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Are Blood Wizard Skateboards Good?

Fact checked by Michael Derosier


Along with the increasing popularity of skateboarding came the emergence of skateboard brands left and right. While these brands produce the same type of product, each name bears a unique statement.

One of these names is Blood Wizard. Are Blood Wizard skateboards good? Yes! More often than not, skaters will advise you to buy one. These skateboards can handle almost any skating style and terrain. Plus, they make good buddies for beginners and professional skaters.

Notable Features of Blood Wizard Skateboards

One of Blood Wizard’s trademarks is bold graphic colors paired with dragons, Ouija boards, or wizards. Here’s more to check from this brand in our Blood Wizard skateboard review.

1. Performance and Design

So, how well does a Blood Wizard skateboard work? Let’s see below.



Blood Wizard creates skateboards that perform in almost all situations. Street? Parks? Casual cruising? This brand has a perfect skateboard for every skater.

Although we may not achieve all these styles with one board, Blood Wizard ensures it makes various deck shapes to cater to customers.

With this variety, riding a Blood Wizard also means skating over any surface, whether polished or rough.

For all skaters


When experienced skaters tell you to get a Blood Wizard, it doesn’t hurt to follow them, no matter your level. Blood Wizard makes skateboards with lots of pop for beginners and professional skaters. So, we can expect these boards to perform to our level.

2. Components and Specifications

Let’s see what makes a Blood Wizard skateboard.



Blood Wizard decks feature a 100% maple body, often coming in seven layers. Maple wood, as we know, provides sufficient strength and pop, making Blood Wizard skateboards amenable for tricks or fundamental skills for beginners.

Perhaps, some question the brand’s take on its graphics being in a different or unique dimension. But founder Toad and designer Skinner Davis made these designs reflecting the brand’s mythical style.



Blood Wizard complete skateboards often come with a pair of Core skate trucks. These trucks feature an aluminum body, widely used for its lightness and ability to handle sufficient load.

These wheel holders also have Grade 8 steel king and axle pins. So, they should enhance the trucks’ sturdiness.



One of the wheel brands Blood Wizard has collaborated with is TGM, with several skateboard models packed with these wheels.

Generally, TGM has various options for every wheel size and hardness. But the most common sets going with Blood Wizard skateboards are the ones with 97a to 99a hardness levels and sizes ranging from 52mm to 58mm.



Blood Wizard skateboards use a set of Amphetamine ABEC 5 bearings. Are these wheel cores good?

Amp bearings are one of the best for your skateboards. These components come with light synthetic oil to keep the performance smooth and shields to protect the core from dirt build-up.

And since these bearings come with an ABEC 5 rating, we can expect them to have the ideal balance of speed, precision, and overall performance at a reasonable price.

3. Prices

Speaking of reasonable prices, let’s see how much Blood Wizard skateboards cost.

Complete Skateboards


  1. Given Evil Saga War Hammer – $94.95
  2. Cold Beer Here – $94.95
  3. Jack Given Space Rif – $94.95
  4. Rennie Badlands – $94.95
  5. Rennie Gryphon Warrior – $94.95

Skateboard Decks


  1. Blue Script – $58.95
  2. Rocker Shaped Deck – $62.95
  3. BW x Steel Mill – $62.95
  4. Rennie Conjuring Dogs – $63.95
  5. Rennie SOD – $63.95

4. Pros and Cons

Here’s what we may and may not like about Blood Wizard skateboards.

  • 100% Maple deck with sufficient pop and durability
  • Unique deck graphics
  • Light Core aluminum skateboard trucks
  • Fit for skaters of any level
  • Suited for any skating terrain
  • None for now

Are Blood Wizard Skateboards Worth It?

Blood Wizard proves that skateboards need not be pricey to be unique and durable. With all the brand’s features, from the deck to the wheels and their interiors, every penny is worth spending on a Blood Wizard board.

Add that many skaters affirm the brand’s performance and overall quality, and it’s clear that Blood Wizard is a must-try board.


Every color and graphic printed on a skateboard deck has a rich story. Whether everyone likes it or not, these are still products of creative minds. And though graphics do not affect the skateboard’s performance, we can appreciate brands like Blood Wizard for these visuals.

Nevertheless, are Blood Wizard skateboards good? Yes! This brand isn’t only recognizable for its decks’ colors. Instead, it also promises quality performances and long-lasting skateboards.

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