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What Are Skateboard Riser Pads? – Things You Might Not Know

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what are skateboard riser pads

Ideal skateboards, at first glance, exhibit quality wheels, trucks, and a sturdy deck. But not everyone appreciates the small components they have, the ones crucial to their preservation.

A classic example of these is the riser pads. Skateboarders who use a set of 55mm wheels or smaller probably don’t know much about these.

So, what are skateboard riser pads in the first place? These are sturdy plastic layers inserted between the trucks and the deck, responsible for keeping the skateboard away from wheel bites. Keep reading as we learn more.

Skateboard Riser Pads

If you ever visit a skate shop and come across a pair of black, rigid plastic pieces with holes, those are riser pads.

These parts sit on top of the trucks’ mounting holes and right beneath the deck.

What is their purpose? They increase the height of your skateboard. So, doing tricks or simple carves on your board will reduce the risk of wheel bites.

While other skateboard decks come with wheel wells, having riser pads is a heightened level of security.

Shock Pads Vs Riser Pads


Riser pads and shock pads occupy the exact location on your skateboard. However, using these terms interchangeably might only confuse other riders. Let’s get into their differences.

  • Shock pads aim to absorb shocks from rough roads and jump. This benefit is possible because shock pads come in a softer material like rubber.
  • On the other hand, riser pads are more of a preventive measure against wheel bites. Their sturdy plastic structure also makes them superior for maintaining speed as shock-absorbent layers tend to counter the skateboard’s momentum.

Overall, these two have their pros and cons, and it’s up to you which one you want to deal with more.

More Details About the Riser Pads


1. Riser pad dimensions matching the hardware size

Picking the right pair of skate risers shouldn’t be subjective. It requires knowing your skateboard, its parts, and its dimensions. Refer to the skateboard risers guide below.

Adding skateboard truck spacers means the nuts are less likely to meet the end of the bolt. So, we need some extra length on the hardware. Let’s match them with the risers.

  • 7/8″ to 1″ hardware – No risers on a skateboard needed
  • 1″ to 1 1/8″ hardware – 1/8 riser pads
  • 1 1/4″ hardware – 1/4 riser pads
  • 1 1/2″ hardware – 1/2 riser pads

2. Rise Pads shape

  • Angled riser pads are the wedge risers skateboard users install for some turning preferences. Angled risers for skateboards do not come in the usual flat shape. If you look at its length, the other end looks thicker.
  • This type of riser pad changes your kingpins’ angles, thus adjusting the turning properties of the trucks.
  • As a concept, once the thick part faces the center of the deck, the skateboard gets an increased turning capacity in front. Adversely, applying this setup reduces turning from the rear side of the skateboard.
  • Rectangular pads live up to the sole definition and purpose of riser pads. It increases your skateboard’s height and reduces shocks to a certain extent.

Whether using a skateboard or a longboard, these riser pads will work as intended. But note that longboards have bigger wheels, so you need to add thickness to the riser pads to avoid wheel bites.

Other Benefits of Skateboarding Riser Pads

  • Truck risers add an extra pop to the skateboard because of the additional height.
  • Riser pads can also help keep the hardware from being loose.
  • These pads reduce the risk of cracks around the mounting holes of the deck.

Why Are There More Than Four Holes on Riser Pads

If you haven’t seen classic skate decks, you may not understand why some riser pads have six holes.

For optimum utilization, riser pads today come with at least six hardware slots. This innovation aims to accommodate old and new-generation decks. Skate decks at an earlier age have more distant mounting holes because of their broader size.


Riser pads are another way to keep your skateboard in good shape. This benefit doesn’t only refer to the deck, but it also extends to the wheels as riser pads prevent wheel bites.

There are more advantages and features you can enjoy about riser pads. But the best part is that you now know the answer to “what are skateboard riser pads?”. They protect your deck against various damages and improve your quality of ride.

Should you want to learn more about these skateboard details, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

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