99
  3. SCSK8 Fingerprint Complete Skateboard – $49.99
  4. SCSK8 Skateboard Pre-Assembled Complete Skateboard – $59.71
  5. Quest Longboard Aloha Super Cruiser – $58.05

4. Pros and Cons

We have summarized the areas you may and may nong like about SCSK8 skateboards. Let’s see them below.

  • Durable skateboards made with sturdy, quality materials
  • Lightweight and highly maneuverable trucks
  • Smooth rides courtesy of the wheels
  • Improved stability from ABEC 7 and 9 bearings
  • Not as light as other brands in the overall weight

Are SCSK8 Skateboards Worth It?

SCSK8 may not seem to have extravagant features, but how its skateboards work and withstand different usage levels makes it a brand worth investing in.

The decks are responsive and durable, the trucks have one of the best driving comfort, and the wheel system is reasonably smooth. Not only that, but SCSK8’s skateboards are also user-versatile. So, whether you’re a beginner learning to skate or a professional looking to ace new tricks, SCSK8 could have the most appropriate board.


Just because a skateboard is cheap does not always guarantee it works at a reasonable level. Similarly, spending more may not always lead us to the best options. Hence, we should consider both aspects to find a functional yet affordable board like SCSK8.

So, are SCSK8 skateboards good? This brand has shown exemplary performance for its stability, smoothness, and versatility. Its skateboards work for any skater age and level, and its parts are good enough to meet the standards.

Although some find these boards slightly heavy, more skaters remain firm that they’re the better option.


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