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How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go? Find Out Here!

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

how fast do electric skateboards go

If motorcycles are powered versions of bicycles, skateboards also come in the form of electric skateboards. Without budget constraints, this type of skateboard will be the best to use if you want to commute in a less tiring way.

Like a regular skateboard, e-skates come with the famous urethane wheels and maple decks. But how fast do electric skateboards go? Given motors under the deck, electric skateboards run at an average speed of 18-28mph.

Keep reading to learn more about these skateboards.

Speed of an Electric Skateboard


E-skates and regular skateboards come in almost the same form, but they differ in how they work. Without motors, you will have to push and manually turn your skateboard. But with a motor and remote control, not only these actions will you get to perform.

The most salient difference between these two boards lies in their speed. As mentioned, e-skates can travel with a minimum speed of 18mph. Quality components can make you drive your electric skateboard 20 mph, 28mph, or even 40mph in a few instances.

Let’s get into a few e-skate brands and their speeds.

  • Teamgee – 18mph to 28mph
  • Boosted Mini X – 20mph
  • Loaded Boards – 23mph
  • WowGo – 24mph
  • Boosted Stealth – 24mph

And for a better understanding of this skateboard type, let’s have a detailed discussion of the following skateboards I haved used:

1. NGV Nextboard

NGV is not only fast, but it’s the fastest electric skateboard I have ridden. With an average speed of 68mph, this skateboard will make you skate as fast as a car.

Besides being a speedy skateboard, NGV also uses light materials. This aspect reduces the load the wheel motors and the deck carry.

It’s not much of a downside, but you will have to buy a battery for this skateboard as the item does not come with batteries.

2. Aeboard

Another item we have is the Aeboard AWD electric skateboard. This e-skate runs at an average speed of 31mph, almost half the latter. But what I like about it is it conquers 35% of hill climbs.

This All-Wheel-Drive skateboard loads someone as heavy as 140kg, and I think this is what makes it a reliable e-skate. It also has a regenerative braking feature, making the skateboard consume power more efficiently.

Achieving Top Speed


Before we achieve an electric skateboard top speed, we need to consider a few factors using this unique electric skateboard speed calculator.

Here, we will not deal a lot with numbers, but we will identify factors that will yield the amount of electric longboard speed we want.

1. Wheels

First, we need to remember that speed and acceleration are two different things and are evident on the skateboard’s wheels.

Large wheels are faster because they cover more space when they roll. On the other hand, smaller wheels will require more rolling effort to travel at the same speed as the larger skate wheels.

For the acceleration, it’s an alternate setup. Larger wheels accelerate slower than smaller wheels. They are more dragging because of their contact with the ground, and they are also more challenging to turn.

2. Road conditions

Reaching the skateboard’s top speed means riding it on the most favorable terrains. First, your riding environment has to be reasonably smooth. Otherwise, it catches your wheels and shrugs off some of your speed.

Second, a strong wind going against your way can push your body anywhere besides forward. That means your skateboard also slows down due to the contradicting weight.

And basically, you don’t want to ride an electric skateboard in wet weather. It may give you decent speed, but the chances of not being able to reuse your skateboard are high.

3. Weight

Since we have mentioned weight, let’s also understand how this factor affects the e-skate’s speed.

Just because you weigh slightly above average does not mean you can’t ride skateboards. Your weight will be a positive factor once you go downhill, where gravity does all the wonders.

However, this aspect will have downsides once the wind counters your body. The same is true when you’re tall because the skateboard will have a broader surface on top of the deck, opposing the wind’s direction.

Granting your skateboard isn’t uphill, and the wind pushes you from behind, you’re more likely to achieve the speed stated on the skateboard’s package.

On top of the physical and external aspects, we’ll also have to establish the optimum set-up within the skateboard’s electronic components to achieve top speed.

4. Power-to-Weight Ratio

The rule is simple: large motors need large batteries. Otherwise, we won’t get the balance we need, and the skateboard slows down.

To illustrate, you bought an e-skate with large in-wheel motors. However, the batteries that come with it are shy of the optimum capacity. So, you get a new one that’s significantly better and bigger.

Now, will this heavy motor and battery combination make the skateboard slow? No. This composite will even out once you ride your skateboard.

Your motors have enough power to carry all the load, while the battery will serve as an adequate power source in making the motor work.

5. Remote controller

Some brands come with pre-set remote controllers. These arrangements are beneficial to those still in the practice phase of e-skateboards.

But since you improve over time, you would no longer need these configurations. So, before getting on the road and attempting to rotate that knob, make sure your control doesn’t hinder the skateboard from reaching high speeds.

Friendly Reminders

  • Safety first – Speed isn’t always everything, especially if you are a beginner.
  • While it’s tempting to use power motors with extensive speeds, the risk also heightens. The best way to master high-speed skating is by doing it gradually from low-range speeds.
  • E-skates are wireless – Unlike your desktop or any device that works by plugging on the socket, electric skateboards live by the power in their batteries.
  • My point is that a skateboard’s top speed is indeed possible with fully charged batteries. Besides testing your top speed, you can also gauge the maximum distance your batteries can cover. That way, you’ll learn your boundaries.
  • There is no fixed formula for top speed – The reason we discussed several aspects of electric skateboarding is to understand how these variables affect your pace. So, it’s best to learn what conditions help you attain high speed from those factors.
  • Electric skateboards are pricey – Electric skateboards cost at least $200. You cannot pay something below that amount and expect to receive the fastest cheap electric skateboard.

They can even reach as high as a thousand dollars, but those will be for famous brands. Nonetheless, e-skateboards are worth your investment because of several benefits they give.


Electric skateboards are another way to enjoy scenic places or take on challenging rides. But behind an improving ride with e-skates is a multitude of practice and safety.

So, before you answer the question, “how fast do electric skateboards go?” always remind the rider of the best practices in dealing with e-skateboards. Then, you can share how factors like the wheels, body, external aspects and electronics affect the board’s speed.

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