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Which Foot Do You Push With on a Skateboard? Tips for Beginners

Fact checked by Michael Derosier

which foot do you push with on a skateboard

Your skateboard would not technically move by itself; you have to push it with your foot. But wait, which foot do you push with on a skateboard? If you know goofy and regular footing, then you have an idea already.

If you are goofy-footed, then it is your left foot that pushes the skateboard while your right foot is on the board. If you are regular-footed, then your right foot pushes the board while your left one is on the board.

It’s not only footing that is important; it is also vital that you understand some fundamentals in posture and balance so it will be easier to practice different skateboard pushing styles.

Take note that the dominant foot is the same as the front foot.

Knowing Your Footing


As we have mentioned earlier in the article, one of the most important things to know before skateboarding is your footing. You can either be a regular or goofy-footed skater.

Quick Trivia!

The term “goofy” originated from the Disney character itself. From a short film released on September 24, 1937, Goofy was seen surfing with the right foot in front of the left one. In 1950, the word came to be used in skateboarding.

Don’t know which footing is for you? You can try these steps:

  • Step 1: In most cases, one’s dominant foot is the same side as one’s dominant hand. But this is not always accurate.
  • Step 2: Climb the stairs. If you happen to use your right foot first, chances are you are regular-footed. If you use your left first, then chances are you are goofy-footed.
  • Step 3: Another great way is to have someone sneak behind you and have them deliberately push you. Whichever foot you use to prevent yourself from tumbling down is your dominant foot.

For you to remember it easier: regular-footed, left foot in front; goofy-footed, right foot in front.

You might ask, “What does goofy-footed mean? Is it bad?” Our answer to that is no! It’s simply just a term. Also, remember that the power you use when you push on a skateboard along with how many times you push determines how fast you go.

Along with footing, it is also vital for you to practice maintaining your balance, especially when putting your pushing foot on the ground and when initiating a push. Again, you have to keep your weight well-distributed as well as your center of gravity. It will come naturally if you practice.

Pushing Skateboard Stance

Posture is probably one of the many things that are strenuously hard to maintain, but it is also very important in skateboarding. In achieving skateboarding stances, it all boils down again to the footing.

If your dominant foot is your left, make sure to move your center of gravity towards it; the same goes if your dominant foot is your right.

To keep yourself comfortable, if your front foot is on your left, rotate it a bit to the right side at about 30 degrees. Again, the same applies if your front foot is the right one — just rotate it to the left. Try not to make unnecessary movements so we can avoid any unwanted situations. Take it easy!

Steps to Push a Skateboard


Step 1: Choose your stance

Before anything else, you have to determine what your stance is. This includes your footing, whether goofy or regular and your posture. It is important to put your comfort and safety first at all times. Still unsure? You can refer back to our tips above to know more.

Step 2: Get on the board

After knowing what your stance is and making yourself comfortable, it is now time for you to mount the board. Place your dominant foot on the board, just in between the middle and the nose. The position you choose should allow you to rotate the dominant foot once the other foot pushes on the ground.

Step 3: All set and go!

Push the board with your non-dominant foot on the ground. The trick here is to make sure your weight is well-distributed. A skateboard push with front foot only works if the board’s firmly placed and the pushing foot applies the right amount of pressure.

Practice this slowly. You can start by walking and then gradually increase speed until you get used to it.

Tip: Raising your arm can help maintain balance. If you push with the left foot, raise the right arm, and vice versa.

Using Balance Board

Using a balance board can provide you with a lot of benefits as a skateboarder, such as improving your stability and strength for tricks. Doing this for an hour a day can have minimal effects but with great results.

This type of drill works not only for skateboarders but also for other sports like snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding.

It may enhance your leg strength, motor control, and reaction time. Moreover, this will correct your posture in skating.


Now, which foot do you push with on a skateboard? If you still don’t know, you can always go back here and retry the tips we have given you. And again, we won’t get tired of reminding you to just take it slow and easy and try to practice consistently — it plays a huge role in your improvement.

We hope you find this article helpful in pushing with the front foot on a skateboard!

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