How Much Does a Longboard Cost?

How Much Does A Longboard Cost

In our choice to acquire anything that has attracted our sight, it is impossible to deny that price plays a factor. As a general rule, longboards also follow this pattern. Even skilled users pay attention to expenses when …

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How to Stand on a Longboard?

how to stand on a longboard

To master longboarding, you ought to have a correct posture. The posture is your position standing on your longboard as well as your body while you are riding. There are many conditions that may affect your …

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How to Turn on a Longboard?

how to turn on a longboard

Longboards, the extended cousin of skateboards, are meant to cruise greater distances comfortably. Due to their length, longboards are not agile and swift like skateboards. To ride safely on streets, pathways, and downhill slalom courses, …

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