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What Is a Popsicle Skateboard? – Instruction for Beginners

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

what is a popsicle skateboard

You might already know that not all skateboards are created equal, meaning dimensions and decorations are not the important points to tell them apart.

Different types of skateboards are designed to aid certain skating styles. For instance, there’s this popsicle skateboard, cruiser board, and longboard. This article will explore “what is a popsicle skateboard?”, thus showing interesting facts to know about this type of deck.


Things You Need to Know About Popsicle Skateboard


Currently, popsicle skateboards are the most commonly used type of skateboard deck ideal for street and park areas. Almost half of the skateboarders prefer this type of skateboard deck.

  • A full popsicle skateboard has a popsicle shape deck and a concave nose and tail suitable for riders who are fond of performing tricks.
  • Popsicle deck has a modern deck design and is also known as the standard deck.
  • The shape of this deck allows the skateboarders to simply drive “switch”. If you prefer technical skateboarding, a popsicle skateboard is the best type of skateboard deck for you.
  • This board will offer a great deck to do your flip tricks and obstacle jumps.
  • Popsicle skateboards are smaller compared to longboard decks. Such a design explains why they are easier to carry around and store. But the size of its deck is also why you will find it harder to control it initially.
  • They also have small, hard wheels that make it easier to pivot and do tricks, whether on the ground or in the air. That is why it is more suitable for beginner skaters than longboards and other shapes of skateboard decks.

More About Popsicle Skateboard

The type of skateboard deck you should choose depends on the type of skating style you prefer. Also, always consider your shoe size and your body size when choosing the right skateboard deck for you.

  • As popsicle skateboards are specifically designed for performing technical skateboarding, they are meant to be destroyed. Doing tricks more often using your skateboards will eventually damage your skateboard decks.
  • Parts will need to be replaced over time, depending on how you use your skateboards and how often you use the board to perform your favorite tricks. The quality of your decks will also determine the life of your skateboard decks, so you better invest in a higher-quality deck.
  • Popsicle decks are not recommended for long-distance cruising. You will also find it hard to learn curves if you use this type of skateboard deck. But, you can still use this type of deck to do some cruising, only if you have the proper skateboard wheels.

Popsicle Skateboard Complete Guide on Dimensions and Price

1. Popsicle Skateboard Dimensions

Popsicle skateboards come in different sizes and are concave. This type of deck is typically 32” to 34” long. A standard deck usually ranges from 7.5” to 9” wide.

For smaller riders, they have this smaller deck with a width of 6.5”. For larger riders, they have more than 9” up to 10” wide popsicle decks.

They also offer sizes suitable for kids just beginning their journey as skateboarders. It is recommended to choose a standard size of popsicle deck and upsize or downsize once you get comfortable riding a regular deck.

2. Popsicle Skateboard Price

These uniform-shaped decks are cheaper than cruiser decks and longboards. A complete popsicle skateboard price usually ranges from $70 to $130.

If you are a beginner, a popsicle deck may come cheaper, but if you are looking for a high-quality skateboard deck set up, expect to pay a higher price.


There are several things to consider in determining which type of skateboard deck best suits your needs. The most important factor to consider in choosing the right board is the type of skating style you prefer.

I hope this article about ‘what is a popsicle skateboard’ gives you all the ideas you need to know about this type of skateboard deck.

Do you have anything in mind that you want to share with your fellow skateboarders? Feel free to write your comment below, and I will be glad to read them all.

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