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Are Baker Skateboards Good Quality? – Tested & Reviewed

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

Are Baker Skateboards Good

Nothing beats owning a new skateboard, especially if you’re a beginner. Not only does it give you a new hobby, but it also leaves a promise of a better skate ride.

However, not all skateboards in the market have the same quality. Let’s say in the case of Baker products. Are Baker skateboards good? These boards have been in circulation for their stability and riding smoothness, capped by affordable prices.

How good can they get? Let our Baker skateboards review help you.

Notable Features of Baker Skateboards

While there are many things to adore about Baker skateboards, it’s better to take them through the following aspects.

1. Performance and Design

Here’s a brief feedback of most skaters in Baker’s performance.



Baker skateboards are responsive and can yield sufficient pop—an aspect necessary for executing tricks. Hence, whether doing casual ollies or flips, riders can expect these boards to deliver the best take-offs and spins.

Smooth and comfortable


One feature that makes Baker Skateboards stand out is the smooth riding experience the medium- or low-concave profile provides. In addition, the standard popsicle design makes controlling and maneuvering the deck relatively easy.

What’s more about Baker is it has a grippy finish. This feature improves the skateboard’s overall stability, making it a board also fit for beginners.



Usually considered a universal skateboard, Baker can handle almost any skating location and terrain types, including rough ones. Although the brand suggests skaters take these boards in less crowded places, Baker remains functional anywhere.

2. Components and Specifications

Let’s see the parts that yield these performances.



Does Baker make good skateboard decks? Yes!

Baker skateboard decks comprise seven plies of glued Canadian maple wood, which is sturdy, durable, and can tolerate heavy loads. As such, these boards boast a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

These decks typically feature steep kicktails, which are great for flip tricks, airs, and spins.



Baker skateboards often come with its trademark raw finish trucks. If not, the brand uses heavy-duty aluminum Core components.

However, there are a few arguments about Baker trucks. Some skaters find these parts squeaky on their first rides. Nonetheless, continuous usage will help each component to break in and eliminate scratching sensations.



Baker offers a variety of urethane skateboard wheels. These skate wheels have varied sizes from 52 to 60mm that fit every skating style, plus hardness levels for cruising or technical skating in the parks and streets.



Like the trucks, Baker also uses bearings of a different brand, specifically Amphetamine. That said, Baker installs ABEC 5-rated bearings on all of its boards. This way, skaters achieve the perfect balance between precision and speed without spending too much.

3. Price

Let’s see how much Baker skateboards cost.

Complete Skateboards


  1. Brand Logo Complete – $109.95
  2. Deathwish Deathspray – $121.95
  3. Peterson Crystal Mage – $132.95
  4. Figgy Chisel Head – $132.95
  5. Rowan Piggy Back – $136.95

Skateboard Decks


  1. Casper Fade Heads – $79.00
  2. Tyson Another Thing Coming – $79.00
  3. Zack 4Eyez – $79.00
  4. Rowan Dripping – $81.00
  5. Figgy Eagle Eyes – $81.00

4. Pros and Cons

Let’s list the things you skaters like and don’t about Baker skateboards.

  • Stable and poppy skateboards fit for tricks or casual rides
  • Durable skateboard parts
  • Unique styles and graphics
  • Flexible skateboards in size, shape, and overall configuration
  • Trucks may need time to break in

Are Baker Skateboards Worth It?

Absolutely! Not only does Baker offer the high-quality parts mentioned above, but it also makes assembly straightforward and convenient.

What’s better about Baker is it’s inclusive. It caters to the needs of almost any skateboarder through its sizes, styles, shapes, and similar aspects. Most of all, skaters can expect nothing below minimum performances from these boards.


Mainstream skateboards embody the latest design and technology. But skateboards from trusted brands carry a formidable image, quality, and performance. And Baker is one ideal example of this.

Are Baker skateboards good? Since 2000, it has become a standard and competitive brand in the skateboarding market. Its emphasis on design, durability, and overall value makes it a brand worth spending.

Although there could be drawbacks with some, it’s on us skaters to decide which of these brands will serve us best.

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