The Best Longboards Under 100

best longboard under 100

For under $100, we can get a top-quality skateboard from any one of several different manufacturers. Of course, like any other product, the better the quality, the more expensive it will be. Longboards for beginners …

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The Best Longboards for Speed

best longboard for speed

Longboards are great for a fun and thrill-seeking downhill experience. They come in various shapes, features, and structures, perfectly designed for different riding skills and styles. However, choosing the best longboard for speed can be …

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How to Turn on a Longboard?

how to turn on a longboard

Longboards, the extended cousin of skateboards, are meant to cruise greater distances comfortably. Due to their length, longboards are not agile and swift like skateboards. To ride safely on streets, pathways, and downhill slalom courses, …

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